Friday, October 21, 2011

Mutassim Gaddafi right BEFORE His Death PICTURES!

VIDEO'S below..

Mutassim Gaddafi lying on a sofa right before his death;

In this picture you can clearly see that it IS Mutassim Gaddafi, he is smoking a cigarette, and takes a sip of water after being captured by the rebels;

Wearing a blood-stained white vest and grey trousers, unshaven Muttasim is pictured still alive sitting up against a wall and lying on a sofa.

The events leading up to Mutassim's death are unclear. A military source in Misrata would only confirm that he was shot in the neck and killed.

The series of mobile phone photographs raise disturbing questions about Mutassim’s death on Thursday.

Officials initially said the 34-year-old was killed in a gun battle during the final push on Sirte. Conflicting accounts said he was captured alive after he attempted to escape the city with his father.

Mutassim died alongside his father after they were discovered cowering in a drain under a motorway in Sirte.

‘Mutassim is dead. I can confirm it,’ said government information officer Mahmoud Shammam.

Mutassim had fled to Egypt after masterminding a failed coup against his father. He was forgiven and returned to Gaddafi’s side as national security adviser.

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