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The World According to Monsanto

This is a documentary about Monsanto, a company of many controversies, such as Agent Orange which was supposed to cause de-foliage in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, instead it caused many physical deformities with the Vietnamese population as well as American soldiers who were spraying it. It has a monopoly on agriculture and seeds, it sues farmers that don't use their seeds and rBGH etc. Watch this documentary, and i promise it will blow your mind!

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Why We Are Totally Finished

D. Sherman Okst ~ FinancialSense.com

In A Nutshell: Corporatocracy Has Replaced Capitalism

Capitalism Fixes Problems & Preserves Democracy: Capitalism is what we should be relying on to fix our problems. Capitalism has it's own ecosystem, just like biology's ecosystem. An economic ecosystem that weeds out the weak, has parasites that eat the failures and new bacteria that evolves and grows replacements for that which failed. A system that keeps everything in balance.

The problem is we are no longer a capitalistic society. What we were taught in school is now utter and absolute nonsense. Capitalism is a thing of the past.

As outlined in "It's Not A Financial Crisis - It's A Stupidity Crisis", we created two back to back bubbles. The air out of the Tech Bubble was sucked up for fuel by our next stupidity crisis: The Housing Bubble.

Now, after the second Stupidity Crisis there isn't a third bubble to inflate. If we still lived in a capitalistic environment the banks and financial institutions that created loans for folks who should have remained renters and then sold those loans as investments to pensions and countries would have been cleansed by capitalism's ecosystem.

But that isn't what happened.

In a very anti-capitalistic move the government decided that stupidity and criminal activity should be rewarded. I'd say they took our money, but it is worse, we didn't have that much money. So they borrowed the money in our name. The loan has a variable rate. They borrowed so much money that our kids cosigned the loan. In fact, our kid's future kid's signed on the dotted line.

That is unequivocally immoral.

They gave that borrowed money to a bunch of morons as a reward for stupidity. Morons who created subprime loans, liar loans, no income no documentation loans and other fraudulent instruments. Morons bundled that trash, got it rated AAA and then sold these turds or weapons of mass destruction that they had the audacity to name complex financial instruments or derivatives to pension funds, countries and other "investors".

Then it all blew up.

Big surprise.

For blowing up the world's economy this Stupidity Crisis was falsely named an Economic Crisis by CNBS and 535 morons on a hill in DC (Ron Paul and a few other fiscally responsible adults excluded). The idiots who created the mess were rewarded with a 700 billion dollar "bailout". This "bailout" was anything but a bailout and had a price tag of anything but 700 billion. The actual price tag is closer to 11 trillion and puts us on the hook for another 13-17 trillion - not counting interest.

Think about that for a second. This stupidity crisis is the equivalent of our Federal Debt which took a generations of politicians over a hundred years to wrack-up.

For anyone who still believes we live in a free country where capitalism reigns please show me one economic textbook which states that failure, and fraud get rewarded with borrowed taxpayer money. For anyone who believes we live in a democracy please show me a textbook that says the government will en-debt you and your kids and their kids to pay for a failed business. How is that democratic?

"Law of Morons": Years ago, while serving on a committee I came to a sad realization. Like gravity, there is the another invisible force which I dubbed "The Law of Morons". Put a group of very intelligent, well meaning people in a room together, put them on a committee or some governmental body that is devoid of guiding principles or merit-based decision making and "The Law of Morons" will prevail. The collective IQ will drop to the smallest shoe size in the room. And hope for loafers, because collectively this body won't be able to tie anything together - not even a single shoelace.

Government Creates Problems: Basically our government is comprised of many well meaning intelligent people who for whatever reason, re-election, greed the "Law of Morons", corporate puppet strings (read: lobbyist), self interest, corporatocracy or whatever else, do nothing but create massive problems. Lack of regulation, too much regulation.

And without any uncertainty --- too much DEBT along with a deficit that will NEVER be paid.

They have failed us.


With debt and a failed capitalistic society our democracy is now at risk. Serious risk.

A democratic society requires a stable and effectively functioning economy. I trust that we and our successors at the Federal Reserve will be important contributors to that end.~ Alan Greenspan

Serious irony there unless he was talking about the end of a democratic society. Greenspan was primarily responsible for muzzling Brooksley Born's attempt to regulate derivatives.

Our deficit requires that we counterfeit "money" to service our debt payments.

Forget about GDP, it is a bogus measure cooked by the BEA (US Bureau of Economic Analysis) . GDP is so baked that it makes the folks who cooked Enron's books look like saints. Let's focus on what we take in and what we pay out. We take in about 2 trillion in taxes and other revenues. We borrow about 2 trillion of which about 1 trillion must be taken off for debt service, and we spend well over 4 trillion.

To deal with the 1.6 trillion ++ shortfall we just print/counterfeit it. This debases the value of every dollar we hold, stealing wealth from every hard working American. It causes the need for more dollars to be injected into the system, which increases the amount of taxes that Americans pay.

There are only two crimes listed in our Constitution: Treason and counterfeiting.

"Solutions Create More Problems" ~ Al Bartlett (Worked on the Manhattan Project).

Another asked, "Is there any intelligent life on earth to change our future to a sustainable one?"

Dr. Bartlett replied, "Is there any intelligent life in Washington, DC is the bigger question?"

We Have a Corporatocracy: Not capitalism.

Corporatocracy: A government that serves the interest of, and may de facto be run by corporations.

Some states have government workers who have powerful unions that influence the government's decisions. California has a massive pension mess, created in large part by government unions and elected officials who have catered to these unions.

"Too Big To Fail" is living proof that capitalism is dead. These TBTF institutions that blew up the economy in 2008 with their stupidity crisis, at the very least deserved to fail. They blew it. That is the definition of capitalism. You do well you are rewarded, you screw up you close shop. You commit fraud and you do time.

But with a Corporatocracy you have Hank Paulson - a former Goldman Sachs CEO worth about 700 million dollars who winds up becoming our past Secretary of the Treasury. There is a serious distinction between a civil servant and someone who serves a corporation, especially the last corporation he worked for. His salary was only six figures, but his benefit was that he got to cash out of his stocks and pay no taxes. He gave the morons who blew up the economy 700 billion dollars. He had another former Goldman Sachs employee disperse the funds while the current CEO of Goldman Sachs professed to be "Doing God's work."

The movie "The Corporation" can be viewed at NetFlix or online with Hulu.

In Summary: Our debt and our inability to revive capitalism and cut the waste in government will be our demise. Sadly, the only glimmer of hope I see is that Corporatocracy will destroy itself. I say sadly because it will destroy the average American citizen like some parasite that kills it's host.

Capitalism is dead and that is why we are totally screwed.


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Origin Of White People, The Human Race Is One, White vs Black Is How The Elite Divide And Conquer Us

Eddie Griffin; "Obama is a puppet"

Nigel Farage on the Euro / EU, before and after bail-outs..

A Lesson in HOW The Elite Makes it's Money

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Block McCloud ft Vinnie Paz - True Lies/End of Days

'Twitter gaat tweets censureren / Twitter is going to censor tweets'

Microblognetwerk Twitter is in steeds meer landen actief is, ook in landen waar anders tegen de vrijheid van meningsuiting wordt aangekeken. Om in deze landen geaccepteerd te worden heeft Twitter besloten tweets te blokkeren in landen waar deze in strijd zijn met de wet.

“Nu we internationaal blijven groeien, komen we ook in landen die anders denken over de vrijheid van expressie. Sommigen verschillen zo van onze ideeën dat we daar geen bestaansrecht hebben. Anderen zijn gelijk aan onze ideeën maar verbieden bepaalde typen informatie om historische of culturele redenen, zo verbieden Frankrijk en Duitsland pro-Nazi content”, zo leg Twitter uit op de bedrijfs-blog.

Tot voor kort moest Twitter als het een verwijderingsverzoek kreeg van een bepaald land, de betreffende tweet uit het wereldwijde netwerk verwijderen. Het microblognetwerk is nu in staat een tweet selectief te blokkeren, zodat alleen gebruikers in een bepaald land deze niet te zien krijgen.

Twitter schrijft in de blog een manier te hebben gevonden om heel open aan gebruikers te communiceren dat content wordt geblokkeerd en wat de reden daarvan is.

De stap van Twitter wordt door voorvechters van de vrijheid van meningsuiting gemengd ontvangen. Critici wijzen er op dat Twitter de technologie alleen ontwikkeld heeft om zich te kunnen vestigen in landen die censuur toepassen en menen dat de vrijheid van meningsuiting in het geding komt. Anderen zijn genuanceerder. “De vraag is: Wat is het beste voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting?”, vraagt Cynthia Wong van het Center for Technology & Democracy zich af. “Als Twitter geheel geblokkeerd wordt in bepaalde landen, is dat echt beter? Het lijkt erop dat Twitter een goede stap heeft genomen door te kijken hoe ze de schade aan de rechten van de mens kunnen beperken door te voldoen aan lokale wetgeving.”

Bron; Telegraaf.nl


Microblog Network Twitter is active in more countries, including in countries which have a different view on freedom of expression. To be accepted in these countries Twitter has decided to block tweets in countries where they conflict with the law.

"As we continue to grow internationally, we also come in countries that think differently about freedom of expression. Some are so different from our ideas that we have no right to exist. Others are similar to our ideas but prohibit certain types of information for historical or cultural reasons, as France and Germany, banning pro-Nazi content", so put Twitter on the company blog.

Until recently when Twitter had received a request from a particular country, Twitter had to remove the tweet from the worldwide network. The microblogging network is now capable of selectively blocking a tweet, so that only users in a particular country does not see it.

Twitter writes in the blog that a way was found to be very open to users to communicate that content is blocked and what the reason is.

The step of Twitter was received by mixed feelings from by advocates of freedom of speech. Critics point out that Twitter has only developed the technology for them to settle in countries with censorship and believe that freedom of expression is at stake. Others are more nuanced. "The question is: What is best for the freedom of speech?" Asks Cynthia Wong of the Center for Democracy & Technology herself. "When Twitter is completely blocked in some countries, is that really better? It seems that Twitter has taken a good step by seeing how the damage to the human rights may limit comply with local laws. "


Well i think Twitter is just acting on behalf of SOPA/ACTA, and this is another step towards complete censorship of the internet.. it's all in the timing..

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The Shah of Iran Exposes the Illuminati

Hilary Clinton; We Are Losing The Information (Propaganda) War

I came across this video, and i was amazed, this is actually a confession that they are in an information war, which is a different word for propaganda of course. It is becoming more and more clear that information is more important than human lives, it scaring the crap out of me.. Funny that near the end of the segment around 3:00 the countries mentioned are the ones that have more freedom of press than the USA does.. watch it for yourself;

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Where did Hilary Clinton go?

I found this, and i found it very interesting, this is the famous picture of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama following updates from 'Abottabad' Pakistan on the day that Osama Bin Laden "was assassinated" (for more on this #Osama Bin Laden->)

(click on pic for enlargement)

Pope Benedict XVI Nazi (Hitler-Jugend) Picture

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JFK; Disappearing Witnesses

By Penn Jones, Jr.
(from The Rebel magazine, January 1984)
Over 100 murders, suicides, mysterious deaths--the strange fate of those who saw Kennedy shot.  

Shortly after dark on Sunday night November 24, 1963, after Ruby had killed Lee Harvey Oswald, a meeting took place in Jack Ruby's apartment in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Five persons were present. George Senator and Attorney Tom Howard were present and having a drink in the apartment when two newsmen arrived. The newsmen were Bill Hunter of the Long Beach California Press Telegram, and Jim Koethe of the Dallas Times Herald. Attorney C.A. Droby of Dallas arranged the meeting for the two newsmen. Jim Martin, a close friend of George Senator's, was also present at the apartment meeting.
    This writer asked Martin if he thought it was unusual for Senator to forget the meeting while testifying in Washington on April 22, 1964, since Bill Hunter, who was a newsman present at the meeting, was shot to death that very night. Martin grinned and said: "Oh, you're looking for a conspiracy."
    I nodded yes and he grinned and said, "You will never find it."
    I asked soberly, "Never find it, or not there?"
    He added soberly, "Not there."
    Bill Hunter, a native of Dallas and an award winning newsman in Long Beach, was on duty and reading a book in the police station called "Public Safety Building." Two policemen going off duty came into the press room, and one policeman shot Hunter through the heart at a range officially ruled to be "no more than three feet." The policeman said he dropped his gun, and it fired as he picked it up, but the angle of the bullet caused him to change his story. He finally said he was playing a game of quick draw with his fellow officer. The other officer testified he had his back turned when the shooting took place.
    Hunter, who covered the assassination for his paper, the Long Beach Press Telegram, had written:
    "Within minutes of Ruby's execution of Oswald, before the eyes of millions watching television, at least two Dallas attorneys appeared to talk with him."
    Hunter was quoting Tom Howard who died of a heart attack in Dallas a few months after Hunter's own death. Lawyer Tom Howard was observed acting strangely to his friends two days before his death. Howard was taken to the hospital by a "friend" according to the newspapers. No autopsy was performed.
    Dallas Times Herald reporter Jim Koethe was killed by a karate chop to the throat just as he emerged from a shower in his apartment on September 21, 1964. His murderer was not indicted.
    What went on in that significant meeting in Ruby's and Senator's apartment?
    Few are left to tell. There is no one in authority to ask the question, since the Warren Commission has made its final report, and The House Select Committee has closed its investigation.
    Dorothy Kilgallen was another reporter who died strangely and suddenly after her involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Miss Kilgallen is the only journalist who was granted a private interview with Jack Ruby after he killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Judge Joe B. Brown granted the interview during the course of the Ruby trial in Dallas--to the intense anger of the hundreds of other newspeople present.
    We will not divulge exactly what Miss Kilgallen did to obtain the interview with Ruby. But Judge Brown bragged about the price paid. Only that was not the real price Miss Kilgallen paid. She gave her life for the interview. Miss Kilgallen stated that she was "going to break this case wide open."

Dorothy Kilgallen - Murdered

Lee Harvey Oswald - Murdered (photo by Wide World)

Lee Bowers - died from "a strange sort of shock"

Jim Koethe - Murdered

Warren Reynolds - Murdered (Photo by Wide World)

Jack Ruby, diagnosed with pneumonia, died 28 days later of cancer

         She died on November 8, 1965. Her autopsy report took eight days. She was 52 years old. Two days later Mrs. Earl T. Smith, a close friend of Miss Kilgallen's died of undetermined causes.
    Tom Howard, who died of a heart attack, was a good friend of District Attorney Henry Wade, although they often opposed each other in court. Howard was close to Ruby and other fringes of the Dallas underworld.
    Like Ruby, Howard's life revolved around the police station, and it was not surprising when he and Ruby (toting his gun) showed up at the station on the evening of the assassination of President Kennedy. Nor was it unusual when Howard arrived at the jail shortly after Ruby shot Oswald, asking to see his old friend.
    Howard was shown into a meeting room to see a bewildered Ruby who had not asked for a lawyer. For the next two days--until Ruby's brother, Earl, soured on him, and had Howard relieved--he was Jack Ruby's chief attorney and public spokesman.
    Howard took to the publicity with alacrity, called a press conference, wheeled and dealed. He told newsmen the case was a "once-in-a-lifetime chance," and that "speaking as a private citizen," he thought Ruby deserved a Congressional medal. He told the Houston Post that Ruby had been in the police station Friday night (November 22, 1963) with a gun. Howard dickered with a national magazine for an Oswald murder story. He got hold of a picture showing the President's brains flying out of the car, and tried to sell it to Life magazine. Ruby's sister, Eva Grant, even accused Howard of leaking information to the DA. It was never quite clear whether Howard was working for Ruby or against him.
    On March 27, 1965, Howard was taken to a hospital by an unidentified person and died there. He was 48. The doctor, without benefit of an autopsy, said he had suffered a heart attack. Some reporters and friends of Howard's were not so certain. Some said he was "bumped off."
    Earlene Roberts was the plump widow who managed the rooming house where Lee Harvey Oswald was living under the name O. H. Lee. She testified before the Warren Commission that she saw Oswald come home around one o'clock, go to his room for three or four minutes and walk out zipping his light weight jacket. A few minutes later, a mile away, officer J. D. Tippit was shot dead.
    Mrs. Roberts testified that while Oswald was in his room, two uniformed cops pulled up in front of the rooming house and honked twice--"Just tit tit," she said.
    The police department issued a report saying all patrol cars in the area, except Tippit's, were accounted for. The Warren Commission let it go at that.
    After testifying in Dallas in April 1964, Mrs. Roberts was subjected to intensive police harassment. They visited her at all hours of the day and night. Earlene complained of being "worried to death" by the police. She died on January 9, 1966 in Parkland Hospital (the hospital where President Kennedy was taken). Police said she suffered a heart attack in her home. No autopsy was performed.
    Warren Reynolds was minding his used car lot on East Jefferson Street in Oak Cliff in Dallas, when he heard shots two blocks away. He thought it was a marital quarrel. Then he saw a man having a great difficulty tucking "a pistol or an automatic" in his belt, and running at the same time. Reynolds gave chase for a short piece being careful to keep his distance, then lost the fleeing man. He didn't know it then, but he had apparently witnessed the flight of the killer (or one of the killers) of patrolman Jefferson David Tippit. Feeling helpful, he gave his name to a passing policeman and offered his cooperation. Television cameras zeroed in on him, got his story, and made him well known. Warren Reynolds, the amiable used car man, was making history.
    Reynolds was not questioned until two months after the event. The FBI finally talked to him in January 1964. The FBI interview report said, " . . . he was hesitant to definitely identify Oswald as the individual." Then it added, "He advised he is of the opinion Oswald is the person."
    Two days after Reynolds talked to the FBI, he was shot in the head. He was closing up his used car lot for the night at the time. Nothing was stolen. Later after consulting retired General Edwin Walker (the man Oswald allegedly shot at before he assassinated President Kennedy), he told the Warren Commission Counsel that Oswald was definitely the man he saw fleeing the Tippit murder scene.
    A young hood was arrested for the murder attempt. Darrell Wayne Garner had called a relative bragging that he shot Reynolds. But Garner had an alibi, Nancy Jane Mooney, alias Betty McDonald, who said Garner was in bed with her at the time he was supposed to have shot Reynolds. Nancy Jane had worked at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Garner was freed.
    Nancy Jane was picked up a week later for fighting with a girlfriend. She was arrested for disturbing the peace. The girlfriend was not arrested. Within hours after her arrest, Nancy Jane was dead. Police reports said she hanged herself with her toreador pants.
    Reynolds and his family were harassed and threatened. But upon giving the Warren Commission a firm identification of Oswald as being the Tippit murder fugitive, he said, "I don't think they are going to bother me any more."
    Hank Killam was a house painter who lived at Mrs. A.C. Johnson's rooming house at the same time Lee Harvey Oswald lived there. His wife, Wanda, once pushed cigarettes and drinks at Jack Ruby's club.
    Hank was a big man, over six feet and weighing over 200 pounds. After the assassination, federal agents visited him repeatedly causing him to lose one job after another.
    Killam was absorbed by the assassination, even obsessed. Hours after the event, he came home, "white as a sheet." Wanda said he stayed up all night watching the television accounts of the assassination. Later he bought all the papers and clipped the stories about Kennedy's death.
    Before Christmas, Killam left for Florida. Wanda confessed where he was. Federal agents hounded him in Tampa, Florida where he was working selling cars at his brother-in-law's car lot. He lost his job.
    Killam wrote Wanda that he would be sending for her soon. He received a phone call on St. Patrick's day. He left the house immediately. He was found later on a sidewalk in front of a broken window. His jugular vein was cut. He bled to death en route to the hospital.
    There is no mention of Killam by the Warren Commission. A number of FBI documents on Killam relating to the assassination were withheld, along with documents prepared by the CIA. What is clear is that SOMEBODY considered Hank Killam a very important guy.
    William Whaley was known as the "Oswald Cabbie." He was one of the few who had the opportunity to talk alone with the accused killer of President Kennedy. He testified that Oswald hailed him at the Dallas Greyhound bus station. Whaley said he drove Oswald to the intersection of Beckley and Neches--half a block from the rooming house--and collected a dollar. Later he identified Oswald as his fare in a questionable police line-up.
    Whaley was killed in a head-on collision on a bridge over the Trinity River, December 18, 1965; his passenger was critically injured. The 83 year old driver of the other car was also killed. Whaley had been with the City Transportation Company since 1936 and had a perfect driving record. He was the first Dallas cabbie to be killed on duty since 1937. When I went to interview the manager of the cab company about Whaley's death, he literally pushed me out of the office, "If you're smart, you won't be coming around here asking questions."
    Domingo Benavides, an auto mechanic, was witness to the murder of Officer Tippit. Benavides testified he got a "really good view of the slayer."
    Benavides said the killer resembled newspaper pictures of Oswald, but he described him differently, "I remember the back of his head seemed like his hairline went square instead of tapered off . . ."
    Benavides reported he was repeatedly threatened by the police who advised him not to talk about what he saw.
    In mid-February 1964, his brother Eddy, who resembled him, was fatally shot in the back of the head at a beer joint on Second Avenue in Dallas. The case was marked "unsolved."
    Benavides's father-in-law J. W. Jackson was not impressed by the investigation. He began his own inquiry. Two weeks later, J.W. Jackson was shot at his home. As the gunman escaped, a police car came around the block. It made no attempt to follow the speeding car with the gunman.

David Ferrie died of brain hemorrhage

One by one Jim Garrison's witnesses met premature deaths

Guy Bannister - heart attack

Hank Killam's jugular vein was cut and he bled to death

    The police advised that Jackson should "lay off this business." "Don't go around asking questions; that's our job." Jackson and Benavides are both convinced that Eddy's murder was a case of mistaken identity and that Domingo Benavides, the Tippit witness was the intended victim.
    Lee Bowers's testimony is perhaps as explosive as any recorded by the Warren Commission. He was one of the 65 witnesses who saw the President's assassination, and who thought shots were fired from the area of the Grassy Knoll. (The Knoll is west of the Texas School Book Depository Building.) But more than that, he was in a unique position to observe some pretty strange behavior in the Knoll area before and during the assassination.
    Bowers, then a towerman for the Union Terminal Co., was stationed in his 14 foot tower directly behind the Grassy Knoll. He faced the scene of the assassination. He could see the railroad overpass to his right. Directly in front of him was a parking lot and a wooden stockade fence, and a row of trees running along the top of the Grassy Knoll. The Knoll sloped down to the spot on Elm Street where the President was killed. Police had "cut off" traffic into the parking lot, Bowers said, "so that anyone moving around could actually be observed."
    Bowers made two significant observations which he revealed to the Warren Commission. First, he saw three unfamiliar cars slowly cruising around the parking area in the 35 minutes before the assassination; the first two left after a few minutes. The driver of the second car appeared to be talking into a "mic or telephone"; "he was holding something up to his mouth with one hand and he was driving with the other." A third car with out-of-state license plates and mud up to the windows, probed all around the parking area. Bowers last remembered seeing it about eight minutes before the shooting, pausing "just above the assassination site."
    Bowers also observed two unfamiliar men standing on the top of the Knoll at the edge of the parking lot, within 10 or 15 feet of each other. "One man, middle aged or slightly older, fairly heavy set, in a white shirt, fairly dark trousers. Another man, younger, about mid-twenties, in either a plaid shirt or plaid coat or jacket." Both were facing toward Elm and Houston in anticipation of the motorcade. The two were the only strangers he remembered seeing. His description shows a remarkable similarity to Julia Ann Mercer's description of two unidentified men climbing the Knoll.
    When the shots rang out, Bowers's attention was drawn to the area where he had seen the two men; he could still make out the one in the white shirt: "The darker dressed man was too hard to distinguish from the trees."
    Bowers observed "some commotion" at that spot . . .," " . . . something out of the ordinary, a sort of milling around . . . which attracted my eye for some reason which I could not identify." At that moment, a motorcycle policeman left the Presidential motorcade and roared up the Grassy Knoll, straight to where the two mysterious gentlemen were standing. Later, Bowers testified that the "commotion" that caught his eye may have been a "flash of light or smoke."
    On the morning of August 9, 1966, Lee Bowers, vice president of a construction firm, was driving south of Dallas on business. He was two miles south of Midlothian, Texas when his brand new company car veered from the road and hit a bridge abutment. A farmer who saw it, said the car was going about 50 miles an hour, a slow speed for that road.
    Bowers died in a Dallas hospital. He was 41. There was no autopsy and he was cremated. A doctor from Midlothian who rode to Dallas in the ambulance with Bowers, noticed something peculiar about the victim. "He was in some strange sort of shock." The doctor said, "A different kind of shock than an accident victim experiences. I can't explain it. I've never seen anything like it."
    When I questioned his widow, she insisted there was nothing suspicious, but then became flustered and said, "They told him not to talk."
    Harold Russell was with Warren Reynolds when the Tippit shooting took place. Both men saw the Tippit killer escape. Russel was interviewed in January 1964, and signed a statement that the fleeing man was Oswald.
    A few months after the assassination, Russell went back to his home near David, Oklahoma. In July of 1965, Russell went to a party with a female friend. He seemingly went out of his mind at the party and started telling everyone he was going to be killed. He begged friends to hide him. Someone called the police. When the policemen arrived, one of them hit Russell on the head with his pistol. Russell was then taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead a few hours later: cause of death was listed as "heart failure."
    Among others who died strangely were James Worrell, who died in a motorcycle accident on November 9, 1966. He saw a strange man run from the back door of the Texas School Book Depository shortly after the assassination.
    Gary Underhill was shot. This death was ruled suicide on May 8, 1964. Underhill was a former CIA agent and claimed he knew who was responsible for killing President Kennedy.
    Delilah Walle was a worker at Ruby's club. She was married only 24 days when her new husband shot her. She had been working on a book of what she supposedly knew about the assassination.
    William "Bill" Waters died May 20, 1967. Police said he died of a drug overdose (demerol). No autopsy was performed. His mother said Oswald and Killam came to her home before the assassination and her son tried to talk Oswald and Killam out of being involved. Waters called FBI agents after the assassination. The FBI told him he knew too much and to keep his mouth shut. He was arrested and kept in Memphis in a county jail for eight months on a misdemeanor charge.
    Albert Guy Bogard, an automobile salesman who worked for Downtown Lincoln Mercury, showed a new Mercury to a man using the name "Lee Oswald."
    Shortly after Bogard gave his testimony to a Commission attorney in Dallas, he was badly beaten and had to be hospitalized. Upon his release, he was fearful for his safety. Bogard was from Hallsville, La. He was found dead in his car at the Hallsville Cemetery on St. Valentine's day in 1966. A rubber hose was attached to the exhaust and the other end extending into the car. The ruling was suicide. He was just 41 years old.
    Jack Ruby died of cancer. He was taken into the hospital with Pneumonia. Twenty eight days later, he was dead from cancer.
    David Ferrie of New Orleans, before he could be brought to trial for his involvement in the Kennedy assassination, died of brain hemorrhage. Just what caused his brain hemorrhage has not been established. Ferrie was to testify in the famous Jim Garrison trial, but death prevented him.
    Dr. Mary Stults Sherman, age 51, was found stabbed and burned in her apartment in New Orleans. Dr. Sherman had been working on a cancer experiment with Ferrie.
    Another Ferrie associate, Eladio Cerefine de Valle, 43, died on the same day as Ferrie. His skull was split open; he was then shot. DeValle had used Ferrie as a pilot. DeValle had been identifying some men in a photo taken in New Orleans for Jim Garrison. One of the men in the photo was Lee Harvey Oswald.
    Paul Dyer, of the New Orleans Police force died of cancer. He was the first police officer to interview Ferrie. Martin got sick on the job and died a month later of cancer. He had just interviewed David Ferrie.
    News reporters were not exempt either. Two lady reporters died strangely. Lisa Howard supposedly committed suicide. She knew a great deal about the "understanding" which was in the making after the Bay of Pigs, between President Kennedy and the Cubans.
    Marguerite Higgins bluntly accused the American authorities of the November 2nd, 1963 killing of Premier Diem and his brother Nhu. A few months after her accusation, she died in a landmine explosion in Vietnam.
    On Saturday November 23, 1963, Jack Zangetty, the manager of a $150,000 modular motel complex near Lake Lugert, Oklahoma, remarked to some friends that "Three other men--not Oswald--killed the President." He also stated that "A man named Ruby will kill Oswald tomorrow and in a few days a member of the Frank Sinatra family will be kidnapped just to take some of the attention away from the assassination."
    Two weeks later, Jack Zangetty was found floating in Lake Lugert with bullet holes in his chest. It appeared to witnesses he had been in the water one to two weeks.
    Lou Staples, a radio announcer who was doing a good many of his radio shows on the Kennedy assassination, lost his life sometime on Friday night May 13, 1977. This was near Yukon, Oklahoma. He had been having radio shows on the assassination since 1973 and the response to his programs was overwhelming.
    Lou's death was termed suicide, but the bullet ending his life entered behind his right temple and Lou was left handed. He joined Gary Underhill, William Pitzer and Joe Cooper whose "suicides" were all done with the "wrong hand" shots to the head.
    Lou had been stating that he wanted to purchase some property to build a home. He was lured out to a wheat field and his life ended there. I have been to the spot where Lou died.
    Karyn Kupcinet, daughter of Irv Kupcinet, was trying to make a long distance call from Los Angeles. According to reports, the operator heard Miss Kupcinet scream into the phone that President Kennedy was going to be killed.
    Two days after the assassination, she was found murdered in her apartment. The case is unsolved. She was 23.
    Rose Cherami, 40, was an employee of Jack Ruby's club. She was riding with two men on a return trip from Florida carrying a load of narcotics. She was thrown from the car when an argument began between her and one of the men. She was hospitalized for injuries and drug withdrawal. She told authorities that President Kennedy was going to be killed in Dallas. After her release from the hospital, she was a victim of a hit and run accident on September 4, 1965 near Big Sandy, Texas.
    Robert L. Perrin was a gun runner for Jack Ruby. His wife, Nancy testified before the Warren Commission that Robert took a dose of arsenic in August 1962.
    Guy Bannister was a private detective who was closely involved in the Jim Garrison trial. Guy and his partner, Hugh Ward, died within a 10 day period as the Warren Commission was closing its hearings. Guy supposedly died of a heart attack, but witnesses said he had a bullet hole in his body.
    George deMohrenschildt was another man who was to give testimony but never made it. DeMohrenschildt, in his final days, became suspicious of everyone around him, even his wife, and was nearing a nervous breakdown some thought. He died of gun shot wounds. The verdict was suicide. But deMohrenschildt was a member of the White Russian society and very wealthy. He visited Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald when they lived on Neely Street. Marina visited the deMohrenschildts when she and Lee Harvey Oswald were having some of their disagreements.
    Cliff Carter, LBJ's aide who rode in the Vice President's follow up car in the motorcade in Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was gunned down, was LBJ's top aide during his first administration. Carter died of mysterious circumstances. Carter died of pneumonia when no penicillin could be located in Washington, D.C. in September 1971. This was supposedly the cause of death.
    Buddy Walthers, Deputy Sheriff, was at the kill sight of President Kennedy He picked up a bullet in a hunk of brain matter blown from the President's head. Walthers never produced the bullet for evidence.
    Walthers was also at the Texas Theater when Oswald was arrested. In a January 10th, 1969 shooting, Walthers was shot through the heart. In a shootout Walthers and his companion Deputy Alvin Maddox, were fired upon by Cherry, an escaped prisoner. Walthers and Maddox were trying to capture Cherry when Walthers was shot through the heart. Walthers's widow received $10,000.00 for her husband dying in the line of duty.

Robert L. Perrin took a dose of arsenic

Clay Shaw died of unknown causes

Buddy Walthers was shot through the heart by an escaped prisoner

Roger Dean Craig died of a massive gunshot wound to the chest, read more on his story here
and here.

Dr. Mary Stults Sherman was stabbed to death

    Clay Shaw, age 60, died five years after he was charged by Jim Garrison for his involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Some reports have it that he had been ill for months after surgery for removing a blood clot. Other newspaper reports of his death stated he had cancer. It was revealed that Shaw was a paid contact for the CIA. A neighbor reported that an ambulance was seen pulling up to the Shaw home. Then a body was carried in and an empty stretcher brought out. A few hours later, Shaw was reportedly found dead in his home. Then he was given a quick embalming before a Coroner could be notified. It was then impossible to determine the cause of death.
    On May 15, 1975, Roger Dean Craig died of a massive gun shot wound to the chest. Supposedly, it was his second try at suicide and a success. Craig was a witness to the slaughter of President Kennedy. Only Craig's story was different from the one the police told.
    Craig testified in the Jim Garrison trial. Before this, Craig had lost his job with the Dallas Police Dept. In 1961, he had been "Man of the Year." Because he would not change his story of the assassination, he was harassed and threatened, stabbed, shot at, and his wife left him.
    Craig wrote two manuscripts of what he witnessed. "When They Kill A President" and "The Patient Is Dying."
    Craig's father was out mowing the lawn when Craig supposedly shot himself. Considering the hardships, Craig very well could have committed suicide. But no one will ever know.
    John M. Crawford, 46, died in a mysterious plane crash near Huntsville, Texas on April 15, 1969. It appeared from witnesses that Crawford had left in a rush.
    Crawford was a homosexual and a close friend of Jack Ruby's. Ruby supposedly carried Crawford's phone number in his pocket at all times. Crawford was also a friend of Buell Wesley Frazier's, the neighbor who took Lee Harvey Oswald to work on that fatal morning of November 22, 1963.
    Hale Boggs was the only member of the Warren Commission who disagreed with the conclusions. Hale Boggs did not follow Earl Warren and his disciples. He totally disagreed. Hale Boggs was in a plane crash lost over frozen Alaska.
    Nicholas J. Chetta, M.D. age 50, Orleans Parish coroner since 1950, died at Mercy Hospital on May 25, 1968. Newspaper reports were sketchy. It was said he suffered a heart attack.
    Dr. Chetta was the coroner who served at the death of David Ferrie.
    Dr. Chetta was the key witness regarding Perry Russo against Clay Shaw. Shaw's attorney went into federal court only after Dr. Chetta was dead.
    Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered, then his assassin not captured until over a year later. Dr. King was the only hope this country had for bringing about equality.
    The death of Robert Kennedy, only shortly after Dr. King's death on June 5th, 1968, was a brazen act which gave notice to this entire nation. It became imperative, when Senator Kennedy became a threat as a Presidential candidate, that he had to be killed.
    There is evidence that two persons, a man, and a woman were with the accused killer, but authorities have found no trace of them. Coroner, Dr. Thomas Noguchi told the Grand Jury the powder burns indicated the murder gun was fired not more than two to three inches from Kennedy's right ear. Witnesses testified that Sirhan was never closer than four or five feet to the Senator.
    I have not, by any means, listed "all" of the strange deaths. I have a complete list in my books. I have listed the most significant ones that occurred after the assassination. The strange deaths after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in my estimate, numbered over 100, but I am certain I know of only a fraction.
    Many strange deaths occurred after the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, and Senator Robert F. Kennedy. No one knows the exact number.

Penn Jones, Jr. resides in Waxahachie, Texas, publishes a monthly newsletter on the assassination of JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King and is the author of numerous books on the subject.

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Strange Document; Warning From G.H.W Bush to FBI about JFK Assassination Plot

Click pic for enlargement;

JFK; Abraham Zapruder

What did Mr. Zapruder see on that terrible day of November 22, 1963?
Excerpt from Wikipedia;
JAY WATSON (Station WFAA Dallas): [...] And would you tell us your story please, sir?
ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER: I got out in, uh, about a half-hour earlier to get a good spot to shoot some pictures. And I found a spot, one of these concrete blocks they have down near that park, near the underpass. And I got on top there, there was another girl from my office, she was right behind me. And as I was shooting, as the President was coming down from Houston Street making his turn, it was about a half-way down there, I heard a shot, and he slumped to the side, like this. Then I heard another shot or two, I couldn't say it was one or two, and I saw his head practically open up [places fingers of right hand to right side of head in a narrow cone, over his right ear], all blood and everything, and I kept on shooting. That's about all, I'm just sick, I can't…
WATSON: I think that pretty well expresses the entire feelings of the whole world.
ZAPRUDER: Terrible, terrible.
WATSON: You have the film in your camera, we'll try to get...
ZAPRUDER: Yes, I brought it on the studio, now.
WATSON: We'll try to get that processed and have it as soon as possible.

Part of interest is this;
I couldn't say it was one or two, and I saw his head practically open up [places fingers of right hand to right side of head in a narrow cone, over his right ear]

This is not the right-temple area which the officials cling onto..

But wait.. there is more..

On November 22, United States PRS Special Agent Maxwell D. Phillips sent a hand-written memo[10] to Secret Service head James Rowley, stating that, "According to Mr Zapruder the position of the assassin was behind Mr Zapruder." But in his testimony to the Warren Commission Zapruder was less certain:

LIEBELER: Did you form any opinion about the direction from which the shots came by the sound, or were you just upset by the thing you had seen?
ZAPRUDER: No, there was too much reverberation. There was an echo which gave me a sound all over. In other words that square is kind of — it had a sound all over.

Hmm.. sounds a little indoctrinated to me, like he was told what to say at the WC hearings.

But again.. There is more;

Zapruder added that he had assumed the shots came from behind him because the explosive wound on the side of the President's head was facing that direction, and because police officers ran to the area behind Zapruder.

Source; Wikipedia.org

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Pentagon gaat zich focussen op Azië

WASHINGTON - De Verenigde Staten gaan de militaire strategie voor de komende 10 jaar drastisch aanpassen. De nadruk komt te liggen op het versterken van de militaire positie in Azië, waar de positie van China in de afgelopen jaren steeds sterker is geworden.

Dat heeft president Barack Obama donderdag gezegd op een persconferentie in het Pentagon. De president liet weten dat het aantal grondtroepen fors zal worden verminderd,. „Ons leger zal kleiner worden”, aldus Obama. „Maar de wereld moet weten dat de Verenigde Staten militair superieur blijven met strijdkrachten die behendig en flexibel zijn en die zijn voorbereid op alle onvoorziene omstandigheden en bedreigingen.”

Obama wil af van geldverslindende, langdurige oorlogen, zoals die de afgelopen jaren in Afghanistan en Irak zijn gevoerd. „Ons land verkeert in een periode van verandering”, zei de president. „We hebben de kans, en de verantwoordelijkheid om te kijken naar de militaire macht die we voor de toekomst nodig hebben.” Obama benadrukte dat het budget voor Defensie zal blijven groeien, maar wel in een lager tempo.

Het nieuwe plan voorziet in forse investeringen in wapens waarmee de Amerikanen goed zijn opgewassen tegen Chinese raketten voor de lange termijn en geavanceerde Chinese radarsystemen, aldus bronnen bij het Pentagon. Ook wordt gespeculeerd op het verminderen van het arsenaal aan kernwapens, zonder dat dit ten koste gaat van de veiligheid.

Obama zei dat het Pentagon de komende tijd met meer details over de nieuwe strategie komt. Volgens Amerikaanse militaire bronnen wordt waarschijnlijk gesneden in het aantal grondtroepen in Europa.

Bron: Telegraaf.nl

Groenlinks: FBI Censureert

DEN HAAG - GroenLinks wil van minister Uri Rosenthal (Buitenlandse Zaken) en minister Ivo Opstelten (Veiligheid) weten wat zij vinden van het offline halen deze week van Megaupload.com en de arrestatie van een Nederlander daarbij.

Via Megaupload konden internetters computerbestanden delen. „GroenLinks ziet dat door deze FBI-gecoördineerde actie journalisten, bloggers en vele miljoenen internetgebruikers worden gecensureerd”, aldus een woordvoerster van GroenLinks vrijdag. Kamerlid Arjan El Fassed: Facties als deze brengen vrijheid en openheid van het internet enorme schade toe.”

Volgens de FBI en justitie zijn de in totaal zeven aangeklaagden „verantwoordelijk voor massale, wereldwijde online piraterij van verschillende soorten werk waar copyright op rust, onder meer via Megaupload.com en andere gerelateerde sites”. Er is door het aanbieden van films, televisieprogramma's en andere content voor meer dan 500 miljoen dollar (385 miljoen euro) schade aangericht, aldus de Amerikaanse justitie. Daarnaast zouden de mensen achter de site 175 miljoen dollar (135 miljoen euro) hebben verdiend.

Bron: Telegraaf.nl

JFK CIA Records Release; ARRB Releases CIA Records


by Joseph Backes

On July 21, 1995 the Assassination Records Review Board released in full 16 CIA documents that had been previously released in redacted form. This decision to release was a unanimous vote by the Board pursuant to their closed meeting on June 7, 1995. Material on these documents were given out at the June 28 Public Hearing in New Orleans. Included in this packet was a copy of the letter Mr. Marwell sent to the President. These documents relate primarily to the opening of Lee Harvey Oswald's 201 file and to certain issues relating to Oswald's visit to Mexico City. According to Mr. Marwell's letter, "The Review Board's decisions were premised on several factors including: (a) the significant historical interest in the documents in question inasmuch as they relate to core issues surrounding the CIA's records relating to Lee Harvey Oswald; (b) the absence of evidence that the release of the information would cause harm to the United States; and (c) the lack of evidence that the release of the information would cause harm to the persons whose names (or pseudonyms) are being revealed."

Well, I think this is a rather promising start. I am sure I speak for many when I say the research community would have wanted more. However, the Board is targeting certain groups of documents for release. That the first batch came from the CIA and relates to Mexico City and the opening of LHO's 201 file is very welcome news.

I believe the idea to target certain groups of documents that are known to exist and that certain members of the research community have specific and precise knowledge about grew out of the secret "Experts conference" that the Board held on May 16.

I know quite well that I am not an expert researcher and certainly not on either the topic of LHO's 201 file or the Mexico City story. I do look forward to when those with the knowledge to fit these fragments of the puzzle into place will do so. I suspect John Newman or Peter Dale Scott will have something to say on them at the upcoming COPA conference. Now with that disclaimer I will try to tell you what is new in this release. The Board very nicely did this for us by bracketing what is now no longer redacted.

In document #1, (Note: This is my numbering system. Do not use this to obtain a copy of the document. This is just the first document in my packet from the Board. They are stapled together. I am using the designation document #1, etc., for discussion purposes. I will give their Record Number and Agency number for each document I discuss; researchers should use both of these numbers to obtain a copy of the document. I hope that is clear to everyone.) Record Number : 104-10007-10037, Agency File Number : 201-289248 there are new tidbits of information. This is a 4 page document that concerns Elena Garro de Paz. It is dated December 25, 1965. All the newly released information was written onto the document and is not part of the actual text. In rather large handwriting on the top right hand side appears to be the name Scott. Some type of code is given for Sylvia Duran, namely, P-7969. On the second page there is more of this type of code. Eusebio Azcue is P6613, Emillio Carballido is P8253, General Jose Jesus Clark Flores is P7878, Ricardo Guerra is P8237 and Rosario Castellanos is P8234. On page three Manuel Calvillo is apparently given a "P' number, however, only the first two numbers are discernable (74). Eunice Odio is P6840. June Cobb appears to be singled out similarly to Manuel Calvillo. At the top of page three there is a line pointing to his name and back to "Extract to "P" file", also bracketed, not by the Review Board, in a similar fashion are the first three paragraphs of the page numbered 7, 8, and 9. On page 4 the first paragraph which is a continuation of paragraph 12 is a line that brackets the paragraph and refers back to the start of the paragraph on page 3 with the instruction "Extract to June Cobb", her number P4381 is bracketed by the Review Board as newly released information. Also on page four are the "P" numbers for Noe Palamares, P7223 and Victor Rico Galan P 7354.

The text of the document is about a party, September 2 or 3, 1963 at the home of Reuben Duran where Oswald was allegedly in attendance.

Now the questions I have are what is a "P" file and what do these numbers mean? What relation, if any, do these people have with the Central Intelligence Agency?

Document #2, CIA Record Number: 104-10007-10040, Agency File Number 201-289248 is a very intriguing document, almost all of which I cannot understand. It is dated December 29, 1965. It appears to be a cable. The Mexi legal attache interviewed Elena Garro De Paz and her daughter in November 1964 and failed to substantiate her allegations. (See document #1 for allegations and her story.) The document refers to two other cables Mexi 5741 and Mexi 5621,which is new information. There is a signature at the top left which is either "Walter' or "Walker", something like that. Also new is RYBAT GPFLOOR which is bracketed, by the Review Board. This is written in and not text, "DISSEM PER RYBAT GPFLOOR CABLES".

It was explained to me by John Judge that the GP is CIA crypt for very high officials in the United States government. GP/Floor is Lee Harvey Oswald. GP/Ideal is President John F. Kennedy. There is another GP for Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy but John forgot what the rest of the crypt was.

Document # 3, Record Number 104-10007-10043, Agency Number, 201-289248, is a one page document, dated December 27, 1965. There is a lot of marginilia here. Mr. Winston M. Scott was apparently sent a copy of this document. His name is bracketed as being newly released information. This document refers to the apparent dismissal of Mrs. Garro dePaz's allegations.

Document #4, Record Number 104-10007-10046, Agency file Number 201-289248 is a two page document, again on Elena Garro dePaz's story that she met Lee Harvey Oswald. The document is dated December 10, 1965. In handwriting at the top appears to be the signature of Stan W, this is bracketed and is new information. In the same handwriting is "What an imagination she has!?!" and "Should we send to HQs?" .

Document #5, Record Number 104-10007-10195, Agency File Number 201-289248. This is a one page document from "WIGREN" to "C/SR", a transmittal sheet concerning opening of files on U. S. defectors. It is dated April 13, 1964. The name Ann Egerter is bracketed and is newly released information. The first paragraph in the comments column reads, "Re your query of this morning the 201 file on Lee Harvey Oswald was opened on December 9, 1960 by CI/SIG (Ann Egerter)." Please read Oswald and the CIA by John Newman for further information on Ann Egerter.

Document #6, Record Number 104-10008-10109, Agency File Number 201-289248 appears to be Mexi cable 5621 which was referred to in document #2. This is a two page document, dated December 17, 1965. Page two of the document has the "DISSEM PER RYBAT GPFLOOR CABLES handwriting. There is a paragraph 4 wherein "LIONION and "LICHANT" are going to check Garro de Paz's statements. The last paragraph is bracketed by the Board, "LIONION LICHANT ONE". This appears to be code for one or two people.

Document #7 is rather a familiar looking document. Record Number : 104-10015-10052, Agency File Number : 201-289248. This document has graced the cover of the A.S.K. '92 program. The NARA RIF [Reader Identification Form] title is "Cable stating that Lee Oswald contacted the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City inquiring whether the Embassy has received any news concerning a telegram which had been sent to Washington." The document is dated October 10, 1963. The subject is Lee Henry Oswald. The new information on the first page is in the upper left hand corner "C. Bustos WH/3 Mexico." On the second page the new information is Egerter's name next to CI/SIG and Roll's name next to SR/CI and L. N. Gallary's name and signature above C/WH/R. Please see Oswald and the CIA by John Newman pages 398-400 for more information.

Document #8, Record Number 104-10015-10093, Agency File Number 201-289248. This is a two page cable reporting on the movements of Kostikov at the Soviet Embassy. It is dated November 23, 1963.

Document #9, Record Number 104-10015-10153, Agency Number, 201-289248. This is a cable to Curtis from Knight. It is dated November 26, 1995. "Knight" is David Atlee Philips. Richard Helms signs off as the releasing officer. Knight is new information. Philips talked with U. Alexis Johnson about Ambassador Thomas Mann's request for an [ODENVY] officer to go to Mexico and investigate the Oswald case. "ODENVY" is the FBI. R. W. Herbet signed off as the authenticating officer as Chief of the Western Hemisphere division.

Document # 10, Record Number 104-10015-10154, Agency File Number 201-289248 is another cable to Curtis from Knight. Also dated November 26, 1995. U. Alexis Johnson spoke to Philips and informed him that Hoover considered that Mexi FBI office has all relevant information and was not disposed to send an agent down there. Philips wants to know if that is correct and if Curtis wants an agent anyway. Though this document is supposed to be open in full the authenticating officer's name appears to still be blacked out, at least to me.

Document # 11, Record 104-10015-10165, Agency File Number 201-289248. It is dated November 29, 1963. This is a classified cable message from CIA HQ to Mexico City Station. On the top left after the words "Immediate Mexi" is the word [Mana], which is new information. Then under that is [RYBAT GPFLOOR]. Then under that is Ref [MANA 4617]. There are two paragraphs to the cable. This cable is about someone going to Mexico even though Alvarado Ugarte may be in Mexican hands. Paragraph one begins, "Feel [Erthyroid 3] should go ...." I have no idea what this is about.

Document #12, Record Number 104-10015-10181, Agency File Number 201-289248 is a two page document. Page one is a routing and record sheet with the names Scott and Shaw on it. Page two is a classified message cable dated November 28, 1963. It is apparently from [LFBARKER] to the Dir of the Mexico city station. There is a [RYBAT GPFLOOR] above the first paragraph of the text. The text reads as follows.



Let me tell you a little about Alvaredo Ugarte. His story appears in the Warren Commission Report (where he is identified as "D"), pp. 307-8, CE 3152. According to Photographic Whitewash, p. 306, "His fabrication is that he saw people in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City give Oswald $6,500 to kill JFK. Nothing about this story stacked. But the CIA Mexico City Station passed it on in excited, uncritical haste, even though on the basis of time alone the story was a complete impossibility." Weisberg noted that his name was known and in the Warren Commission files, however, twelve years later the CIA hid the name pretending "national security" and refered to Ugarte as "D". The Schweiker committee was completely taken in by this. They also did this with AM/LASH when everyone knew he was Rolando Cuebela.

Document #13, Record Number 104-10050-10002, Agency File Number 80T01357A, is a one page document. It is titled "Delay in sending the first cable about Oswald". This appears to be part of a GPO volume that was published. There is a comment listed in the RIF that says "JFK : F1 1993.07.06.16 : 17:21:930150: Part of Vol 1, COPY 1 OF HELMS HEARING; COPIES 2-4 (BOX3) AND COPIES 5-7 AND 10 (BOX 4) ARE DUPLICATES AND ARE RETAINED IN HRG.

Document #14, Record Number 104-10050-10077, Agency File Number 80T01357A. This is a one page document. It is dated November 1, 1963. It is from CIA to Dir Mexico City. It is titled "Bulk Materials Being Sent Under Transmittal Manifest". These bulk materials were to be held under registry until picked up by Michael C. (?)H(?)ADE(N?). John Judge told me that was possibly a code name for David Atlee Philips.

Document # 15, Record Number104-10054-10023, Agency File Number JFK80T01357A. This is a 6 page document. It is from Chief of Station to Chief [KURIOT]. It is dated November 7, 1963. This document concerns the use of photographic equipment to photograph people entering and exiting the, I believe, Cuban consulate entrance. There are photographs included in this release. I do not know who they are but there are 6 photographs of very identifiable people here.

Document #16, Record Number 104-10054-10204, Agency File Number, 80T01357A. This document was published on page 463 of John Newman's book Oswald and the CIA completely unredacted. The Review Board thinks that Ann Egerter's name which appears twice in the document is new information. It isn't.

There has been a second batch of documents released in their entirety by the Board. This batch is pursuant to the Board's July 17th and 18th closed meetings, 16 FBI documents and 2 CIA documents. I found out about this at the August 3 open meeting of the Board. John Judge got the material and shared it with me. The Board gave John a two page list. One page had the FBI documents, the other page the CIA documents. The list contained only the originating agency's Record Number. I took this over to the Archives and tried to get the documents in redacted form. On Thursday I left the Board's list with people who pull the documents for you thinking they could pull them and have them ready for me Friday morning.

Well, they did nothing with it. I then filled out their request forms on Friday. And still nothing happened. I then made some noise about the uncooperativeness of the Archives staff. Now someone came. I was told that the Archives could not do this request. They could not, or would not, locate the documents for me. They said, now get this, they needed the RIFs from me! RIF's are Reader Identification Forms. They are created by the Archives. How the hell am I supposed to have them? I was ready to hit them. Surely you can match up the Record Number with the Agency Number? Surely, you can find the RIF? Surely, you can work with your own indexing system? No, was the repeated answer. The two people under Steve Tilley--a man named Roland, and a young woman whose name I didn't get--were giving me the runaround. I then called Tilley, who continued to give me the runaround. They then had to call the Review Board, have them fax over the RIF's, which the Archives already had, and now they could pull some documents for me. It is getting to be around 5 o'clock now and the Archives closes at 9 o'clock. They then pull out several grey boxes, put them on a cart and give it to me. I now have to go through at least ten boxes to find the documents. For one FBI document, they needed more time to find which FBI box it was in. Now instead of giving me the document in redacted form they went through all this nonsense to find out what box it was in. So I am searching through FBI field office files. I find nine of the 18 documents. I could not find the CIA documents and the remaining FBI documents were in the FBI HQ's file that someone else had pulled out, so I could not gain access to them. I noticed a lot of people researching JFK material. You can tell that people are researching JFK material because the Archives places a big red marker with your name on it on the outside of the grey boxes. I decided to return on Saturday and try to befriend whoever had the FBI HQ file out. I was out of luck as whomever it was had turned them back in.

The following are the Record numbers for the the documents. The ones marked with a star are the ones I got.

FBI Documents
1.) 124-10006-10342*
2.) 124-10023-10234
3.) 124-10023-10235
4.) 124-10023-10236
5.) 124-10023-10237
6.) 124-10023-10238
7.) 124-10035-10065
8.) 124-10070-10354*
9.) 124-10108-10142*
10.) 124-10119-10078*
11.) 124-10170-10064*
12.) 124-10184-10256
13.) 124-10230-10425*
14.) 124-10232-10345*
15.) 124-10243-10367*
16.) 124-10244-10077*

The CIA Documents
1.) 104-10007-10152
2.) 104-10008-10116

5 of the documents, 124-10006-10342; 124-10170-10064; 124-10244-10077; 124-10232-10345; and 124-10243-10367 (let's call them Document #1-5) are different copies of the same document. All refer you to FBI 105-82555-648. The Pittsburgh field office file is withholding page two in its entirety. You are not even allowed to see the page blacked out. If you go to the copy in the Cincinnati field office file then you can see page two blacked out. The Dallas field office file and the Cleveland field office file are similarly blacked out. The New York field office file is the least redacted, page two is completely open as is page three. Page one only blacks out two spaces which appear to be names of FBI informants.

The text of the document tells us about Arnold Johnson who was at a meeting of the Communist Party U.S.A. wherein the Assassination of President Kennedy was discussed. Johnson asked whether people were blaming the assassination on Marxism or on right wing activity. "Arnold Johnson several times stated Marxists were not to blame since such action did not follow theory of Marxism. Informants believed Johnson was trying to get over point that Oswald was working as someone's agent."

Document #6, Record Number 124-10070-10354, Agency File Number, 44-24016-329 is a one page document. It is from the Ruby file at FBI HQ. It is dated November 26, 1995. It is from the SAC in Houston to the Director. An informant called the Houston office about as telephone call he/she had with someone. This someone is a quote fixer and quote pay off contact unquote between things that are blacked out.

Document #7, Record Number 124-10108-10142, Agency File Number is 44-1639-299 is the same document from FBI Dallas field office file. Unfortunately, they seem to be redacted the same.

Document # 8, Record Number 124-10230-10425, Agency File Number 105-3702-10. This is an odd document. It is a cable, apparently. It is dated November 8, 1963. It is received by M. D. Crawford Jr. It states, "NO INFO LOCATED RE LEE HARVEY OSWALD."

Document #9, Record Number 124-10119-10078, Agency File Number,44-1639-32 is a one page document. It is from Special agents Charles T. Brown Jr. and Arthur E. Carter to SAC, Dallas. During an interview with someone in Dallas, Texas, on November 24 this someone received a long distance telephone call from the manager of the King's club in Oklahoma City, whom he did not identify, told him that Hubert Gibson, a lawyer, wants to represent Ruby, free of charge. "Blank" was requested to contact relatives of Ruby and advise them of this offer. How nice of the FBI to pass this info along.

So of the 9 I have there are really only 4 documents.

There is a third batch pending. I do not know how many documents are going to be released in this batch. I believe most if not all are CIA documents. The CIA is strenuously opposed to this release. John Newman is anxious about this and has called a meeting of the governing board of COPA. Jeremy Gunn hinted to John Judge, Dan Alcorn, and myself that something big was coming.

On August 19th I received in the mail some news from the Board. These were notices of Review Board determinations. The first item concerned the closed meetings held August 2nd and 3rd. At these meetings the Board decided to release 37 CIA documents, sort of. Actually they are releasing 17 documents, postponing 13 until the Board reviews them again in December, postponing 5 until August in the year 2005, releasing one on July 7, 2015 at exactly 10:51:19 AM, so help me god this is what it says, and postponing one until the year 2017. All of these documents relate to Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City. Notification was sent to the President on August 17 and he has 30 days to agree or disagree.

For the first time the Board voted to sustain the CIA's objections and some of the information relating to sensitive intelligence sources and methods would not be publiclly released at this time. The Board voted to introduce "substitute language which gives some relevant information in place of the redactions."

Well what do you think of that folks? Personally, I would just as soon have the redaction than some "substitute language".

The Board voted to release 393 of the 478 redactions.

Oh god, they are playing a numbers game. I think there are a few more million redactions to go.

The second item concerned information on the 15 FBI documents and the 2 CIA records.

The third item concerned the determination by the Board that all serials dated after January 1, 1960 in Sections 1-16 of the FBI Headquarters file on Sam Giancana, 92-3171 are "assassination records" pursuant to Sections 7(i)(2)(a) and 9(c)(1)(A) of the JFK Act and Sections 1400.1 and 1400.8 of the Guidance for Interpretation and Implementation of the JFK Act. The FBI has already processed sections 16-37 as assassination related.

The 37 CIA documents are as follows:

RN=Record Number

SP=Sustained Postponements

SD=Status of Document

NRD=Next Review Date

ARRB-R=Assassination Records Review Board-Release (Meaning the document may still have a redaction but it now has this many less)


104-10004-10195 3 3 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10004-10199 16 6 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10015-10013 25 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10014 18 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10015 8 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10019 4 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10027 10 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10047 4 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10048 16 1 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10015-10061 20 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10070 6 2 Postponed in Part 08/2005

104-10015-10074 1 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10080 1 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10091 8 3 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10015-10092 0 1 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10015-10114 4 1 Postponed in part 12/95

104-10015-10118 4 2 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10015-10157 2 2 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10015-10173 16 4 Postponed in Part 08/2005

104-10015-10176 3 1 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10015-10177 16 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10188 13 7 Postponed in Part 08/2005

104-10015-10212 1 1 Postponed in Part 08/2005

104-10015-10304 6 0 Open in Full

104-10015-10359 8 0 Open in Full on
07/21/2015 at 10:51:19AM

104-10018-10040 8 3 Postponed in Part 2017

104-10018-10064 4 3 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10018-10103 6 1 Open in Full *

104-10052-10056 60 0 Open in Full

104-10062-10001 19 19 Open in Full *

104-10086-10002 8 1 Postponed in Part 08/2005

104-10086-10003 6 0 Open in Full

104-10086-10005 5 0 Open in Full

104-10096-10001 29 19 Postponed in part 12/95

104-10096-10001 31 0 Open in Full

104-10125-10001 1 2 Postponed in Part 12/95

104-10125-10002 5 1 Postponed in Part 12/95

*Before you ask--yes, that is what is written and no I don't understand how it can have something postponed and still be "open in full" either.

The New Phoenix Program; BCCI: Bank of Crooks and Criminals International

BCCI: Bank of Crooks and Criminals International
Clark Clifford wrote the 1947 NSA Act that created the national security state and in the twilight of his career was caught enmeshed in a banking scandal that was to become the yardstick by which all other terrorist linked corruption would come to be measured by Ramparts magazine called Clifford a "curious hybrid of Rasputin, Perry Como and Mr. Fix It", in an article that depicted him as an architect of U.S. States economic imperialism and linked that role to his legal work representing major multinational corporations. BCCI, meanwhile, had its own connections. The Reagan administration launched no investigation even after the CIA had sent reports to the Treasury, Commerce, and State Departments bluntly describing the bank's role in drug-money laundering and other illegal activities. BCCI catered to many of the most notorious tyrants and thugs of the late 20th century, including Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the heads of the Medellin cocaine cartel, and Abu Nidal, the notorious Palestinian terrorist. According to the CIA, It also did business with those who went on to lead AL-Qaeda. BCCI went beyond merely offering financial assistance to dictators and terrorists: According to Time, the operation itself was an elaborate fraud, replete with a "global intelligence operation and a Mafia-like enforcement squad." The Wall Street Journal reported in 1991, there as a "mosaic of BCCI connections surrounding Harken Energy since George W. Bush came on board." In 1987, Bush secured a critical $25 million-loan from a bank that was a BCCI joint venture. A French intelligence report obtained by The Washington Post in 2002 identified dozens of companies and individuals who were involved with BCCI and were found to be dealing with Osama Bin Laden. As one senior U.S. investigator said in 2002,"BCCI was the mother and father of terrorist financing operations." Clifford and his former law partner, Robert Altman, were indicted in July 1992 on charges of fraud and accepting $40 million in bribes from the foreign-owned Bank of Credit ad Commerce International. The two had been attorneys for BCCI. They denied the charges against them and said they were duped bu BCCI's Pakistani executives. BCCI pleaded guilty in January 1992 to federal racketeering charges and agreed to forfeit a record $550 million in U.S. assets.
A secret program by the Reagan administration circumvented Congress, and illegally sold weapons to Iran, a "terrorist nation", in order to pay for a guerilla war against the Sandinista Nicaraguan government. When the operation was uncovered it also uncovered an off the books operation that, in the words of one Senator, was a secret government with its own permanent funding mechanism and its own army, navy, and air force. The exposure of the Iran-Contra operation revealed the tip of the iceberg. Admiral Richard Secord ran a many faceted program that concentrated on banking fraud, drug smuggling and illegal arms dealing by officers and former officers of the US military. Oliver L. North, a Marine lieutenant colonel assigned to the National Security Council staff beginning in 1981 until he was fired on November 25, 1986, was the White House official most directly involved in secretly aiding the contras, selling arms to Iran, and diverting Iran arms sales proceeds to the contras. North, who was deputy director of political-military affairs, reported many of his activities to his superiors, National Security Adviser Robert C. McFarlane and later John M. Poindexter. He claimed to have taken much of his direction from Central Intelligence Agency Director William Casey. More significantly, North testified repeatedly that he believed President Reagan was aware and approving of his activities. North was indicted in March 1988 on 16 Iran/contra charges, he was found guilty of three counts, North‘s convictions were vacated on July 20, 1990, after the appeals court found that witnesses in his trial might have been impermissibly affected by his immunized congressional testimony. Many figures that came under criminal investigation and prosecution in Iran-Contra, like John Poindexter, Elliot Abrams, Richard Armitage, Dick Cheney, Otto Reich, Colin Powell, and John Negroponte returned to serve in the Bush administrations without serious challenge from Congress. Contras and the Crips: A San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the San Jose Mercury News has found. This drug network opened the first pipeline between Colombia's cocaine cartels and the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, a city now known as the "crack" capital of the world. (Gary Web) The investigative reporter, Gary Webb, who broke the story that no other major newspaper would run, was found murdered in what can only be described as a staged suicide. In March, 1994 I traveled to Guatemala during spring vacation. The country was in a state of low level civil war, and bandana wearing AK-47 toting guerillas were nearly as numerous as the US armed government troops. The newspapers, radio, and television were blaring the story that American citizens were kidnapping Guatemalan children to smuggle out of the country and into the US to be used as unwilling organ donors for wealthy elderly Americans. This did not make me too popular with the local citizens who did not know me, and children playing in the park were hesitant to come near me. I felt as if a target had been painted on my back. A female teacher from Alaska who had traveled there on vacation to help Habitat for Humanity build housing for poor villagers was attacked by an angry mob and killed while I was there. The effect of the rumors was to drive a wedge between the civilian population and US citizens who traveled there to assist people through grass roots organizations. Driving south into Guatemala had been an eye opening experience that took me through several low level civil wars and road blocks too numerous to mention. The person I was traveling with was a Guatemalan citizen and former member of the military who made a living importing consumer goods purchased in the US. Despite his knowledge and connections it was obvious to me that he could not have smuggled so much as a microwave oven into the country, much less smuggled a Guatemalan child out of the country. The borders were closely guarded by scrupulous officers who did not ask for bribes and checked the contents of every vehicle. From this I concluded that the Guatemalan government itself was at least complicit in the smuggling operations, if they even existed at all, and that the media stories were a psychological warfare operation designed to separate US citizens from helping the Guatemalan peasants. I was appalled that the US military presence in the country was so obvious, propping up a military dictatorship, despite the discontent, and violent opposition of its people. Imagine my surprise upon reading the work of author Gordon Thomas and Alex Constantine. (excerpt) In an investigation of the worldwide slavery underground, Gordon Thomas documented CIA participation in the kidnap of Latin American children ―flown across the border in light air craft, and sold to child sex rings, or sold so their organs could be used in transplants.‖ Some of the pilots, ―made two or three flights a day. The more experienced used Beech 18s because of the aircrafts capacity and maneuverability. The majority of fliers had flown for the CIA. Katherine Griggs: Katharine 'Kay' Griggs knows what it's like to have a gun pointed in her face. She knows what it's like to have her face slapped, her bones broken and her nose bloodied by her former bully of a husband, an active Marine Colonel and a man who she claims is "above the law and literally gets away with murder." Virginia court documents and photos of her battered arms and legs tell the sad and brutal physical story of her failed marriage, a tumultuous 11 year roller coaster ride ending in 1999. But the real story for public consumption isn't the private divorce court details. It is the secret military information about drug running, weapon sales, sexual perversion and assassination squads she learned firsthand from her husband, U.S. Marine Corps Col. George Raymond Griggs, now remarried and living in Mirror Lake, NH. This isn't the first time Griggs is going public with her story about government mob-like hit squads and the sexually perverted secret "cap and gown and skull and bone society" her husband belonged to along with other high-ranking Marine officers and public officials. She first went public in 1996 after receiving death threats, being rescued by Sarah McClendon, former senior member of the White House press corps, who believed her story and took Griggs under her wing, giving her a place to stay and important advice about how to stay alive when dealing with military operatives. "I became a whistle blower and received death threats," said Griggs this week in an extended telephone conversation from her Tidewater, VA. home. "I finally wound up living for safety reasons with Sarah, the dean of the White House Press Corps, who had been with every president since FDR and was in Army intelligence and also an attorney's daughter from Texas." Advised by McClendon to go public without being able to get the mainstream media to listen, she traveled to Adrian, MI on the advice of a friend to do a long extended taped interview with Pastor Rick Strawcutter, a preacher and owner of a 500 watt pirate FM station at 99.3 on the dial in Lenawee County. Strawcutter, who believed in free speech radio and empowering the public with the truth, produced two extended interviews finally released in 2000, one being a two hour version called "Sleeping With The Enemy" and the other an unedited eight hour version. Since then Griggs said she went back to her Virginia home, tried to piece her life together and essentially talked to private groups or anybody who would take the time to listen. Now this week Griggs decided to tell her story again, saying "I will keep repeating it to anyone" and adding after 9/11, the war in Iraq, the London bombings and the fear of terrorism, the "American people are at a point where they are ready and willing to hear the truth." Although they may be shocked, Griggs said the "truth will set you free," even if it means facing up to the highest form of corruption, including sexual perversion and government sponsored mob-like hits orchestrated by high-ranking military and government officials. "My former husband George, who is a trained assassin, calls the people he is involved with the members of The Firm or The Brotherhood. If you are in the clique, you are above the law and literally can get away with murder. For years, mostly when he was drinking, he told me how he and others in this elite military group would kill people," said Griggs, as she mentioned name after high-powered name and story after-detailed story about sexual perversion, murder, military hit squads, brainwashing and mind control, all activities sanctioned, participated in and condoned by a group of military and political elite. "There were many other things and people he told me about which were startling, things I'll tell you later. But George is like a robot, glazed eyes and all. While he drinks, he sort of comes alive. It is hard to explain unless you actually see him. He told me he was the No. 1 shooter for a long time for a group of powerful people at the top. If a guy is too honest, for example, they get rid of him." When asked how large an inside group it was and how she survived after going public with such damning information about so many high powered names, she added: "I just keep myself and my story in the public eye. I am a decent, honest person who believes in telling the truth. I have a deep, abiding faith and trust in God. I also come from a strong-minded, strong-willed family and I am not afraid of generals and admirals. "As far as the sheer numbers of people involved in this cap and gown, skull and bones secret society, it's hard to say. But it is based on old friendships, college and prep school relationships, covering up secrets and sexual perversion. "My husband told me about all the sexually perverted rituals, like anal and oral sex in coffins at drunken parties and running naked in the woods at Bohemian Grove. Then there was the last time I saw George, which was in 2001 and he was telling me to keep quiet, but I think he knows I will never stop telling the truth." During numerous drinking binges over many years, one of the main things that sticks out in Griggs' mind was how easily her husband rationalized killing a small number of innocent people and how he was able to somehow justify the killings if it accomplished a strategic goal for the elite group involved. "Who are these people?" Griggs repeated after being asked the same direct question. "In general, they are first generation German sons, mostly who run things in the military through tight friendships made in Europe and at war colleges. Psyops is a controlling group and Paul Wolfowitz is a major player, as are the many Zionists on this side of the Atlantic. "Truth is light. And these guys are anxious to collect the global power now in the few hands of their Freemasonic ( French Masons ) brotherhood's elite hands. It is a very, very small group and a rather homogenized group of global top down existentialist Zionists and socialists. In short Nazi's who came to the U.S. when Hitler, their boy, turned on them in 1933. Griggs said other recognizable names and major players she learned from her husband's arrogant ramblings besides Wolfowitz and other nondescript military and civilian names, involved in what she called a Zionist global takeover, included Donald Rumsfeld, George H. Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and Andy Fine, to name a few. "After what I learned from George about "Rummy," as he called him and idolized him and the others, is that they all operate from this secret little, sick society and are all basically cowards and bullies. And I don't believe I should ever keep quiet about who they are because the only way we are going to change their behavior is to shed light on what they are doing and show how ludicrous , sick and inept their behavior really is. "My husband George just idolized "Rummy" and thinks he is just wonderful when basically he is nothing more than an in the closet-Nazi. Also, George liked to brag how he and Wolfowitz were down in Indonesia in the 1970s, down there training young assassins. "After what I heard all those years and now putting it into perspective after 9/11, I think they are trying to destroy America. Their whole game is all about war, selling weapons and creating a militaristic society. I know firsthand from listening to my husband, they will do anything - I mean anything including murder - to get what they want." Although Griggs said her husband never mentioned anything specific about 9/11 during their marriage, she claims he hinted several times that "war-gaming and airplane crashes" were necessary elements to control and manipulate the American population. Putting many of her husband's comments together with other acquaintances made through him, she had this to say about 9/11: "Before 9/11, there were some things which let me know that it was involved with war gaming going on at ACT Commands center in Suffolk. War games and diversions and manipulations of American public opinion he said are "necessary." George explained some examples such as airplane "crashes" and the bombing by the Israeli Lebanese Bekka valley recruits who blew up the Marine Corps barracks. I believe my husband knew ahead of time 9/11 was going to occur. "I know that there was a war game going on via Tampa, I think it was called Bright Star, which was being run on 9/11 by a weird and insecure USMC General who was in charge while the Army head was conveniently away in the Near East. "I am sure 9-11 was a joint and combined military operation, using boys who were recruited via A.Q. Khan's Israeli network in Pakistan and South Africa through Zionists in Hamburg. I believe that certain MI6 British Zionists with the Ian Goodwin-Peter Goodwin-Basil Cardinal Hume Yorkshire network were also involved in funding and recruiting these guys. It was a large and ongoing operation to set up and involved lots of CIA Zionists and lots of funny money." The Early Years: Griggs grew up in the elite Virginia Southern class, the child of a Reserve Military family of Scottish and French Huguenot descent. Raised with strict Christian ideals, moral character, deep faith and impeccable ethics, she carried with her the headstrong outspoken nature of her father and the truth-seeking characteristics of her mother. However, a victim of old Southern male chauvinism and backward traditions, she was married young in an arranged fashion to John Garland Pollard III, the wealthy grandson of a Virginia Governor, who lived off his inheritance in a typical aristocratic Southern-style plantation. "Looking back it was just horrible and suffocating," said Griggs, who after getting a divorce in 1983 went on to teach after getting a degree in history with a specialty in Virginia history and the Scottish Reformation. After resettling in a Virginia Beach home and working as an Asst. Director of the Chamber of Commerce, she was about to meet a dashing Marine Colonel who would forever change the course and direction of her life. Second Marriage To Col. Griggs: After renting the main portion of her house to Col. Griggs, the couple dated for two months and were quickly married, a speedy decision the young bride would quickly learn to regret. The story of the couple's courtship is of little importance, but what happened afterwards regarding the colonel's drunken ramblings takes center stage. "He started drinking, did a lot of heavy drinking and at first I thought I could change him," said Griggs, who listened closely over the years about her husband's role as a military assassin and his role as a military trainer who brought new, young assassins into the fold. "He started talking openly about murder, corruption, assassinations and lies. It was just incredible the names that were involved and the people who were being killed. "He gave me very detailed and graphic descriptions about how Waco was carried out, as well as how many other hits went down, including Malcolm Kerr, the head of the American University in Beirut and Ron Brown, who was trying to take away the State Department's monopoly on drug money and arms deals. "My husband would get into these crazed stupors where he would be running around the house naked and there were times I would find him lying in the grass that way. "I learned about how he was sexually molested by homosexual teachers at the elite Hun School, where a lot of the others in this small elite group also attended, including the members the Saudi Royal family. He told me how sex is used to control, intimidate and groom boys into this type of military service from a young age. "He mentioned how many of The Brotherhood, as he liked to call them, are members of the "Cap and Gown" Princeton group or the "Skull and Bones" Yale crowd and how they performed sexually perverted induction ceremonies with anal and oral sex performed inside coffins." During the final two years of the marriage, Griggs said her husband basically disappeared. When she finally decided to blow the whistle on her husband's activities and others surrounding him, she met privately with attorney and former CIA Director William Colby, seeking advice. 'I really thought I would get some help, but Colby was later found dead," said Griggs about Colby whose body was found eight weeks after he disappeared on April, 27, 1996, while canoeing near his Rock Point, Maryland, vacation home. "Then I started getting death threats, had my house burglarized, my car messed with and every time I would try to get the FBI or police to act, strangely nothing would be done. They would do things like steal my underwear, leave black dots on all my blouses and leave twelve screw drivers on my kitchen counter. They would do strange things like this, which if you think about it, is really hard to explain to the police without them thinking you are crazy. "I later found out I was flagged by Marine General Al Gray, my husband's boss who put the wheels in motion on much of the criminal activity. He flagged me as a trouble maker knowing I was a free thinker who was not about to keep quiet like all the other military wives who knew too much. Finally, I sought help from Sarah McClendon, who basically saved my life." After weathering the storm of harassment in Washington D.C., she was encouraged by friends to publicize her story nationally through the alternative media since major publications wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. In 1998, she then met Pastor Strawcutter who believed in her and who basically told the same story Griggs is telling today but in much more detail. Pastor Strawcutter's 1998 Taped Interview: Besides running a ministry in Adrian, MI., Strawcutter's main passion is truth-telling, his philosophy turning out to be a perfect match for Griggs when she finally contacted him one morning in 1998 as he broadcasted live during drive-time on his pirate FM radio station. "I remember one morning getting this call during a commercial break and then we put Kay on live for about 45 minutes. I couldn't believe what I was hearing," said Strawcutter this week by telephone from his Michigan church. "After the show, I arranged for Kay to come to Michigan with her documentation and photos of the story. "When Griggs arrived with her husband's diary and photos providing credible documentation for some of what she claimed, Strawcutter taped her story for over eight hours. After the taping session, he recalls out of all the controversial stories he worked on, the Griggs story was one of the most troubling and difficult to deal with due to the sensitive nature of the allegations and the number of high- ranking names involved. Finally, after sitting on the story for a year, Strawcutter decided to release it in two forms, the first being a 2 hour edited video version of the interview which he distributed under the title of "Sleeping With The Enemy" and the other being simply the longer unedited eight hour version. And like Griggs recounted this week from her Virginia home, the Strawcutter tapes are even more detailed about how members of The Brotherhood operate in a world of treachery, deceit, lies, murder, drug running, sex slavery and illegal weapon sales, all in the name of forming a new world order. "People need to know the truth about 9/11, Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and, of course, what Kay Griggs is saying," said Strawcutter, who for a long time on his FM station had been testing the waters of truth by broadcasting controversial stories, many coming from the likes of Michael Collins Piper and other American Free Press writers, an alternative paper that also delves into subjects taboo in the mainstream media. "I basically believed she was telling the truth and decided to go with the story as she told it." Asked if he was ever harassed for bringing the Griggs tapes public, he added: "No, not really. I never worry about things like that. But I do know after winning a landmark federal case to stay on the air in the 1990s, the feds came down real hard on me about three months after 9/11 with another legal challenge to my station which had become wildly successful, becoming the second top rated show in the county." Shortly, thereafter, Strawcutter was forced to take his brand of truth-telling radio off the air waves in the wake of legal roadblocks and challenges designed by the government to bankrupt his efforts. Katharine 'Kay' Griggs Today: The head strong, truth telling woman who first provided America with her shocking story in 1996, is really no different today although she readily admits the government is still trying to ruin her financially and still monitors her closely. Although still under the government microscope, her energy and curiosity remain strong as ever. "With all that's happening in the world, the time is right now for truth," said Griggs. "I think America can handle the truth now and I basically want people to know that my husband and the people involved with him are really nothing but cowards and bullies. But they are, at the same time, dangerous, evil people that must be stopped. I am not a vindictive person and I also am not seeking publicity. I simply want people to know the truth about how these people are trying to destroy this country." And still trying to "connect the dots" in an attempt to expose The Brotherhood, she added: "I'm in the midst of research on the headmistress of my Episcopal girls' school, St. Margaret's, who spent years working with MI6 at Cheltenham!! This is Victor Rothschild's group with 6 representing the six-sided star and MI5 being more Masonic but still not sure about all of this yet." Single and living in the same home she shared with her former military husband, Griggs still holds firm to her strong Christian beliefs, saying she will talk to anybody who is interested in listening since she firmly believes "truth is light and only the truth will set you free."