Friday, September 27, 2013

IPCC: opwarming is schuld van de mens

STOCKHOLM - De mens is vrijwel geheel verantwoordelijk van de opwarming van de aarde. Die conclusie trekken wetenschappers in een VN-rapport dat vrijdag is vastgesteld.

Het Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stelt vast dat de mens sinds het midden van de vorige eeuw voor 95 procent verantwoordelijk is voor de oplopende temperaturen op aarde. In een vorig rapport uit 2007 was dat nog 90 procent en in 2001 werd de mens voor 66 procent verantwoordelijk gehouden.

Het IPCC voorspelt meer hittegolven, droogte, overstromingen en de voortgaande stijging van het zeeniveau, tenzij snel maatregelen worden genomen om de uitstoot van broeikasgassen tegen te gaan. Bijna 200 landen hebben toegezegd met de Verenigde Naties te zullen samenwerken om de opwarming van de aarde tegen te gaan.

Zo moeten fossiele brandstoffen gaan plaatsmaken voor duurzame energie. Het panel vergaderde de hele week over het rapport, dat later vrijdag in detail bekend wordt.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best 9/11 Video EVER

Declassified documents show NSA listened in on MLK, Muhammad Ali and Art Buchwald

Amid raging anti-Vietnam War protests that bedeviled two presidential administrations, snoops at the National Security Agency tapped the overseas communications of war critics including Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho), and even Washington Post humor columnist Art Buchwald, according to newly declassified NSA documents released Wednesday.

Oddly, another senator, Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) — an ardent supporter of the war — also was put on the NSA “watch list” that authorized the interception of the surveillance targets’ overseas phone calls, telexes and cable traffic. The list, which grew to more than 1,600 names, was active from 1967 to 1973, covering the terms of Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon, the documents say.

Government spying and domestic eavesdropping on 1960s and ’70s civil rights leaders, prominent war protesters and political opponents is well-known. But a new portion of a declassified NSA history, released by the National Security Archive at George Washington University, brings context to more recent revelations about the agency’s monitoring of Americans’ communications.
Basically, it’s been going on for awhile.

In 1967, “the country appeared to be going up in flames,” the NSA internal history notes. Johnson wanted to find out whether the domestic antiwar movement was “receiving help from abroad,” the document says. The CIA and Army initially were involved in checking into the president’s concerns, and the FBI contributed names for the list. The eavesdropping job went to the NSA, which officially dubbed the program Minaret in 1969.

The documents — part of a four-volume internal NSA history — provide just seven names on the list: King and fellow civil rights leader Whitney Young, head of the Urban League; heavyweight boxing champion Ali, who famously refused to be drafted; Church and Baker, both influential legislators; Buchwald and New York Times columnist Tom Wicker.
“I have no idea why they went after Tom Wicker and Artie Buchwald,” said Matthew M. Aid, an intelligence historian who specializes in the NSA. “Since when did journalists become legitimate intelligence targets?”

An NSA lawyer who later reviewed the Minaret program “stated that the people involved seemed to understand that the operation was disreputable if not outright illegal,” the account says.

Buchwald, who died in 2007, wrote some scathing columns about the Vietnam War, said Aid and William Burr, an analyst with the archive. In an article in Foreign Policy posted Wednesday, they linked to one column in which Buchwald noted a Post story saying it cost $332,000 to kill an enemy soldier in Vietnam. Buchwald argued that “it would be cheaper and more cost-effective to offer Viet Cong defectors a $25,000 home, a color TV, education for their children, and a country club membership,” they noted.

“Maybe Nixon didn’t like his satire, but why did they put him on an NSA watch list?” Aid said Wednesday. “If they didn’t like his column, they could have TP’d his lawn.” He laughed.

But Buchwald, who had complained because he never made Nixon’s Enemies List, must be pleased. At least he made the NSA list.


Water gevonden op Mars

WASHINGTON - In de bodem van de planeet Mars blijkt water te zitten. De verkenner Curiosity heeft daar voor het eerst sporen van gevonden. Dat staat donderdag in het gezaghebbende wetenschapsblad Science.

Het water kwam aan het licht toen de Curiosity een schep Marsgrond nam en die in een speciale ruimte van het karretje stopte. In de 'oven' werd de grond verhit tot 835 graden. Daarbij kwamen gassen vrij, waaronder waterdamp.

„We weten nu dat er veel water op Mars moet zijn en dat het makkelijk te bereiken is. Als we mensen sturen, hoeven ze alleen wat grond op te graven. Als ze de bodem dan opwarmen, hebben ze water”, aldus hoofdonderzoekster Laurie Leshin. In elke kilo Marsgrond zit ongeveer 20 gram water. Dat is ongeveer een tiende van de hoeveelheid water in de grond op aarde.

De ontdekking van water op Mars is bijzonder, maar komt niet helemaal als een verrassing. De Curiosity is bewust naar zijn werkplek gestuurd, een krater bij de evenaar van de planeet. Satellieten hadden gemeten dat daar mineralen in de grond zitten die alleen onder invloed van water kunnen ontstaan. Vorig jaar vond de verkenner kiezelstenen die lang geleden zouden zijn meegevoerd door het water van een beekje.

Water is een cruciale voorwaarde voor leven. Toch is dat nog niet gevonden op Mars.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WARNING: You Can’t Handle 9/11 Truth

By way of deception, thou shalt do war. ~Israeli Mossad
September 11, 2013
David Chase Taylor
SWITZERLAND, Z├╝rich — The role of the Israeli Mossad in the 9/11 attacks is unmistakable. Although other intelligence agencies were likely involved as patsies or moles in the attacks, the Israeli Mossad played the role of execution in the 9/11 terror operation. After all, Israel had the most to gain from a U.S. invasion of its Middle Eastern neighbors.
Vacating the Twin Towers (Pre 9/11)Months before 9/11, ZIM (Integrated Shipping Services), an Israeli company, broke its lease losing $50,000 and vacated its office in the North WTC tower. Speculation exists that the vacated office space was used as a staging ground for the explosives used in the demolition of WTC #1 and WTC #2. FBI agent Michael Dick, who had been investigating Israeli espionage before and after 9/11, began investigating the suspicious and timely move by ZIM only to be removed from his duties by the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, Zionist Michael Chertoff.
Israeli Spies in America (Pre 9/11)Just prior to 9/11, almost 150 Israelis were arrested for suspected espionage after they were caught targeting U.S., military bases, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, and other government installations throughout America.
9/11 Airport Security (9/11)ICTS, an Israeli company, was in charge of every 9/11 airport from which the hijacked planes allegedly operated out of. A few hours before the Patriot Act was voted on, it was edited to make foreign companies in charge of security on 9/11 immune to lawsuits. The Patriot Act essentially prevents American courts from demanding that ICTS provide testimony or hand over the missing surveillance videos from the airports.
ODIGO: Israeli Instant Messaging Service (9/11)At least two Israeli employees of ODIGO, an Israeli Instant Messaging Service, received a text message warning them of the 9/11 attack two full hours before the first plane hit the WTC tower on September 11, 2001. ODIGO’s office was only two blocks from the WTC, but no ODIGO employee passed the warning to U.S. authorities. Failure to pass the warning onto WTC security resulted in the deaths of almost 3,000 people.
The 5 Dancing Israelis (9/11)On 9/11, five Israeli men were caught videotaping the Twin Towers prior to the 9/11 attack and began dancing and celebrating with joy after the planes hit the building. The men even photographed themselves smiling in front of the burning wreckage while holding a lighter. After returning to Israel, the men who were later identified as Mossad agents, went on TV and stated that “Our purpose was to document the event”.
The 9/11 Truck Bomb (9/11)On the evening of 9/11, Israelis driving a truck/van bomb with over 1 ton of explosives was apprehended around George Washington Bridge in New York City. The FBI later determined that two of the five Israelis arrested were Israeli Mossad agents.
Israeli Spies in America (Post 9/11)After 9/11, over 60 Israelis, some active Israeli military personnel, were arrested under the Patriot Anti-Terrorism Act or for espionage and immigrations violations within the Unites States.
Evidence Linking Israel to 9/11 is Classified (Post 9/11)According to Fox News and their reporter Carl Cameron, “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information.” The reason the information is classified is because it would implement Israel in the greatest terror attack the world has ever seen.
Looking Forward
Israel is the only modern nation that has not signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention  (refusal to engage in offensive biological warfare, stockpiling, and use of biological weapons) or the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (which limits the proliferation of nuclear weapons). Should a future nuclear or biological terror attack hit America or any other nation, Israel will be the prime suspect.
The birth of modern terrorism essentially begins and ends with the illegal state of Israel. History clearly shows that the ideology of Zionism will stop at nothing to advance its political agenda even if it means killing their own. Like the Nazis before them, the Zionists must be condemned, ridiculed and ultimately tried for their crimes against humanity, should this world ever wish to live in peace.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” ~Voltaire
The trail of terror left by Israel and its raving Zionists has been censored by the mainstream media as well as alternative media outlets such as Infowars and PrisonPlanet who allegedly tell the truth in respect to the history of state-sponsored terror. The bloody history of Israeli terror is crystal clear and any tv broadcaster, radio host, news source, news agency or media outlet unwilling to address the Zionist regime and their dirty deeds are clearly de facto agents of this most despicable and anti-human machine known as Zionism.
About the AuthorDavid Chase Taylor is an American journalist living in Zurich, Switzerland, where he has applied for political asylum after the release of his first book entitled The Nuclear Bible. In May of 2012, Taylor released The Bio-Terror Bible, which exposes the coming global bio-terror pandemic. Taylor has also exposed the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror PlotNATO’s implementation of the SKYNET Terminator Program, as well as the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR.

RT: The Truthseeker: 9/11 & Operation Gladio (E23)