Friday, October 21, 2011

Was Gaddafi All Bad?

Some people think he was one of the most evil men around the world, that his people had a terrible existence.. But  most people think that because of the media, when browsing on for instance Wikipedia, this can be read:

"During Gaddafi's period of rule many of Libya's human development indicators improved significantly. By 2010, Libya had the highest GDP per capita,[15] Education Index,[16] and Human Development Index[17] in Africa as well as some of the best health indicators in the continent"

That doesn't sound so bad does it?
What is described in the next video doesn't sound bad either, actually, it sounds rather good (and can also be one of the reasons the US (yes.. everyone has forgotten that OBAMA started it all) has invaded in the first place, and NATO took over);

Of course Muammar Gaddafi was no angel, and had his flaws and did bad things, but he also did good things, as can be seen above for instance. Gaddafi was not useful to the establishment anymore, and like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, tossed aside (i.e killed). It looks like one by one Islamic leaders are being replaced, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi, i think you get the point..

This man says it all, and i guess it's now reality..;

Some other good things he has done;

.his policies of generous welfare
.imported workforce
.massive land development
.free education

Gaddafi also built a pipeline supplying Libyan farmers (the majority of Libya is desert) with a sustainable water source. He housed virtually every homeless Libyan (he pledged to only house his parents once everyone else in the country was housed, his dad even died homeless! This just shows Gaddafi's love for Libya and it's people, above even family).
He let girls go to school, and helped their emancipation.
Although Gaddafi has done very bad things in the past the only reason NATO are involved in Libya and not other North African states ruled by despots is, as mentioned earlier, due to oil but, more importantly because Gaddafi planned to introduce a gold-based African currency called the Dinar (as can be seen above in video), this would have strengthened their economy and lifted some of the poorest people in the world from poverty (Libya has loads of gold which it planned to share across Africa in this new currency) but this would have meant the dollar wouldn't be able to dominate the world economy but gold would, and the US does not want that of course! And finally, he is good friends with Nelson Mandela, and helped with removing the apartheid government in South Africa!!

Does this sound like the man the MEDIA portrayed him to be? I don't think so!
But now, like i said before, the Us and NATO can put their man into place, and rule over Libya, like they rule over Afghanistan, Iraq, Israël etc.. A step closer to a NWO..

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

I saw his documentary yesterday from my mum's. He sounded vengeful which i believe its the islamic culture,an eye for an eye..isnt that how muslims live? but above all he was a deep patriot,he loved his country,i dint like how they killed him,very inhuman but above all may his dreams of making africa united like america with one army,one currency and one leader live on. America kills anyone who poses a threat....rodger dat!

veritas aequitas said...

@ Anonymous (December 14 2011, 9:05 AM)

Most documentaries are one sided, Napoleon said "history is written by the winners" and nothing can be more true.. I also have to point out that under 'Project Disinfo' the C.I.A bought up mayor broadcasting networks (like CBS MSNBC CNN and FOX) to spread their "info", as the project name puts out disinfo, so you will hear whatever they want you to hear, in this case that Muammar Gaddafi was pure evil, and did nothing good in this world.. The factoids in this article are true, i actually forgot some, like; Gaddafi gave newlywed couples 50.000 dollars to buy a familyhome.. This man got in the way of the Americans, and was not useful anymore since he wanted to oppose them, and cut of their oil supply.. With a "new government" in place (put their by the USA of course, they always need to interfere) that won't happen, and other things like the Golden Dinari won't happen also.. the Americans have what they want..

I never understood why the majority of the world hates the USA, but i do now..