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Unclassified Nonlethal Weapons:

Millitech and Millivision sell millimeter wave radars on their website to defense and security firms, the website offers the following information on their product: Active (radar) millimeter wave imaging systems are able to "see through" most wall materials, providing the technology of choice for developing situation assessment systems. Such systems extend the ability of users to view activities from one or two rooms away, or from the outside of a building into its interior. Using this technology, hostage, terrorism, demolition, and other unlawful and dangerous situations can be assessed remotely and evaluated for action. Millimeter wave radar imaging systems can be made extremely sensitive to movement, even to the level of detecting heartbeats. This makes them ideally suited for search and rescue and other applications where individuals may be alive, but unable to respond to rescuers. And active millimeter wave systems use low radiation levels incapable of penetrating human skin making them completely safe for operators and other individuals in the scene. Millimeter waves are electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the range 1 cm to 1 mm (with corresponding frequencies of 30 to 300 GHz), located between the microwave and infrared portions of the spectrum. Because they are capable of "seeing through" most packaging, clothing, and many wall materials, while still providing sufficiently detailed images, millimeter waves are ideally suited for use in security and emergency applications. What the website doesn‘t tell you is that these military radars used for fighting house to house are now for sale to the general public and that the entire world has been turned into a fish bowl. When these radars are given to police and fire units they are often abused, that is, used to spy on people in their homes for voyeuristic motives or worse. Any normal building material is transparent to these devices but the water in your body lights up with great definition, enough so to identify you in a crowded room from outside the building. These radars do have biological effects and if subjected to them on a regular basis, health complications will arise. The energies and frequencies that hit the human body are strong enough to alter the behavior of cells and the proteins that make life possible. During the siege at the Mt. Carmel church near Waco, Texas, FBI agents discussed with Russian counterparts the use of acoustic psycho-correction on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. It is understood that this contingency did not proceed. However, some unusual EM weapons were deployed at Waco. BBC World News and FBI film-footage both show the Russian equipment being demonstrated, as well as a previously unseen noise generator and an unusual low frequency strobe array in use at Waco. (Guyatt) Active Denial System: (ADS) Wade Smith, deputy director of this program for Raytheon, has voluntarily felt the beam during testing. "This is an effect that literally gets under your skin," said Smith, "I can assure you, once you come in contact with the beam, you will be inclined to stop whatever you are doing." Active Denial Technology uses a transmitter to send a tight beam of 95-Ghz millimeter waves; the energy reaches the subject and penetrates less than 1/64th of an inch into the skin. A two-second burst can heat the skin to a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The sensation is like that experienced when touching an ordinary light bulb; the flesh does not burn, however, because of the low levels of energy used. Exposure of at least 250 seconds would be required before burns would result. Sandia National Labs website has the following information: ADS systems are a new class of non-lethal weaponry using 95 GHz-millimeter-wave directed energy. This technology is capable of rapidly heating a person‘s skin to achieve a pain threshold that has been demonstrated by AFRL human subject testing to be very effective at repelling people, without burning the skin or causing other secondary effects. Active Denial Technology (ADT) provides an effective non-lethal active-response mechanism to disperse, disturb, distract, and establish the intent of intruders. ADT emits a 95 GHz non-ionizing electromagnetic beam of energy that penetrates approximately 1/64 of an inch into human skin tissue, where nerve receptors are concentrated. Within seconds, the beam will heat the exposed skin tissue to a level where intolerable pain is experienced and natural defense mechanisms take over. This intense heating sensation stops only if the individual moves out of the beam‘s path or the beam is turned off. The sensation caused by the system has been described by test subjects as feeling like touching a hot frying pan or the intense radiant heat from a fire. Burn injury is prevented by limiting the beam‘s intensity and duration. DOD-sponsored millimeter-wave human effectiveness testing, initiated in 2001, has demonstrated ADT as both effective and safe without any long-term effects. It is expected that the DOD-funded human effectiveness testing of the small-beam ADS by the AFRL HEDR during the next six to eight months will validate its effectiveness and safety as a non-lethal weapon system. (company website) The ADS is the public face of a brand of technologies that have never seen the light of day but have been in existence for decades. This weapon is lethal depending on the distance to the target (person) and the power level setting. Second and third degree burns are possible at shorter ranges, higher power settings, or longer time periods of exposure. Besides using the most benign terms for these new weapons, the public face of the new technology is restricted to those systems that will cause less resistance among the general public to their development. Nonlethal Weapons Publications: In 1972 the Army issued a classified report, ―Analysis of Microwaves for Barrier Warfare‖, from US Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center, ―It is possible to field a truck-portable microwave barrier system that will completely immobilize personnel in the open with present day technology and equipment.‖ A NASA report written in 1970 by Thomas Fryer of Ames Research Labs concerned ―Implantable Biotelemetry Systems‖. A 1976 DIA report mentions ―anti-personnel applications‖ of pulsed microwaves that carry, ―sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intercranially.‖ (Constantine pg34) (1982) The US Air Force Review of Biotechnology warned, ―Radio frequency radiation (RFR) fields pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military threats...electromagnetic fields can be disruptive to purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing or interrogating such behavior. ―Passage of 100 milliamperes through the myocardium (of the brain) can lead to cardiac standstill and death‖. ―A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area.‖ ―Crowd control devices using RFR do exist...complementing sonic and infra-red weapons, which are well known, and were advertised in the British Defense Equipment Catalogue until 1983‖. Prominently listed were the Valkyrie is an infra-red device causing night blindness, and the Squawk Box or Sound Curdler, developed by the US for use in Vietnam. In 1984 The (UK) Ministry of Defense ordered that all advertisements and references to ―frequency weapons‖ cut from the Defense Catalogue. Columnist Jack Anderson wrote in 1985 that brain researchers had told him that the US and USSR were close to perfecting a mechanism that interferes with the electrical signals of the brain with remote transmissions of EM radiation. This interference could ―switch off‖ the brains vital functions, that is killing the targeted victims.‖ Dr. Sam Koslov, scientific assistant to the Secretary of the Navy in 1977 tried to cancel several projects, one at Stanford Research Institute titled ―ELF- Extremely Low Frequency Radiation and Mind Control. According to the Washington Post, the funding was diverted to a different project heading and continued forward. (Kieth pg212) (1990) ―The Development of New Antipersonnel Weapons‖ stated, ―Research in this field has been carried out in almost all industrialized countries...with a view to using these phenomenon for anti-material or anti-personnel purposes. It is possible to generate a very powerful microwave pulse (between 150 and 3,000 megahertz) with an energy level of several hundreds of megawatts. Using specially adapted antenna systems, these generators in principle could transmit over hundreds of meters sufficient energy to cook a meal...lethal effects can be expected from this system at much lower energy levels using the principle of magnetic field compensation, which permits the control of the geometry of the target, by means of antennas specially designed for that purpose, the radiation can be concentrated on very small surfaces of the human body, for example the base of the brain where relatively low energy can produce lethal effects.‖ In 1991, ITV News Bureau reported the first known use of electronic subliminals on the battlefield and the true reason for the seemingly illogical and apparently suicidal attack by Iraqi troops on the deserted city of Al-Khafji...12 miles south of the Kuwaiti border...the Iraqi‘s destroyed an FM radio station that had been installed in Al-Khafji by the US. DOD‘s Psy-Ops branch. Outwardly the station was broadcasting Tokyo Rose style propaganda, deserting Iraqi soldiers claimed that the real purpose of the station was to broadcast ―the new, high tech, type of subliminal messages referred to as ultra-high- frequency ―silent sounds‖ or ―silent subliminals‖. ―Although completely silent to the human ear, the negative voice messages placed on the tapes alongside the audible programming by psyops psychologists were clearly perceived by the subconscious minds of the Iraqi soldiers and the silent messages completely demoralized them and instilled a perpetual feeling of fear and hopelessness in their minds.‖ In July 1996, the Spotlight, a widely circulated right-wing U.S. newspaper, reported that well-placed DOD sources have confirmed a classified Pentagon contract for the development of "high-power electromagnetic generators that interfere with human brain waves." The article cited the memorandum of understanding dated 1994 between Attorney General Janet Reno, and Defense Secretary William Perry for transfer of LTL weapons to the law enforcement sector. A budget of under $50 million has been made available for funding associated "black" programs. Dr. Emery Horvath, a professor of physics at Harvard University, has stated in connection to the generator that interferes with human brain waves that "These electronic 'skull-zappers' are designed to invade the mind and short circuit its synapses... in the hands of government technicians, it may be used to disorient entire crowds, or to manipulate individuals into self destructive acts. It's a terrifying weapon." In a 1993 U.S. Air Command and Staff College paper entitled Non Lethal Technology and Air Power, authors Maj. Jonathan W. Klaaren (USAF) and Maj. Ronald S. Mitchell (USAF) outlined selected NLT weapons. These included "Acoustic" (pulsed/attenuated high-intensity sound, infrasound (very low frequency) and Polysound (high volume, distracting) as well as high-power microwaves (HPM) that possessed the ability to deter or incapacitate human beings. On 21 July 1994, Defense Secretary William J. Perry issued a memorandum on non- lethal weapons which outlined a tasking priority list for use of these technologies. Second on the list was "crowd control". Coming in at a poor fifth was "Disable or destroy weapons or weapon development/production processes, including suspected weapons of mass destruction." It is therefore clear that non-lethality is fundamentally seen as anti- personnel rather than anti-material. Directed-energy weapons currently being deployed include, for example, a microwave weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders and used for a process known as "Voice Synthesis" which is remote beaming of audio (i.e., voices or other audible signals) directly into the brain of any selected human target. This process is also known with the U.S. government as "Synthetic Telepathy." This psychotronic weapon was demonstrated by Dr. Dave Morgan at the November, 1993 non-lethal weapons conference. (Nexus, Oct-Nov, 1994) Non-lethal weapons, including microwave and radio frequency weapons, were the main topics of discussion including using implant technology and the use of brain to computer to brain linkage using ELF communication to allow soldiers in the field to stay in constant contact with each other and with command and control. Implants would allow real time physiological data to be evaluated, whether the soldier is wounded, and how badly, as well as the mental status, including fear, anger, and complete train of thought. In August of 2006 the DOD announced that military personnel would be required to submit to microchip implant just as they had been required to take experimental vaccines. The first Gulf War saw fewer than 200 US combat casualties, yet 15 years later over 30% have become completely disabled or deceased due to a disease (set of common symptoms) that the DOD has denied existence of (Gulf War Syndrome). Phasers on Stun: Newsweek, Feb. 7, 1994, The search for new "tools" has spawned the first systematic effort to develop non-lethal weapons in U.S. military history. Newsweek has learned that in the wake of Somalia, Defense Under Secretary John Deutch has authorized a team of Pentagon officials to explore the feasibility of nonlethal weapons (NLWs) and the exotic technologies behind them. This team, headed by Frank Kendall, the Pentagon's director of tactical systems, aims to set up priority programs for NLWs that could be funded as early as 1995. Warden and other new-wave military thinkers say that the list of exotic technologies that could be harnessed for nonlethal weapons is already large and growing. It includes lasers, microwaves, sound waves, strobe lights, electromagnetic pulses, microbes, chemicals, computer viruses -- even giant nets. Potentially these seem to offer U.S. forces new options across the whole range of missions, from crowd control to a strategic shutdown of an entire nation. Beanbag bullets, chemical sprays and noise generators would be handy against hostile crowds. Other technologies, like "super-caustic" chemicals that eat through metal or rubber or plastic, would disable not only tanks and trucks but virtually any machine. The most devastating would be electromagnetic pulses, high-powered microwaves and computer viruses that, by disabling all electrical and electronic systems, could cripple a whole society. On May 16, 1996, Admiral Boorda was found shot through the heart on a bench outside his official residence in the Washington Navy Yard. The police instantaneously diagnosed "suicide." But Boorda's recent advocacy of suicide prevention cast an eerie shadow on the official story. The Boorda mystery deepens when a whole range of facts gleaned from worldwide press coverage of his shocking death is integrated with the experiences of alleged mind control (MC) experimentees. In March 1996 the Air Force and the Navy had finally opened investigations into claims that about 500 people were being tortured by remotely controlled, neuro-electromagnetic (NEM) or RF weapons. Bizarre stories alleging surveillance, electronic harassment and remotely controlled torture of people throughout the world are posted on many Web sites. The amply referenced research of Cheryl Welsh, 1997 founder of Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (CAHRA), supports many of these claims, especially "Nonconsensual Brainwave and Personality Studies by the U.S. Government," "The 1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain, ―and the Russian Book Translation Project. In an article published last year in Matrix 3000, Band 4, a German publication, Welsh writes, "Heart attacks, suicides, assassinations, blackmail, all can be done remotely leaving no trace of evidence to tie it to the perpetrators. Boorda could easily have been done in by one of the surefire assassination methods the Navy has finessed after 50 years of covert research and field testing. This little-known secret slipped out on July 6, 1975 with an article in the London Sunday Times, "How the U.S. Navy Brain-Trains Political Assassins." The Times quoted a speech by Navy Lt. Commander Thomas Narut to a group of 120 psychologists at a NATO conference in Oslo, Norway. Narut worked at the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples, Italy. He reported the Navy had been programming "hit men and assassins" who would kill on command; some subjects were drawn from the ranks of convicted murders serving time in military prisons. (Eleanor White) Dr. James V. McConnell, head of the Department of Mental Health Research at the University of Michigan, said, "The day has come when we can combine sensory deprivation with the use of drugs, hypnosis, and the astute manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost absolute control over an individual's behavior. We want to reshape our society drastically." USAF Naval Captain Paul Taylor wrote, The Electromagnetic Spectrum in low-Intensity Conflict in 1976. In it he discusses the death ray...‖With a speed of light effect‖ EM devices with stun or kill settings could sweep across entire armies (or cities). ―The passage of approximately 100 milliamperes through the myocardium (leads) to cardiac standstill and death.‖ He further discusses radio frequencies as ―disruptive to human behavior‖ and the brain as ―an electrically mediated organ.‖ The following are excerpts from the Final Report On Biotechnology Research Requirements For Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000, Volumes I and II, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, pg. 181-188. Note the references to ``interrogating'' mental functioning, i.e., reading thoughts. ``... Experience with electroshock therapy, RFR [radiofrequency radiation] experiments, and the increasing understanding of the brain as an electrically mediated organ suggest the serious probability that impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive of purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and/or interrogating such behavior. Further, the passage of approximately 100 milliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again pointing to a speed-of-light weapons effect.'' ``... While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning, using externally applied fields within the possibility of a revolutionary capability to defend against hostile actions, and to collect intelligence data prior to conflict onset.'' Another document is Department of Defense Directive, Policy for Non-Lethal Weapons, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Draft, July 21, 1994. This is the draft of a policy intended to take effect in January of 1995. It describes using non-lethal weapons against the government's domestic ``adversaries'' ``The term `adversary' is used above in its broadest sense, including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop. This policy does not preclude legally authorized domestic use of the nonlethal weapons by United States military forces in support of law enforcement.'' This sounds like a prescription for an American dirty war using secret, deniable technology.  A document by a Council on Foreign Relations task force, from 1995, that discusses using these weapons against [people labeled as] terrorists and drug traffickers. It recommends that these weapons be used secretly, so the victims do not know where the attack is from, or if there even is an attack. [How was this strategy tested and developed?] This is a policy recommendation for extrajudicial torture. If they would put that in an open document, what other ideas were going around behind the veil of secrecy? (Begich) A U.S. Navy psychologist, who claims that the Office of Naval Intelligence had taken convicted murderers from military prisons, used behavior modification techniques on them, and then relocated them in American embassies throughout the world. Just prior to that time, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee had censured the CIA for its global political assassination plots, including plots against Fidel Castro. The Navy psychologist was Lt. Commander Thomas Narut of the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples, Italy. The information was divulged at an Oslo NATO conference of 120 psychologists from the eleven nation alliance. According to Dr. Narut, the U.S. Navy was an excellent place for a researcher to find "captive personnel" whom they could use as guinea pigs in experiments. The Navy provided all the funding necessary, according to Narut. Dr. Narut, in a question and answer session with reporters from many nations, revealed how the Navy was secretly programming large numbers of assassins. He said that the men he had worked with for the Navy were being prepared for commando-type operations, as well as covert operations in U.S. embassies worldwide. He described the men who went through his program as "hit men and assassins" who could kill on command. Careful screening of the subjects was accomplished by Navy psychologists through the military records, and those who actually received assignments where their training could be utilized, were drawn mainly from submarine crews, the paratroops, and many were convicted murderers serving military prison sentences. Several men who had been awarded medals for bravery were drafted into the program. The assassins were conditioned through "audio-visual desensitization". The process involved the showing of films of people being injured or killed in a variety of ways, starting with very mild depictions, leading up to the more extreme forms of mayhem. Eventually, the subjects would be able to detach their feelings even when viewing the most horrible of films. The conditioning was most successful when applied to "passive-aggressive" types, and most of these ended up being able to kill without any regrets. The prime indicator of violent tendencies was the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. Dr. Narut knew of two Navy programming centers, the neuropsychiatric laboratory in San Diego and the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Italy, where he worked. During the audio-visual desensitization programming, restraints were used to force the subject to view the films. A device was used on the subject‘s eyelids to prevent him from blinking. Typically, the preliminary film was on an African youth being ritualistically circumcised with a dull knife and without any anesthetic. The second film showed a sawmill scene in which a man accidentally cut off his fingers. In addition to the desensitization films, the potential assassins underwent programming to create prejudicial attitude in the men, to think of their future enemies, especially the leaders of these countries, as sub-human. Films and lectures were presented demeaning the culture and habits of the people of the countries where it had been decided they would be sent. Dr. Alfred Zitani, an American delegate to the Oslo conference, did verify Narut's remarks and they were published in the Sunday Times. Sometime later, Dr. Narut surfaced again in London and recanted his remarks, stating that he was "talking in theoretical and not practical terms." Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Naval headquarters in London issued a statement indicating that Dr. Narut's remarks at the NATO conference should be discounted because he had "personal problems". Dr. Narut never made any further public statements about the program. After his NATO lecture, Dr. Narut disappeared. He could not be located. Within a week or so after the lecture, the Pentagon issued an emphatic denial that the U.S. Navy had "engaged in psychological training or other types of training of personnel as assassins." They disavowed the programming centers in San Diego and Naples and stated they were unable to locate Narut, but did provide confirmation that he was a staff member of the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples. During the NATO conference in Oslo, Dr. Narut had remarked that the reason he was divulging the information was because he believed that the information was coming out anyway. The doctor was referring to the disclosures by a Congressional subcommittee which were then appearing in the press concerning various CIA assassination plots. However, what Dr. Narut had failed to realize at the time, was that the Navy's assassination plots were not destined to be revealed to the public at that time. The exploitation of this technology for military uses is still in its infancy and only recently has been recognized by the United States as a feasible option. A 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology had this to say: Currently available data allow the projection that specially generated radio frequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary antipersonnel military threats. Electroshock therapy indicates the ability of induced electric current to completely interrupt mental functioning for short periods of time, to obtain cognition for longer periods and to restructure emotional response over prolonged intervals. Experience with electroshock therapy, RFR experiments and the increasing understanding of the brain as an electrically mediated organ suggested the serious probability that impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive to purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and or interrogating such behavior. Further, the passage of approximately 100 milliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again pointing to a speed-of-light weapons effect. A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area. System effectiveness will be a function of wave form, field intensity, pulse widths, repetition frequency, and carrier frequency. The system can be developed using tissue and whole animal experimental studies, coupled with mechanisms and waveform effects research. Using relatively low-level RFR, it may be possible to sensitize large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of biological or chemical agents to which the un-irradiated population would be immune. Los Alamos laboratory has developed EM (electromagnetic) weapons, the program is run by Gen. John Alexander, army veteran, psychic enthusiast, who holds a doctorate in Thanatology, the study of death. In 1980 Alexander wrote a paper in the US Army‘s Military Review, entitled ―The New Mental Battlefield‖. The thesis was that telepathy could be used as an offensive weapon, and that electronic weapons might also be used for interfering with the brain activity of target groups. (Kieth pg263) Alexander did additional research and joined the special technologies group at Los Alamos Laboratories. During the Vietnam War Alexander was involved in operation Phoenix, the systematic assassination campaign that eliminated 30,000 suspected Viet Minh cadres. In practice, lists of names were compiled, using personal profiles and names supplied by informants. Many innocent people were dragged from their homes at night and summarily executed, along with the target many is impossible to know. Alexander was involved in the mind control aspect of Phoenix that included implanting enemy POW‘s and civilian suspects in order to get them to attack each other. Alexander has taught neurolinguistic programming to a generation of leaders in the military and politics. The main thrust of his career has been as an expert in counter insurgency operations and infiltration operations combined with an emphasis on electromagnetic weapons.

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