Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Gaddafi killed with own golden gun'

As i reported before (under the tag The Gaddafi Chronicles) Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was probably killed with his own golden gun. This story has been going around (in Libya) for days, but new sources make this story more and more acceptable.

Gaddafi was not shot once (forehead), but if you look closely he was also shot at his left temple, the side they tried to cover by lying the ex-leader to his side. He was also shot in the abdomen.

Gaddafi carried the golden gun with him during the escape, shooting of the convoy by NATO, and the capture, he also carried a silver gun.

A anonymous source says that a different rebel group captured him first, then the Misrata-rebels came and took him, and eventually killed him.
The eastern-rebels disagreed , one of them took the golden gun from Gaddafi and then shot him, and then said "now you can have him", says a source.

The golden gun was allegedly taken by the boy in the picture, the one i also wrote about previously as the probable killer. So according to this new information, he is likely to be the killer.

The source also said "he is a Libyan hero, therefor we don't give his identity, to protect him, since he is still a minor" (not 18 yet). Which gives me more reason to believe it was the boy in the picture.

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