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The New Phoenix Program: C.I.A Cults (Part 2)

False Memory Syndrome Foundation/Satanic Ritual Abuse:

MKULTRA programming was codified into a standard methodology. Child victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse are in fact victims of MKULTRA experiments/programming. The following are several examples of C.I.A MKULTRA psychiatrists and pedophiles who are engaged in an organized cover-up to discredit the victims
who come forward with memories of MKULTRA/SRA programming. The Remote Viewers named below are tied to development of lsychotronic weapons, designed to influence the central nervous system. These personalities are also tied to cults that perpetrate SRA, suggesting that MKULTRA and nonlethal weapons development are tied together in a hidden agenda.

Dr. Martin T. Orne is an original board member of the FMSF and a senior C.I.A/Navy researcher at the University of Pennsylvania's Experimental Psychiatry laboratory, as well as a close friend of George Estabrooks. The FMSF was created to deny the existence of cult mind control and child abuse and is staffed with psychiatrists connected to the C.I.A and their mind control experimentation. The phenomenon of children being coached or led to invent tales of abuse or making up such stories does exist but comprises a small minority of the reported cases of child abuse, between 2-8% of reported cases. One survey found 88% of therapists consider ritual child abuse to be a very real social problem. Only 5% of all child abuse cases ever enter the courtroom, half of these end with the child returned to the custody of the abusive parent. Dr. Orne's research into hypno-programming at Cornell Univ. in the 1960's was paid for by the Human Ecology Fund, and SEI, which also funded some of Dr. Ewen Cameron's brainwashing and remote mind control experimentation. C.I.A funded black psychiatry at that time specialized in electroshock lobotomies, drugging agents, incapacitants, hypnosis, sleep deprivation and radio control of the brain. FMSF founder Ralph Underwager and his wife openly advocate pedohilia, saying that it was "God's Will" adults engage in sex with children.He told British reporters in 1994 "that scientific evidence proved 60% of all women molested as children believed the experience was good for them". Dr. Underwager is the world's foremost authority on false memory, but in court is repeatedly revealed as a charlatan. Numerous other members of the FMSF have connections to pedophilia, covert operations, and black psychiatry. Peter and Pamela Freyd, executive directors of the FMSF, have been accused of sexual abuse by their daughter, a professor of psychology at the University of Oregon. The industrial production of FMSF stories in journals, newspapers, and TV have shaped public opinion. The very concept of false memory serves the same purpose as holocaust denial. Crimes are obstructed, the accused wears the veil of a martyr and the victim is reviled.

Dr. Douglas Besherov is the director of the American Enterprise Institute and former director of the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. He writes articles that attack the victims of abuse and has been caught fabricating statistics when claiming scientific rationale for his claims. In 1968 Besherov published, "Unfounded Allegations - A New Child Abuse Problem", and numerous other cover stories to confuse the issue. These individuals are engaged in a psychological warfare operation to cover up reports of the Agencies mind control operations. For years the C.I.A has collaborated with cults (many of them founded by the government) to conceal the development of mind control technology. Besherov associated with Irving Kristol, a veteran C.I.A psychological warfare specialist. Ritual abuse "skeptics" with C.I.A connections are covering up the latest phase in Agency sponsored mind control experimentation.

Remote viewing programs were publicly touted as an attempt to spy on the USSR using psychic powers
to find hidden Russian bases and gather intelligence information. The military intelligence personalities
involved in remote viewing often have ties to development programs for microwave and radio frequency
radiation weapons designed to influence the central nervous system, referred to collectively as psychotronics.
They often have ties to religious cults as well. Remote viewing began with Operation Scanate and Grill
Flame run by the NSA and INSCOM at Fort Meade under such personalities as Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden,
Albert Stubblebine, Ingo Swann, Kieth Herrary, Ed Dames, Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, Paul Smith, and others. Operation Scanate leader Thomas Bearden went on to lead the American Psychotronics Association. Project Grill Flame leaders Ed Dames, and Alfred Stubblebine began PSI Tech Corporation, a private remote viewing company which holds the Smirnov patent for a psychotronic weapon.Remote viewers Puthoff, Herrary and Dames have counseled the traumatized victims of death cults and mass shootings such as the Jonestown mass deaths and the Columbine shootings even though they are not councilors, but physicists and military intelligence officers by training Dr. Harold Puthoff exemplifies the contradiction. He is a former NSA officer who developed the pulse microwave laser, a remote viewer, and a high level Scientologist who likes to council traumatized victims of cults. The concept of remote viewing is being used as a cover, a psychological warfare operation, in order to screen the development of psychotronic weapons and conduct MKULTRA operations. The same people involved in remote viewing programs for the NSA and INSCOM at Fort Meade and PSI Tech Corporation, are also closely tied to psychotronic weapons development and religious cults that use MKULTRA methodology to induce MPD. Strange threads such as, non-lethal psychotronic weapons development, remote viewing operations, and cults engaged in ritual abuse are all woven together, suggesting that MKULTRA and non-lethal psychotronic weapons development may haveevolved into Dr. Estabrooks infiltration operation.

(NOTE FROM MYSELF: this Alfred Stubblebine, who was involved IN ALL of this, is also a source for Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura, so is Mrs. Stubblebine, Rima Laibow, can these people be trusted?? I really do NOT think so..)

General Edmund Thompson ran the second remote viewing project called Project Grill Flame at Fort
meade, home of the NSA, with oversight by the DIA> Jack verona, a nuclear physicist and head of the
DIA's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate, managed the project as well as Sleeping Beauty,
dealing with the offensive use of microwave weapons. In 1981 US Army Intelligence and Security Command
(INSCOM) took over the project and it was renamed Center Lane, supervised by General Albert Stubblebine, who is married to psychiatrist and UFOlogist Rima Laibow. Remote viewers recruited by Scientologist Ingo Swann. General Stubblebine later became chairman of the vicilian remote viwing company Psi-Tech, founded by Major Ed Dames.

Following the Oliver North debacle, the Secretary of Defense officially terminated GRILL-FLAME, fearing
bad publicity if the program were to become known to be public. The leading members of the project
(including Dames) immediately relocated to the privately owned and newly formed Psi-Tech, and continue their work to this day, operating under government contract. In the course of his work, Dames was (and remains) close to many of the leading figures and proponent's anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons, especially those that operate in the neutrological field. During NBC's "The Other Side" program, Dames stated, "The U.S. Goverment has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people." He refused to comment further. The program was broadcast during April 1995. Psi-Tech was sponsoring Operation Guiding Light, that is, remote viewing classes for students of Chatfield Senior High School, the school that absorbed the Columbine students after the mass killing took place. Dr. Louis Jolyon West was responsible for medical oversight of Grill Flame, the author of the 1994 paper, "Pseudo-identity and the Treatment of Personality Changes in Victims of Captivity and Cults". West states, "Prolonged environmental stress of life situations profoundly different from the usual, can disrupt the normally integrative functions of personality."

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