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Eisenhower's Warning to JFK

The New Phoenix Program; MKULTRA Victim Testimony

MKULTRA VICTIM TESTIMONY: Presidents Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments March, 1995
Ms. Wolf: Okay. I'm going to start. My name is Valerie Wolf.

In listening to the testimony today, it all sounds really familiar. I am here to talk about a possible link between radiation and mind-control experimentation that began in the late 1940's.

The main reason that mind-control research is being mentioned is because people are alleging that they were exposed as children to mind-control radiation drugs and chemical experimentation, which were administered by the same doctors who are known to have been involved in conducting both radiation and mind-control research.

Written documentation has been provided revealing the names of people and the names of research projects in statements from people across the country.

It is also important to understand that mind-control techniques and follow-ups into adulthood may
have been used to intimidate these particular research subjects into not talking about their victimization in government research.

As a therapist for the past 22 years, I have specialized in treating victims and perpetrators of trauma
and their families. When word got out that I was appearing at this hearing, nearly 40 therapists across the country, and I had about a week and a half to prepare, contacted me to talk about clients who had reported being subjects in radiation and mind-control experiments.

The consistency of people's stories about the purpose of the mind-control and pain-induction techniques, suchs as electric shock, use of hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, dislocation of limbs and sexual abuse, is remarkable.

There is almost nothing published on this aspect of mind-control used with children, and these clients
come from all over the country, having had no contact with each other.

What was startling was that therapists reported many of these clients were also physically ill with
auto-immune problems, thhroid problems, multiple sclerosis, and other muscle and connective tissue
diseases as well as mysterious ailments for which a diagnosis cannot be found.

While somatization disorder is commonly found in these clients, many of the clients who have been
involved in the human experimentation with the governments have mutiple medically-documented physical ailments, and I was really shocked today to hear one of the speakers talk about the cysts and the teeth breaking off, because I have a client that that's happening to.

Many people are afraid to tell their doctors their histories as mind-control subjects for fear of
being considered to be crazy. These clients have named some of the same people, particularly a Dr. Green, who was associated with clients' reports of childhood induction of pain, mind-control techniques, and childhood sexual abuse.

One of my clients, who had seen him with a name tag, identified him as Dr. L. Wilson Green. A person
with this same name was the scientific director of the Chemical and Radiological Laboratories at the
Army Chemical Center, and that he was engaged in doing research for the Army and other intelligence agencies.

Other names that have come to light are Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and Dr. Martin Orne, who, it is reported,
were also involved in radiation research.


It needs to be made clear that people have remembered these names and events spontaneously with free recall and without the use of any memory-retrievable techniques, such as hypnosis. As much as possible, we have tried to verify the memories with family members, records and experts in the field.

Many attempts have been made through Freedom of Information Act filings to gain access to the mind-control research documentation. These requests have generally been slowed down or denied, although some information has been obtained, which suggests that at least some of the information supplied by these clients is true.

It is important that we obtain all of the information contained in the CIA and military files to verify
or deny our clients' memories. Although many of the files for MKULTRA may have been destroyed (by Richard Helms), whatever is left, along with the files for other projects, such as Bluebird and
Artichoke, to name only two, contain valuable information.

Furthermore, if, as the evidence suggests, some of these people were used in radiation experiments,
there might be information in the mind-control experimentation file on radiation experiments.

We need this information to help in the rehabilitation and treatment of many people who have been severe psychological and medical problems which interfere with their social, emotional and financial well-being.

Finally, I urge you to recommend an investigation into these matters. Although there was a commission on mind-control, it did not include experiments on children because most of them were too young or still involved in the research in the late 1970's to come forward.

The only way to end the harassment and suffering of these people is to make public what has happened to them in the mind-control experiments. Please recommend that there be an investigation and that the files be opened on the mind-control experiments as they related to children.
Thank you.

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The New Phoenix Program; Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West

Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West
Air Force Major Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West joined MKULTRA early, concentrating on LSD studies, the most famous of which was a lethal LSD overdose injected int an elephant named Tusko. West lives in Haight-Ashbury in 1967, ostensibly to study the hippie in his native habitat. West was in charge of the Dept. of Psychiatry at UCLA, and director of the Neuro-Psychiatric Insitute until his death in 1999. From 1948
until 1956 he was Chief, Psychiatry Service, 3700th USAF Hospital, Lackland AFB in San Antonio,Texas...
not far from Brooks AFB, which houses the Albertus Strughold Library. In 1973 West proposed to then
Govenor Reagan the creation of a "Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence". Abandoned missile bases were to be the location for "programs for the alteration of undesirable behavior". West identified
the factors of violet behavior as "sex(male), age(youth), ethnicity(black), and urbanicity". West planned for the California STate Police to share a database that would keep track of "pre-delinquent" children in order to treat them before they became delinquents. One critic at UCLA said;"They're employing the psychiatric armamentarium and a new technological tool set, what has come to be known as psycho-technology. Under the guise of therapeutic behavior modification they're applying anything from (the terror drug) Anectine and other aversive drugs to Psychosurgery". West examined Jack Ruby after the Kennedy Assassination and pronounced him mentally ill despite Ruby's claims of a conspiracy. Dr. West was the chief medical officer involved in remote viewing projects such as Project Grill Flame. Late in life West became associated with the Cult Awareness Network, which was founded by a former aide to Reagan.

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Pick a Date..

Looks like we 'survived' another end-date.. LOL I'm still here!


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The New Phoenix Program: Dr. José Delgado

Dr. José Delgado:
Delgado came to Yale University in 1950 and received CIA funds through the Office of Naval Intelligence.
He perfected the stimoceiver, and electronic brain implant used to transmit electrical impulses directly to the brain, one version of which uses a radio signal to remotely deliver electrical stimulation of the brain. Ine one experiment Delgado remotely stimulates the brain of a normal eleven year old boy who becomes confused about his sexual identity, and proceeds to tell Dr. Delgado he wants to marry him. In 1975 Delgado published "Two way communication with the brain" that explained his succes at linking the implants directly to computers with the "ability to perform simultaneous recording and stimulation of brain functions, thereby permitting the establishment of feedbacks and on-demand programs of excitation with the aid of the computer." This allowed "long-term EEG in unrestrained patients", "provide information directly to the brain, circumventing normal sensory-receptors", "Communication from the brain to the computer and back to the brain", "clinical applications to humans of on-demand programs of stimulation, triggered by predeterniuned electrical pattern".
By the 1980's Delgado emphasized changing brainwave patterns and psysiology through electromagnetic
broadcasting that could be utilized at up to three kilometers. In an interview he stated;"This new knowledge is so important that I think it should radically change the philosophy of our education system, which believes in the sanctity of individuals, thinking that an indvidual exists at birth. This is not true... and this science is going to prove the fallacy of democracy in the sense that we talk about the rights of the individual; this democratic belief is not true"."Looking into the future, it may be predicted that telerecording and teststimulation of the brain will be widely used".

The New Phoenix Project: Project Pandora

Project Pandora:
In 1965 it was discovered that the US embassy in Moscow was being hit with electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum, but the fact was kept secret from the embassy employees. Ambassador Stoessel
contracted a blood disease, bleeding eyes, nausea, and eventually lymphoma. He and other employees eventually died as a result of the microwave attack. Henry Kissinger sent a secret memo giving hazard pay to embassy personnel in the 70's after the secret was exposed in a Jack Anderson column. It is possible that the US government used the embassy staff as microwave guinea pigs. The DOD's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) set up a lab at Walter Reed Army Institute and Participated in Project Pandora.
Scientists began by zapping monkeys to study the biological effects of highly concentrated microwave frequencies. Similar studies were conducted at the V.A hospital in Kansas City, Univ. of Rochester, Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, John Hopkins, MIT, the Mitre corp., Univ. of Pennsylvania, and many other domestic and foreign research labs. The CIA began experimenting with other forms of directed energy in the EM spectrum. Dr. Jose Delgado experimented on four human subjects using radio waves, reporting they experienced different emotions, sensations, and "colored visions". Delgado stated that these weapons were "more dangerous than atomic destruction." With knowledge of the brain, he said, "We may transform, we may shape, direct, robotize man. I think the great danger of the future is...that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware they have been robotized." Delgado was in fact responsible for the development of a brain transponder that was used to robotize human subjects.

The New Phoenix Program: Dr. Stephen Aldrich

Dr. Stephen Aldrich
Dr. Stephen Aldrich took control of the Office of Research and Development (ORD) in 1962 from Gottlieb.
Aldrich started Operation Often, an investigation into the occult with the help of Houston sorceress Sybil Leek. CIA behaviorists carefully studied every aspect of the occult underground. In 1972 the Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI) spondored a course at the University of South Carolina in rituals of demonology and voodoo. SEI was a CIA cut out that had been set up in 1956 to study radar. In 1962 SEI set up a lab to study the effects of electrodes in the deep brain. Aldrich focused on remote brain manipulation and the occult, the thread that runs through SEI. In 1963 a CIA manual focused on Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) that was developed by the Pentagon. "When a part of your brain receives a tiny electrical impulse from outside sources, such as vision, hearing, etc.., an emotion is produced-anger at the sight of a gang of boys beating an old woman, for example. The same emotions of anger can be created by artificial radio signals sent to your brain by a controller. You could instantly feel the same white hot anger without any apparent reason." The term Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM) refers to the ability to erase memory at a distance. Dr. Jose Delgado announced on May 6, 1965 at a close lecture at the American Museum of Natural History "science has developed a bew electrical methodology for the study and control of cerebral function in animals and humans.

The New Phoenix Program: MKULTRA-1960's, 1970's

MKULTRA-1960's, 1970's: Richard Helms was picked by CIA director John McCone to run the dirty tricks department after the Bay of Pigs. Helms became DCI in 1966, destroying the archive on MKULTRA
when he left in 1972. Helms was a product of eastern establishment, his grandfather was president of the Federal Reserve and had interviewed Hitler as a UP reporter. Helms, in the tradition of Gottlieb, was a Machiavellian character that used Paperclip scientists, and would stop at nothing to win. He advocated low intensity warfare transmitting strategic subliminal messages to the brains of enemy populations. He advocated the use of high frequencies to affect memory and the unconscious mind. In a 1964 memo to the Warren Commission he mentions "biological radio communication":"Cybernetics can be used in molding a child's characte, the inculcation of knowledge and techniques, the amassing of experience, the establishment of social behavior patterns...all functions which can be summarized as control of the growth process of the individual."

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Jabulani = Jahbulon?

Last year, in the 2010 World Cup every match was played with a ball.. The name of this ball was "Jabulani", which can be a plural name of the 'God' of the Freemasons/Illuminati "Jahbulon".. Coincidence?

Here you can see the official ball, which also has the all seeing eye..;

Leave thoughts as comments..


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Osama Bin Laden Videos Released By The Pentagon Are a Hoax, Man In TV Video Identified

"His name is Akhbar Khan (Han), He owns the house......I know him very well" says his neighbor. Only 1 in 50 locals questioned believe Bin Laden was really killed in that house. Obama staged this whole scam with the Patreaus Panetta Pakistani Pentagon CIA, that has been supplying the "Taliban" so the Pentagon can run a fake war to keep rebuilding Afghaniistan for Hillary Clinton and the CIA. The fake Nobel Peace Prize winner is really the worlds greatest psychopathic liar covert warlord. His approval rating is up, sheep. 9/11 was an inside job, and Obama is still doing it. Source: Osama Bin Laden: Pakistan's scepticism over videos (BBC)

BBC staff not doing their job by suppressing the truth, tut tut you just cant get the staff anymore.Either another psy-op/mindfuck or some legit seeping truth.

Smurfenland blijkt nazidorp

Uit de Telegraaf;

Smurfen leven in een maatschappij die 'de belichaming is van een totalitaire utopie doordrenkt van satanisme en nazisme.' Dat concludeert de Franse schrijver Antoine Buéno na de blauwe wezentjes aan een serieuze sociologische studie te hebben onderworpen.

In het boek Le Petit Livre Bleu wijst Buéno erop dat de economie van de Smurfen grote gelijkenissen vertoont met beide totalitaire staatstypen. Zo zijn de collectieve werkzaamheden van de Smurfen altijd zelfvoorzienend.
Grote Smurf als dictator

Ook kennen de wezentjes, een creatie van de Belgische striptekenaar Peyo,
geen particulier eigendom en worden ze geleid door Grote Smurf,
die - zo concludeert Buéno - zeer autoritaire en paternalistische trekken vertoont.

Gargamel Joodse vijand

Daarnaast schildert de auteur de smurfen af als racistsich.
Ze hebben een hekel aan zwarte Smurfen, die ze zien als
een groot gevaar. Bovendien lijkt Gargamel, de grootste
vijand van de kleine Smurfen, een joodse achtergrond te hebben,
omdat zijn beeltenis sterk zou lijken op antisemitische afbeeldingen uit de jaren '30 en '40.
Smurfin arisch ideaal

Maar ook Smurfin moet het ontgelden in de ogen van Buéno.
Zij doet met haar blonde haren en verfijnde trekken sterk denken
aan het arische schoonheidsideaal van de Duitse nazi's, schrijft
de Fransman. Bovendien is er niet voor niets maar één vrouw in het dorp.
Smurfen zijn namelijk ook nog eens macho's.

Ku Klux Klan

Het is niet de eerste keer dat smurfen bloot stonden aan kritiek. De witte slappe puntmutsen zouden gebaseerd zijn op die van de racistische Amerikaanse organisatie Ku Klux Klan. En ze zouden met hun vrolijke gedrag, ontblote bovenlijven en witte strakke broekjes met uitfloepende staartjes homoseksuele neigingen vertonen...

Om eerlijk te zijn zou het best wel eens zo kunnen zijn..
Donald Duck had ook een "Nazi-aflevering" immers..

Osama Bin Laden died 23rd August 2006 of typhoid (Chirac ordered an inquiry into the leak)

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The New Phoenix Program; MKULTRA: Dr. Ewen Cameron

Dr. Ewen Cameron:
Dr. Ewen Cameron was president of the American and Canadian Psychiatric Associations. He ran the Allen
Memorial Institute, which was founded in 1943 with funds from the Rockefeller Foundaition. Cameron studied the Nazi's at the Nuremberg trials and eventually became one of the most influential and powerful psychiatrists in the world. Nazi Paperclip scientists made their way into the CIA and military sponsored mind control programs here in the United States and Canada. Some of these scientists according to Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, were friends of Dr. Cameron. "If you get a hold of a directory for the American Psychiatric Association in around 1956 or 1957, you'll be surprised to find that an enormous percentage of the individuals listed are foreign-born. Mostly they came out of Germany and Eastern Europe in a big wave. They were all called technical specialists", but really they were psychiatrists. They went into jobs at universities mostly, but many were working on these unconventional "mind control programs for US intelligence...these would go to people like Dr. Cameron in Canada." Money for Cameron's operation came from the CIA funneled through Cornell's Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. The systematic annihilation, or depatterning of a subjects mind and memory was accomplished with overdoses of LSD, barbiturate sleep for 65 days at a stretch and ECT shocks at 75 times the recommended dosage. Psychic driving, the repetition of a recorded message for 16-20 hours a day, programmed the empty mind. The Grid Room was where the patient was forcibily strapped to a chair, paralyzed with a dose of curare, head covered in electrodes and transducers. The subject's brain waves were beamed to a nearby reception room filled with radio receivers, voice analyzers, and recorders. Cameron's employee, Rubenstein was serious when he said that Dr. Cameron and himself would one day become the world's authorities on continuous radio telemetry of human activity. The lanky 28 year old ex-Army signalman envisioned the time would come when "there would be no secrets of the mind that we cannot probe electrically." All the psychiatrist had to do was ensure a continuous supply of patients and the wisecracking Cockney would create the electronic equipment that "would enter the deepest corners of their minds." Dr. Cameron had accepted the technician's claim without quibble. Cameron had finally given the go-ahead for part of the institute's basement to be turned into a radio telemetry laboratory. Rubenstein enthused that its purpose would be not only to measure behavioral activity of patients more closely, but would also provide the groundwork for a system that could be used to monitor human activity at a point remote from the subject under study. In other words, Rubenstein added,"we'll develop a system that will keep taps on people without their knowing what we're getting from them." Cameron and Rubenstein considered this telemetry lab the foundation of a sprawling psycho political Apparat "that will keep tabs on people without their knowing".

The Canadian government settled a class action lawsuit by 250 former patients of Dr. Cameron, but no person or insitution has ever been disciplined or punished for these activities. Linda McDonald was 25 years old in 1963 when Dr. Cameron treated her for mild post-partum depression. She received 102 ECT treatments, 80 days of drug induced sleep, and emerged completely depatterend...totally incontinent, unable to state her name, recognize her husband and children. She had to relearn how to drive, cook, read, and use a toilet. Eventually, unlike many patients of Cameron, she made a complete recovery, but still has no memory of the first 25 years of her life. Cameron was the premier psychiatrist of the 20th century and having studied Nazi scientists at the Nuremberg trials, replicated many of their methods and sought their assistance in the race to control the human mind. Cameron's mind control experiments were one program out of many programs run by the CIA, Navy, Air Force, Army and others.

The New Phoenix Program; MKULTRA USA: Dr. George Estabrooks

Dr. George Estabrooks was prominent in the American hypnosis scene from the 1920's to the 1970's, head of Colgate University's Department of Psychology. He published over 60 articles and several books
on hypnosis. Estabrooks expertise was used by both the ODD and the FBI. As soon the OSS began, George Estabrooks (b. 1885,d. 1973) started traveling to Washington, D.C. Estabrooks viewed persons who were susceptible to hypnosis, 20% of the general population, as fodder for any hypnotist' notion of higher purpose, be it research, profit, patriotism, or his own personal entertainment. His attitude echoed that of Dr. Cook who, in 1927, advised beginning hypnotists to boldly develop a stable of hypnotic subjects: First secure a good subject and practice upon him until you can hypnotize him with absolutely no difficulty, and then place him in the profound [somnambulistic/amnesic] stages of hypnosis... Next secure two or three more subjects and develop them, and thus gradually add to the number. The hypnotic state is referred to as comnambulistic/amnesic by Dr. Cook, because the subject was unaware of the missing time and unknowing of his "other life". The time he spent under hypnosis. Estabrooks promoted the use of hypnoprogrammed spies by both the military and police. He suggested that police agents could gather information from "the criminal class". If allowed a free hand, the authorities could proceed to plant such prepared subjects... always with the idea of obtaining information which might, sooner or later, be of real use to the police. Suring WWII, Estabrooks claimed to have created unwitting couriers. US soldiers were hypnotized and a second shell personality was created and given a detailed message. The soldier reported to his contact, was hypnotized again, and gave his secret message. The couriers were unaware of their mission and could not knowingly divulge its contents. Estabrooks stated that this and other mind control programs were operational during WWII. Estabrooks envisioned an elaborate infiltration operation of a foreign government, targeting key officials who could control events in that nation. Unknowing hypnotic subjects could be placed in key positions and could be controlled without their being aware. Assassins who were programmed to kill, would do so with no memory of that act or their motivation. This was verified by an MKULTRA subproject that put two 19 year old girls under hypnosis, convincing one of the girls that she was to wake her friend, and if she did not wake, to pick up a pistol and shoot her.The girl did exactely that and denied the deed when she was brought out of hypnosis. Estabrooks described in detail what it would take to program an unknowing subject. He estimated that ten hours of programming would be enough to accomplish this basic intention, but he recommended a ten month regimen for personalities that were to be highly split and specially trained.

He described a method for programming a double agent, whose unconscious mind would be loyal to his
country, but whose conscious mind would be loyal to whatever country that was being infiltrated and reported on. In his normal waking state, which we will call Personality A, or PA, this individual will become a rabid communist. He will join the party, follow the party line and make himself as objectionable as possible to the US authorities. The we develop Personality B (PB), the secondary personality, the unconscious personality...is rabidly American and anti-communist. It has all the information possessed by Personality A, the normal personality, whereas PA does not know about the shell Personality B. "My super spy plays his role as a communist in the waking state, agressively, consistently, fearlessly. But his PB is a loyal American, and PB has all the memories of PA. As a loyal American, he will not hesitate to divulge these memories.

Quote; George Estabrooks

"The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multipersonality, with the aid of hypnotism.... This is not science fiction. ...I have done it."

- George Estabrooks

The New Phoenix Program; MKULTRA USA: Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles
Allen Dulles and his brother, John Foster Dulles designed the CIA for Clark Clifford, the author of the NSA act of 1947. Allen Dulles had been the top OSS agent in Switzerland during the war, where he met frequently with Nazi officials and monitored US investments in Germany. He held an executive position with Standard Oil. The Dulles brothers were both partners in the Wall Street firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, still the most powerful firm of it's kind. John Foster would go on to be Secretary of State for Eisenhower, while Allen was head of the CIA. Allen Dulles was fired by Kennedy in 1961 after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. Allen Dulles became the lead investigator of the Warren Commission that found Oswald to be the lone gunman.

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Wikileaks:A Nuclear Bomb Hidden In Europe

Thursday April 28th 2011

An al-Qaeda commander claims that a such a dirty bomb will apparently be detonated if Osama bin Laden is captured or assassinated.

The files also reveal only one in three detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp was classed as a dangerous terrorist.

About half were foot soldiers and one in five was innocent.

The documents, shown to a number of newspapers, detail the interrogations of the 780 people who have passed through the US detention camp in Cuba.

Information that they provided during interrogations is also listed. About 220 of those detained were assessed as dangerous international terrorists, while about 380 are judged to be lower-level troops.

At least 150 people were held and assessed but released because of a lack of evidence, according to the files.

More than 100 al-Qaeda terrorists are said to have been held at the centre, the most senior being Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

He is accused of masterminding the 9/11 attacks and faces a military tribunal this year. Sheikh Mohammed’s file is said to state: ‘Detainee had numerous plots and plans for operations targeting the US, its allies, and interests worldwide.

‘Targeting priorities were determined by initially assessing those that would have the greatest economic impact, and secondly which would awaken people politically.’

Sheikh Mohammed is said to have told interrogators al-Qaeda would unleash a ‘nuclear hellstorm’ and planned to recruit staff at Heathrow airport.

The Guantanamo Bay centre was opened by the US government four months after the 9/11 attacks and holds about 180 people at present.

Torture-style techniques were used there during the Bush administration


Clinton Says Occult Council Runs Government!

The New Phoenix Program, Four; MK-ULTRA

Soviet and Chinese Brainwashing techniques:
By the end of the Korean War, 70% of the 7,190 US POW's signed confessions, 15% cooperated fully, and only 5% steadfastly resisted confession or indoctrination. Wolf and Hinkle submitted a secret report to Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Dulles, about communist methods of brainwashing that was the definitive work in the subject in 1953. It stated that no magical weapons were used, no drugs, exotic mental ray-guns, or machines were used. Intense psychological pressure and human weakness were the key, beginning with solitary confinement. Guards constantly reminded the prisoner that he was totally cut off from outside support, ordered him to stand for long periods, dictated the position allowed for sleep, waking him if he moves while sleeping, banned all outside stimuli such as books, conversation or news of the outside world. After 4-6 weeks the prisoner would break down,"He weeps, he mutters, and prays aloud in his cell". At this stage the interrogation began in a special room. The guard told him that he knew his own crimmes-all too well. The prisoner is in the position of trying to prove his innocence to he knew not what. The interrogator and the prisoner bond in their shared ransacking of the captives soul. As the interrogation proceeded the prisonder realized that he could end his ordeal only with a full confession. "The prisoner feels the something must be done to end this","He must find a way out". According to a KGB man, more than 99% of prisoners sign a confession at this stage. Then the subject was eiter shot or sent to a labor camp after sentencing. Chinese techniques would move on to re-education of prisoners by moving them into a group cell for political indoctrination. Incessant study of Marx and Mao, lectures, and self-criticism led to conversion by group pressure. Prisoners demonstrated their commitment by ferociously attacking any deviations. Constant intimacy with prisoners who reviled him for his resistance pushed the prisoner beyond his emotional endurance. As the prisoner conformed, cellmates gave increased acceptance and esteem, which reinforced his commitment to the Party, for he learned that only his acceptance allowed him to live succesfully in the cell. The American mind control effort was a mini Manhattan Project with the conviction that the keys to brainwashing lay in technology. The Agency's brainwashing experts gravitated to people in the mold of the brilliant and sometimes mad scientist, obsessed by the wonders of the brain.

In 1953 CIA officer Richard Helms chose Dr. Sidney Gottlieb to run the TSS (Technical Service Staff).TSS was given the job o developing poisons to assassinate political opponents, truth serum drugs for interrogating spies, and mind control techniques to create robot assassins, or unwitting double agents.
Gottlieb used Nazi scientists and their state of the art mind control techniques that had been perfected in concentration camps using victims of the Holocaust. Operation Paperclip recruited 9,000 Nazi Scientists to help the US destroy the USSR. Some of these scientists were known as programmers, people skilled in the art of breaking down and controlling the human mind. Joseph Mengele and others experimented exstensively with children and adults using mescaline, electro-shock therapy, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, toture, rape, starvation, and trauma bonding. Mengele was so succesful using the technique of trauma bonding that survivors today still exhibit a profound affection for their torturer, referring to Mengele as "beautiful Joseph". Dr. Greenbaum (Dr. L. Wilson Greene) was a Jewish doctor who the Nazi's coerced to participate in their experiments in Auschwitz. This individual, whose code name was Dr. Green, came to the US after WWII and began to experiment on adults and children for the military and CIA. The military and CIA copied the Nazi methodology and began numerous programs of their own. The first CIA program was known as MKULTRA, the MK is an abbrevation for the German words for mind control To avoid confusion, the dozens of mind control operations will be reffered to generically as MKULTRA. According to MKULTRA documents and sources, the methodology of mind control works best when severe trauma is administered by the age of three years old. Severe trauma, such as rape, applied at the age of three will cause the personality to split or dissociate in an attempt to shield the mind from memories of events too painful to endure. The psychiatric term is dissociative identity disorder and can be produced accidentally o purposefully. The Three Faced of Eve is the story of multiple personality disorder or MPD (DID) that had been created by childhood abuse. The Palle Hardup case is an example of a purposefully created MPD that was used to create a robot assassin. MPD can be created by a therapist in an effort manipulate the human mind. Psychc trauma and creation of multiple personalities may be caused by the ritual sacrifice of animals and humans, trauma causes
the dissociation. The programmer will use triggers and hypnosis to call forth the created personality, known as an alter personality. Only 20% of the general population is easily hypnotizable, but trauma at an early age makes people vulnerable to dissociation, and thus hypnotizable. Typically the programmer might wear a rabbit suit and sacrifice a rabbit in front of the child victims. The image of the rabbit, a phrase from Alice in Wonderland, or similar paired images are used as the trigegrs to call forth the alter personality. The method works best when the trauma is repeated around six years of age. A few years later the child victims IQ test and personality tests are evaluated to determine whether the child may be trained in assassination, sexual blackmail, drug courier, or ther role. Years later, the subject may be hypnotized and used for operations but would be conciously aware of the sense of lost time only. Gottlieb concentrated on the use of LSD for mind control, and exotic poisons and drugs for political assassinations. He gave LSD to an unknowing fellow scientist Frank Olsen, who worked for the Army Chemical Corps' Special Operations Divicion (SOD) at Fort Detrick, developing biological weapons. Olsen committed suicide by jumping through a window on the 10th floor of a hotel (his body was exhumed a couple of years ago, and it was proven he was pushed! instead of a voluntary jump, suicide). Gottlieb concealed his actions and the Olsen family was unaware of the cause of his suicide until 27 years later when the facts emerged during hearings on CIA abuses (president Gerald Ford appologized to the Olsen family for his death). The link between Gottblieb and Olsen illustrated how the development of different elements of mind control are intertwined with biologicaland chemical weapons development, radiation testing, and the building of Manchurian Candidates.
During hearings in the 1970's Congress uncovered the fact that the CIA gave LSD to thousands of unwitting
US adults and children for 11 years in an effort to perfect mind control techniques, before dropping the technique in favor of more technologically advanced methods. Besides the death of bioweapons expert Frank Olsen, the death of the world's best tennis player (Harold Blum) resulted from a mascaline overdose adminstered by doctors experimenting in mind control research. How many other deaths and injuries resulted besides these high profile cases will never be known. MKULTRA had 149 subprojects that encompassed nearly every aspect of human behavior and social science. In the 1977 Senate hearnings former CIA director Stansfield Turner stated that the program took place at 80 institutions, including 44 universities, 15 private companies, 12 hospitals and 3 prisons. The areas explored included radiation, electroshock, paramilitary devices and materials, anthropology, graphology, psychiatry, psychology, and sociology.
MKULTRA Subproject 119 was the foundation of all non-lethal weapons programs currently active and included a summary of five areas:
A: Bioelectric sensors: sources of significant electrical potential and methods of pick-up.
B: Recording: amplification, electronic tape and other multi-channel recording.
C: Analysis: autocorrelators, spectrum analyzers, etc., and coordination with automatic data processing equipment.
D: Standardization of data correlation with biochemical, physiological and behavioral indices.
E: Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.
This memo was dated August 17, 1960 and when viewed with other evidence that was not destroyed, shows significant interest in radio frequency (RF) weapons and direct control of human behavior at a distance.This aspect of the research is where the greatest modern emphasis has been, rather than chemical or
biological agents, both of which violate existing treaties.

Illuminati in Movies and on TV

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebs and Illuminati Symbolism; Video

Watch my latest video!

Ke$ha/Kesha New Illuminati initiate?

All Seeing Eye..

Satan Horns..

Eye of Horus imitation..

Beyoncé's Illuminati Shirt

Illuminati in Movies; A Scanner Darkly

Rihanna Princess of the Illuminati Part II

From the video; "S&M"

Speaks for itself...

All Seeing Eye..

Rihanna looking at Kanye's pyramid..

Rihanna & her satan horns..
Still taken from her musicvideo "Umbrella"
Also the given fact she is either painted silver of golden in this video, makes her a ancient egyptian godess, because ancient egyptian tradition says that the skin of gods were golden, and the innerbody (skeleton) was silver..

Rihanna Youtube search..

Leave thoughts as comments..

Pic of the Day

A still from her musicvideo "3", her hand covering her eye, makes "all seeing eye", and the tattoo encircled is a pyramid, or so i have been told..

Brandon Boyd Illuminati Tattoo

Documentary; Illuminati; Murdered by the Monarchs

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Illuminati Movie List

Here is a list of movies in which masonry or masonic elements can be seen and or mind control.. As well as CIA (which also is a secret society -> read in tag "The New Phoenix Program"), and conspiracy in general.. NOTE; Saying someone is a conspiracy theorist does NOT make someone crazy!

Metropolis (1927)
John Dies at the End (2012)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Sean Connery, 2003)
The Affair of the Necklace (2001)
The Men Who Stare at Goats (George Clooney, Ewan McGregor)
Eyes Wide Shut (Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise)
The Skulls (Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker)
Brotherhood of The Bell
Sherlock Holmes 1/2 (Jude Law, Robert Downy Jr.)
From Hell (Ian Holm, Johnny Depp)
Command & Conquer; Red Alert 3/Yuri's Revenge
The Matrix I/II/III (Keanu Reeves)
Fightclub (Brad Pitt)
Children of the Lost City (1995)
Being There (Peter Sellers)
They Live (1988)
The Insider (Al Pacino, Russell Crowe)
JFK (Kevin Costner)
Land of the Giants Doomsday (1970)
Network (1976), Faye Dunaway)
Absolon (2001)
The Hunger Games
Conspiracy Theory (1997, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts)
The Cabin in the Woods (2011/2012, Chris Hemsworth)
Syriana (George Clooney)
The Manchurian Candidate (Denzel Washington)
Executive Action (Burt Lancaster, 1973)
Tomb Raider (Angelina Jolie)
The Crow (Brandon Lee)
I, Robot (Will Smith)
In Time (Justin Timberlake, 2011)
I Am Legend (Will Smith)
Equilibrium (Christian Bale)
Long Kiss Goodnight (Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson)
Lord of the Rings
Fantasia (Walt Disney)
Revelation (Udo Kier, 2001)
Sinister (Ethan Hawke, 2012)
Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)
Scott Pilgrim vs. World
The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger)
The Dark Knight Rises (Tom Hardy)
Dr. Seus, The Lorax (Danny DeVito)
The Insider (Al Pacino)
The Celestine Promise
Angels and Demons (Tom Hanks) this one is obvious of course
National Treasure I/II (Nicolas Cage) so is this one
Push (Dakota Fanning)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Heath Ledger)
Constantine (Keanu Reeves)
A.I: Artificial Intelligence
Good Shepherd (Matt Damon, Robert De Niro)
Spiderman (Tobey McGuire)
A Scanner Darkly (Keanu Reeves)
The Man Who Would Be King (Sean Connory, Michael Caine)
Batman Returns (1992)
Blast From the Past (1999)
The Mummy I/II (1999/2001)
Lawnmower Man II (1996)
True Grit (2010)

(I should add 'V for Vendetta', but this movie is clearly AGAINST the establishment/NWO)

List will be updated..

The New Phoenix Program; Operation Northwoods

Operation Northwoods:
The Joint Chiefs of Staff was the source of the plan known as Operation Northwoods. General Lemnitzer, who was considered a master planner, was upset with Kennedy Administrations stance towards Communism
in general, and Cuba in particular. In the name of anti-communism they proposed launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trik the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba. The plan which had the written approval of every member of the JC's, called for innocent people to be shot down on American streets in a sniper campaign, people would be framed for bombings they didn't commit, civilian airliners would be hijacked, and much more (doesn't this sound familiar btw?). Lemnitzer and the other Chiefs knew that there was only one option left that would ensure their war. They would have to trick the American public and world opinion into hatin Cuba so much that they would not only go along, but would insist that he and his generals launch their war against Castro."World opinion and the United States forum", said a secret JCS document, "Should be favorbly affected by developing the international image of the Cuban government as rash, irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat to the peace of the Western Hemisphere." This was one of the most
corrupt plans ever created by the US government. Lemnitzer and the JCS were heavily politicized, joining Far Right Wing political organizations and holding seminars on bases. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a report on the problem of right-wing extermism in the military, warned that there was "considerable danger" in the "education and propaganda activities of military personnel." "Running through all of them is a central theme that the primary, if not exclusive, danger to this country is internal Communist Infiltration." The "thesis of the nature of the Communist threat often is developed by equating social legislation with socialism, and the latter with Communism...much of the administration's (Kennedy) domestic legislative programs, including graduated income tax, social security, Federal aid to education, etc. under this philosphy would be characterized as steps towards Communism." Finally the committee specifically pointed to General Lemnitzer and called for an examination of the relationship between him, his Chiefs, and the extreme right groups. McNamara demoted Lemnitzer and transferred him to Europe as chief of NATO, Gerald Ford promoted the darling of the Republic right to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, while his Cuba chief, General Craig, became chief of NSA's military arm, the Army Security Agency.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The New Phoenix Program; Operation Mockingbird Part I

Operation Mockingbird:
The National Security Act of 1947 was written by Democratic insider Clark Clifford in an effort to contain
Communism and save Democracy. The 1947 NSA Act has in fact undermined the Republic to an extent
unimaginable. Part of this sabotage of Democraxy was the subversion of the free press by Operation Mockingbird. The CIA was charged with controlling the public debate and this controlling public opinion in the U.S. The CIA began a very expensive operation to buy up the corporate press and in effect, program public opinion. Early in 1955, 25 newspapers had consented to act as sources of right wing
. Men with reactionary views that agreed to front for the CIA propaganda mill included
William Paley (CBS), C.D Jackson (Fortune), Henry Luce (Time), A.H Sulzberger (N.Y Times). The congress of Cultural Freedom (CCF) was the CIA cut out that began operations in June 1950. Respected "liberal" journalist Tom Braden was the founder of CCF and later became a co-host of CNN's Crossfire opposite Ultracon Pat Buchanon. In Europe the CIA financed about 20 periodicals, driving many legitimate ones out of business. In 1967 the source of CCF funds (CIA) and it's influece over intellectual life was made public in Europe, exposing a literary bay of pigs. Melvin Lasky, a former Army captain and editor of The influential magazine named Encounter had, for the last 32 years, shaped the careers of many influential foreign policy experts and intelligence officers. In 1965 the CCF was renamed Forum World Features and purchased by another CIA cut out, the publisher of the International Herald Tribune. The CIA, in collaboration with USIA published over a thousand books of anti-Societ propaganda by 1967. Global propaganda cost the CIA one third of their covert operations budget. Disinformation cost taxpayers $265 million a year by 1978, a budget larger than the expenditures of Reuters, UPI, and AP, engaging 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees. Only the largest advertisers on television spend these vast sums of money, so the CIA may have only General Motors and a few others to compete with. In 1954 CapCities (ABC) was formed by investors with Mafia and CIA connections, whose chief council was William Casey, a former director of the CIA. In 1952, at MCA, Actors Guild president Ronald Reagan allowed the Mob controlled company a labor monopoly and in exchange Reagan was made part owner of MCA. In 1987 the N.Y Times reported that Reagan "fed the names of suspect people in his organization to the FBI secretly and regularly enough to be assigned "an informer's code number, "T-10."
His FBI file indicates intense collaboration with producers to "purge" the industry of subversives. Fox television has its roots in Metromedia CO., founded by German born John Kluge, and army intelligence officer in WWII. Kluge bought his first radio station in 1946 and went on to become one of the world's
richest men with a personal fortune of $5.6 billion. Franklin Murphy is the CEO of Times Mirror Square,
the parent company of the Los Angeles Times. He is also a member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Federal Commission on Government Security, National War College, and US Air Force Air University. His ties to the CIA and Pentagon are conflicts of interest. The editorial pages of the paper are planted with "scholars" from "think tanks" cranking out opinions to program public opinion for military industrial clients. The American Enterprise Institute draws heavily on "scholars" from the intelligence pool. The Asian studies director is James Lilly, a veteran of the NSC and director of operations at CIA with 27 years of experience. Former CIA William Colby of the Phoenix Program was "an old friend". The CIA's infiltration of the press by the late 1950's was such a succes that the executive branch established a propaganda machine of its own, Operation Candor, for creating a "national will" in support of military objectives. The Pike Hearings revealed the takeover of the American press by the CIA virtual government and was told by the CIA special council "Pike will pay for this, you wait and see. Any political ambitions that Senator Pike had in N.Y are through. We will destroy him for this." Pike and Church, who investigated the CIA, were both defeated in bids for re-election, due largely to adverse publicity from MOCKINGBIRD's Op-Ed branch.

The New Phoenix Program; Project Paperclip; Reinhardt Gehlen

Reinhardt Gehlen:
Hitler's spy chief for the eastern front created a network of agents inside Russia and the Eastern Block during WWII. According to Victor Marchetti, former CIA chief of Soviet strategic war plans and capabilities, "The Gehlen Organization was the one group that did have networks inside Eastern Europe, and that is why we hired them.""Hiring Gehlen was the biggest mistake the U.S ever made. Our allies said,"You are putting Nazi's at the senior levels of your intelligence, and they were right." The Gehlen organization was the primary source of intelligence that claimed that,"The Societs were about to attack West Germany...that was the biggest bunch of balony then and it is still a bunch of balony today.""Gehlen had to make his money by creating a threat that we were afraid of, so we would give him more money to tell us about it.""In my opinion, the Gehlen Organization provided nothing worthwhile for understanding and estimating Soviet military or political capabilities in Eastern Europe or anywhere else." The Gehlen organization had been penetrated by Soviet intelligence and many of the U.S Nazi assets were now double agents, taking CIA wages and turning around and selling information to the enemy. Gehlen had a major sponsor in CIA director Allen Dulles who facilitated the Paperclip "rat lines" that brought former Nazi's into the country. Gehlen wrote out the
equivalent of the daily presidential briefing for Dulles who often placed it directly before Truman with few changes. The tenor of the Cold War owes much of this very influential source of information. Gehlen was instrumental in the early formation of the CIA, and did not retire until 1969. Gehlen set up and ran the West German CIA (BND) that used his contacts in secret Nazi organizations like the Thule and The Spider to sell arms to third world hot spots. Otto Skorzeny (Scarface) was a hero of the fatherland and an agent of Gehlen's who set up arms smuggling operations as well as murder incorporated type operations. Skorzeny helped found the Merex Company to peddle arms and had close ties to Virginia-based Interarms Company run by the CIA. U.S special forces were formed and trained by Skorzeny ti emulate the Nazi special forces known as werewolves. When the OSS was disbanded and the CIA formed, it was married to the Eastern Block network of Nazi sympathizers run by Gehlen, in effect the CIA at that point was the Gehlen organization.

The New Phoenix Program Three; Project Paperclip

Operation Paperclip
Following the conclusion of the war, the U.S Naval Technical Mission was tasked with obtaining pertinent industrial and scientific material that had been produced by the Third Reich and which may be of benefit to U.S interests. Following a lengthy report, the Navy instigated Project CHATTER in 1947. Many of the Nazi scientists and medical doctors who conducted hideous experiments were later recruited by the U.S Army and worked out of Heidelberg prior to being secretly relocated to the United States under the Project PAPERCLIP program. Under the leadership of Dr. Hubertus Strughold, 34 ex-Nazi scientists accepted "Paperclip" contracts, authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and were put to work at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. By 1953 the CIA, U.S Navy and the U.S Army Chemical Corps were conducting their own narco-hypnosis programs on unwilling victims that included prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, ethnic minorities and those classified as sexual deviants.
The Nuremberg Tribunal brought to light that some of the most respected figures in the medical profession
were involved in the vast crime network of the SS. Only 23 persons were charged with criminal activity in this area, despite the fact that hundreds of medical personnel were involved. The defendants were charged with crimes against humanity. They were found guilty of planning and executing experiments on humans without their consent, in a cruel and brutal manner which involved severe torture, deliberate murder and with the full knowledge of the gravity of their deeds. Only seven of the defendants were sentenced to death and hanged, others received life sentences. Five who were involved in the experiments were not tried.

There were 200 German medical doctors conducting these medical experiments. Most of these doctors were
friends of the United States before the war, and despite their inhuman experiments, the U.S attempted to
rebuild a relationship with them after the war. The knowledge the Germans had accumulated at the expense of human life and suffering, was considered a "booty of war", by the Americans and the Russians. The Americans tracked down Dr. Strughold, the aviation doctor who was in charge of the Dachau experiments. With full knowledge that the experiments were conducted on captive humans, the U.S recruited the doctors to work for them. General Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his personal approval to exploit the work and research of the Nazi's in the death camps. The German doctors were brought to the U.S and went to work for Project Papercip. All these doctors had been insulated against war crime charges. The Nuremberg prosecutors were shocked that U.S authorities were using the German doctors despite their criminal past. Under the leadership of Strughold, 34 scientists accepted contracts from Project Paperclip, and were moved to Randolph Air Force Base at San Antonio, Texas. The authorization to hire these Nazi scientists came directlyfrom the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The top military brass stated that they wished to exploit these rare minds. Project Paperclip, ironically, would use Nazi doctors to develop methods of interrogating German prisoners of war. As hostilities began to build after the war between the Americans and the Russians, the U.S imported as many as 9,000 former Nazi scientists in the control center shared the credit, the rocket team from Peenemunde, Germany, under the leadership of Werner von Braun, these men had perfected the V-2's which were built in the Nordhausen caves where 20,000 slave laborers from prison camp Dora had been worked to death. The second group were the space doctors, lead by Dr. Hubertus Strughold, whose work was pioneered in Experimental Block No. 5 of the Dachau concentration camp and the torture and death of hundreds of inmates.

The torture chambers that were used to slowly kill the prisoners of the Nazi's were the test beds for the apparatus that protected Neil Armstrong from harm, from lack of oxygen, and pressure, when he walked on the moon. Despite our lessons from Nuremberg and the death camps, the CIA, U.S Nacy, Air Force, and the U.S Army Chemical Corps targeted specific groups of people for experimentation who were not able to resist, prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, ethinic minorities, political dissidents, sex deviants, the terminally ill, children and U.S military personnel and prisoners of war. They violated the Nuremberg Code for conducting and subsidizing experiments on unwitting citizens. The CIA began it's mind control projects in 1953, the very year that the U.S signed the Nuremberg Code and pledged with the international community of nations to respect basic human rights and to prohibit experimentation on captive populations without full and free consent.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another "Official" death photo of Osama Bin Laden Surfaces..

Another official death photo (which said to have been "leaked") surfaces..

Some media in my country report that sources say this is the official leaked death photo of Osama Bin Laden

This is NOT for the fainthearted.. for pics scroll down..
(Click on pic for enlargement, and the pic i mean is the one BOTTOM RIGHT)

The New Phoenix Program, Three: Cold War and McCarthy(ism)

Cold War 1945-1995
On the eve of the Cold War with Russia the mood was grim and the evaluation of the American military was summed up in the worlds of General Doolittle.
"It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. There are no rules in such a game... if the United States is to survive, long-standing American concepts of "fair play" must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever means than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people be made acquainted with, understand and supprt this fundementally repugnant philosophy."
General Doolittle stated the post war envirnment between the US and USSR when he declared that a dirty war was going to be waged using the most un-American of methods to achieve victory over the USSR at any cost. The American public, should they examine these methods would repudiate them, so these methods must be kept from them, the alternative being risk of losing the war against Communism. In short a secret war had begun between desprate men who would stop at nothing to wim. The most obvious result of the 50 year war were the tens of thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at US and USSR population centers and military installations and the trillions of dollars spent to create the stategy of Mutually Assured Destruction. The most important legacy of this undeclared war are the patriotic crimes carried out in our name without knowledge of the American people, and the erosive effect of a sustained war on democratic institutions.

The declaration by Barry Goldwater that, "extermism in defense of liberty is no vice" may have been a bit premature in it's conclusion. The nature of these patriotic crimes are largely unknown due to the cult of secrecy created by US intelligence agencies, but certain crimes against the American people and crimes against humanity can be identified, namely, the subversion of democratic institutions and the race to control the human mind. A revolution in military affairs has occured that has driven a mini-Manhattan Project in the quest for total domination of our enemies. Using human beings as guinea pigs has been a fallout of all modern weapons development, from the radiation studies, biological weapons, chemical weapons, all necessitated their testing on unwitting human beings to understand how they kill and how to apply them. The race to create mind control, the ultimate weapon, what one scientist involved referred to as "more dangerous than atomic destruction", has led to thousands of human beings again being used as one uses laboratory animals.

A climate of incredible fear was instilled in Americans during the McCarthy hearings that sought to root out communist infiltration of American government and society. This witch hunt that ruined the lives of thousands of loyal Americans was in essence a counterinsurgency operation waged against elements of society that were deemed as disloyal, or "red". The anti-Communist hysteria was whipped up in a time of uncertainty and fear of the USSR. Loyal Americans who held dissident or "leftist" leanings were targeted for destruction, in affect an "American purge" in the style of the show trials and purges in the USSR during the 1930's. State Department employees and progressive writers in Hollywood were primary targets of public and private smear campaigns that painted moderate and liberal personalities as disloyal and treasonous. High profile personalities like actors and directors, as well as loyal progressive citizens trying to promote positive change in society were singled out and accused of being communist agents engaged in an effort to subvert Democracy. Society was filled with the fear of being singled out as disloyal or of being perceived as insufficiently anti-communist in attitude. Loyalty oaths were mandatory for many people to sign in order to keep their jobs. The conformity of thought demanded by the anti-communist purges were eerily similar to those imposed on communist Totalitarian societies that the US was in opposition to. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy was a little-known junior senator from Wisconsin until Febuary 1950 when he claimed to possess a list of 205 card-carrying Communists employed in the U.S Department of State. From that moment Senator McCarthy became a tireless crusader against Communism in the early 1950's. a period that has been commonly refeered to as the "Red Scare." As chairman of the Senate Permanent Investigation Subcomittee, Senator McCarthy conducted hearings on communist subversion in America and investigated alleged communist infiltration of the Armed Forces. His subsequent exile from politics coincided with a conversion of his name into a modern English noun "McCarthyism",or adjective, "McCarthy tactics", when describing similar witch hunts in recent American history.
The dictionary gives the definition of McCarthyism as: 1. The political practice of publicizing accusations of disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence. 2. The use of methods of investigation and accusation regarded as unfair, in order to suppress opposition.
Senator McCarthy was censured by the U.S Senate on December 2, 1954 and died May 2, 1957.


New Phoenix Program; Agent Orange Part III

The Meselson report substantiated the affect of miscarriages and still births in Vietnam, but the 2,4,5-T poisoning of Alsea, Oregon was proof positive. In March 1979, the EPA ordered suspension of some uses of 2,4,5-T after studies of pregnant women in Alsea, Oregon linked increases in miscarriges to periods of defoliant spraying. These unnecessary events are the result of the vested interest industry has in the use of 2,4,5-trichlorophenol in consumer products. Manufacture of paper, adhesives, paints, varnish and laquer incorporates dioxin contaminated chlorophenols. Today dioxin is found by scientists in mother's milk and beef near sprayed range lands and forest woodlands.
Nearly 3 million Americans served in Vietnam and many thousands of veterans and their families have paid a terrible price for that service. A study of these vets concluded that 40 percent had serious emotional difficulties such as alcohol or narcotics abuse and 75 percent complain of nightmares, problems maintaining relationships or jobs. Routine exposure to dioxin was more deadly than war itself and may have already claimed more American lives than war.
Mike Asman was eighteen when he enlisted in the marines in 1966. He was living in a small town in Texas, feeling restless, wanting to get away. He left Texas for basic training and was immediately sent to Danang. He was a weapons repairman who went out on patrols, sat inside fortified "firebases", and generally tried to learn how not to get killed. On his first night in country he and his buddy from basic were in separate fox holes when several Vietnamese children approached selling cokes. The marines overpaid in a gesture of generosity. One of the children, no more than eight years old, dropped a grenade in his buddy's fox hole and killed him. He rarely spoke of his experiences in Vietnam, but he did note that a lot of people who got killed were the best people around him, death it seemed, did not play favorites. When Mike returned home after his tour in Vietnam he returned with a heroin habit and an inability to sleep. When family members entered a room where Mike was sleeping he would roll out of bed and reach for the .45 under the pillow that was no longer there. Occasional brushes with the law, marital trouble and an ongoing drug and alcohol problem followed him for the next 20 years.Mike eventually came to terms with the demons that haunted him from Vietnam, he beat his addictions and moved his family into a house in the country. Time, group therapy, and family helped Mike to turn his life around. About 5 years later Mike began to feel tired all the time. Mike Asman was told he had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, due to an error reading an X-ray it had been found too late, and he had 6 months to live. Before he became too weak, Mike sold his house and all his belongings and moved his wife and five young children to Utah to be near his wife's parents for emotional support, then he prepared to die. In six months his 6'2" frame had shrunk to a skeletal form and Mike's face was barely recognizable. He was being given morphine and oxygen around the clock. Mike died on November 11th, on his 51st birthday leaving a wife and 5 children. His name does not appear on the Vietnam Memorial, nor do the names of thousands of others. Shortly after his death the government program set up to compensate the veteran victims of Agent Orange related disease was shut down, and compensation was no longer available. Since most Agent Orange related disease takes 20-30 years to emerge, the vast majority of affacted veterans were never compensated. DOW Chemical continues to sell 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D all over the world. Danang remains a heavily contaminated "hot spot" to this day. (GI Guinea Pigs)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Khadaffi Will Be Next?

Mark my words, soon NATO will kill or capture Muammar Khadaffi..
This can happen along the dates of September 11, or November 11..
The US (obama) has retracted from this "operation" in Libya, but believe me, when he (Khadaffi) is captured or killed Obama will step into the light again, and claim he did it..
After Osama's "death" Obama's approval ratings finally got over 50% again since a long while.. Keep that in mind!
Something is about to happen... AGAIN..

Saudi newspaper says bin Laden died in 2007

Osama bin Laden, head of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, died of a kidney failure in late 2007 during the battle for Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan, writes Saudi Arabian Al-Watan daily.

Informed about this fact, the United States are using bin Laden’s video and audio addresses for its own purposes, the newspaper claims.

Last Sunday, CIA Director Leon Panetta said the US possessed no information of Al-Qaeda chief’s whereabouts, suggesting he might shelter in the so-called tribal zone of Pakistan.

Pakistani President Asif Zardari also doesn’t rule out the possibility of the criminal’s death, although the republic’s special services cannot yet confirm this fact.

LINK original article

Osama Bin Laden/Tim Osman

Fidel Castro claims Osama bin Laden is a US spyFormer Cuban president says the 9/11 mastermind is in the pay of the CIA

From the Guardian;

Fidel Castro has more reason than most to believe conspiracy theories involving dark forces in Washington. After all, the CIA tried to blow his head off with an exploding cigar.

But the ageing Cuban revolutionary may have gone too far for all but the most ardent believer in the reach and competence of America's intelligence agency. He has claimed that Osama bin Laden is in the pay of the CIA and that President George Bush summoned up the al-Qaida leader whenever he needed to increase the fear quotient. The former Cuban president said he knows it because he has read WikiLeaks.

Castro told a visiting Lithuanian writer, who is known as a font of intriguing conspiracy theories about plots for world domination, that Bin Laden was working for the White House.

"Bush never lacked for Bin Laden's support. He was a subordinate," Castro said, according to the Communist party daily, Granma. "Any time Bush would stir up fear and make a big speech, Bin Laden would appear, threatening people with a story about what he was going to do."

He said that thousands of pages of American classified documents made public by WikiLeaks pointed to who the al-Qaida leader is really working for.

"Who showed that he [Bin Laden] is indeed a CIA agent was WikiLeaks. It proved it with documents," he said, but did not explain exactly how.

He made his comments during a meeting with Daniel Estulin, the author of three books about the secretive Bilderberg Club which includes men such as Henry Kissinger, the former US secretary of state, leading European officials and business executives. Estulin says that the club is form of secret world government, manipulating economies and political systems.

Estulin offered his own views on Bin Laden: that the man seen in videos since 9/11 is not him at all but a "bad actor".

However the two men did find something to disagree on.

Estulin has long argued that the human race will need to find another planet to live on because of overcrowding.

Castro was not keen. He observed that man had only made it to the moon, which is entirely unsuitable as a new home, and what lay beyond that was not much better. Better to fix things on earth.

"Humanity ought to take care of itself if it wants to live thousands more years," he said.

Ofcourse this entire article is written with satire, as you can see, to make any of such claims look silly..

Here is the LINK

BTW; a lot of people are saying and or convinced that Osama Bin Laden did work for the CIA, and that his name was 'Tim Osman'..

Kill Bin: 'Taking out Osama will justify new US assassinations'

Like i've been telling since yesterday.. all election scam, military industrial complex scam, and war-mongering! WAKE UP AMERICA!

Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered

Bhutto herself was murdered not long after this interview with Sir David Frost, which says that she said "to much"..

Update Bin Laden's "Death"; The Plot Thickens

The White House is still thinking on wether or not releasing the "death photos" of Osama Bin Laden.. This keeps on getting more ridiculous by the minute.
First media shows us a FAKE deathpic, which is obviously been altered with photoshop (and circulating the web since 2007 immediately after Bhutto said Bin Laden was killed in 2007), then they are telling us that they dumped Osama into the sea (to avoid identification by others than the CIA/US), and telling us that 'probably' no country would exept his remains for burial (i don't think so)..
Now they are trying to tell us that they doubt on wether or not to release official deathpics because they are "gross".. THEY TOOK THE PICS TO SHOW HE IS TRUELY DEAD IN THE FIRST PLACE! it's getting more rediculous and unbelievable by the minute!

ALSO; Obama said that Pakistan helped the US in this mission, by telling where Osama was etc.. Pakistan denies this by saying it was ALL America's doing!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Quote; Barack Hussein Obama

In light of everything that has happened today, i cannot go to sleep without a Barack Hussein Obama quote.. or make that two..

"We have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation" - Barack Hussein Obama

A New World Order perhaps mr. Obama?

"To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy. To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist." — Barack Hussein Obama

I think this is exactely what your policy is showing the world.. NOT!

"When you fight fire with fire, do not expect an 'unclenched fist' in return.." - Veritas Eaquitas, may 2nd 2011

Pic of the Day

Still taken from 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'
This is the big hall in which the stairs are, and the entrances to the common rooms..
Notice the eye and pyramidic shape..

Obama Birth Certificate

Obama Born in Kenya Link

Home-country Michelle? Isn't the U.S supposed to be his home-country?

Barack Obama's Campaign for 2012.. His Program;

Osama Bin Laden is dead.. due to that oil prices lowered.
In september, the attacks of 9/11 are 10 yrs ago...

Don't forget the Libya-thing, where oil-prices increased..

Obama's (fake) birth certificate is released to hush the people who (still) don't believe it is legit..

Isn't Obama going to campaign end of this year? THIS ALL IS A RE-ELECTION SCAM!

Osama Bin Laden Death Photo

From TMZ;

The image on the left is an ALTERED version of a famous photo of bin Laden.

The White House has NOT released an official death photo of the corpse ... yet.

An official has told CNN ... REAL photographs of Osama's body exist ... which show a gunshot wound to the side of his head. The official says due to the wounds, bin Laden's face is "unrecognizable."

Link to source TMZ

Well, well, well, unrecognizable huh? Ohh that's right! That's how propaganda works!
To make the story even weirder, this death-photo is floating on the web since 2009..


I'm asking myself a few questions here..
1) Why was he "dumped" at sea? (probably to avoid identificaition done by other than the CIA/US)
2) Isn't this great timing? (sept 11th is a decade away in just a few months)
3) Why was Bush one of the first Obama had contact with? (Bush had Saddam, Obama now has Osama)
4) Muslims are never buried at sea?
5) Why does the US say they "think" no country would accept Bin Laden's body?
6) Didn't Bin Laden die back in 2007, like Sir David Frost and Benazir Bhutto talked about?

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Osama Bin Laden Killed?

AMERICA STOP THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE! Osama has been dead for several years now! Bush got credit for Saddam Hussein, Obama gets credit for Bin Laden.. Because that's how it works. Before the "september the 11th attacks" a journalist walked into Bin Laden's cave for an interview, and the US couldn't find him after the attacks?!(America started the manhunt on Bin Laden TWO MONTS(?!?!) AFTER the attacks!?) Not ignoring the fact that Bin Laden had diabetes, so needed insuline, which doesn't grow out of rocks..
Now the US-Propaganda machine is trying to tell me "they killed" Bin Laden, and because they could not burry him within 24 hours, they dumped him into the sea?? Yeah right.. Probably because they know (they meaning CIA, because it was them who "killed" him) it is nearly impossible finding the body on the ocean, and that a grave is easy accessible, to obtain the body and IDENTIFY the body..

Pics are VERY graphic! so they are a little lower..

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update: SO the right pic is the official deathphoto (as far as i know, looking at the media) of Osama Bin Laden! CLEARLY PHOTOSHOP!! as you can see in the image presented here, the deathpic is a composit of these two pics!

                 FAKE                                                     REAL

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Phoenix Program; Agent Orange Part II

The Rand Corporation is a government "think tank" that in 1967 estimated 325,000 Vietnamese villagers had been affected by spraying. Millions had been forcibily relocated by the spraying and bombing into "Strategic Hamlets" or resettlement camps under US contro. Strategic Hamlets had been designed to separate the civilian population from the guerilla fighters and deny them support in the field. The program had been a dismal failure as the hamlets themselves were infiltrated. When victory began to turn to stalemate and defeat, the defoliation operation was used as a means of punishment. The Rand study indicated that one answer to wars of liberation was to force farmers into urban centers. Conventional military victory and counter-insurgency techniques did not ensure victory. By driving the people off the land the sray program would not allow rural revolutionary movements to gather dufficient strength to succeed. Air Force General Curtis LeMay advocated using nuclear weapons to bomb the Vietnamese "back to the stone age". This same psychology was the driving force behind the strategy to drive people off the land in order to achieve victory. The "battle for hearts and minds" had long been given up. Rand estimated that 88 percent of the villagers blamed the US for the destruction of their crops and 74 percent expressed outright hatred. Agent Orange was a used as a chemical warfare agent to drive the people into the cities and deny the enemy recruits and support.
Industrial accidents with Agent Orange manufacture had occured with some regularity since 1937. DOW
was the site of the first such accident that poisnoed plant workers and caused a primary symptom, chloracne.
DOW refused to fund a company doctor's request to test the chemicals on lab animals. In 1949, 228 workers at the Monsanto plant in Nitro, West Virginia developed chloracne, severe pain in skeletal muscles, shortness of breath, intolerance to cold, swollen liver, loss of sensation in extremities, fatigue, irriability, insomnia, loss of libido, and vertigo. These symptoms are virtually identical to those of the Vietnam veterans.
An accident in Germany in 1954 led to the identification of dioxin as the cause of illness and the results on its toxicity were made known with the publication of the results in scientific journals in 1957.
In 1965 as the major phase of spraying was about to get underway an accident at a DOW facility led to an investigation that identified dioxin as the source of poisoning and illness. Results of the accident were not published but were communicated to the other manufacturers of the herbicide.
1964 is the date at whih it can be proved that DOW knew about the chemical toxicity of dioxin and surpressed this information.
DOW and the other producers COULD have known about dioxin decades before the war. The scientific and medical literature was clear by 1957 and DOW SHOULD have known about the toxicity. By 1964 DOW DID know about the health effects of dioxin and chose to conceal this information even tough it knew US armed forces were spraying millions of Vietnamese people and 3 million GI's sent to fight for their country. Since he end of the war, science has continued to progress despite obstructions. Sweden showed that exposed workers had a much higher cancer mortality rate than unexposed workers. University of Wisconsin found that rats fed on a diet containing 5 ppt dioxin, half developed malignancies. In vietnam, a type of liver cancer that was unknown before Operation Ranch Hand is now second most common type of cancer in the country.