Monday, November 5, 2012

SIXTEEN: law (2/2)

Targeted Individuals Experiences: Since government-backed electronic harassment and control is classified at the highest levels in all technologically capable governments, the description of effects is taken from the personal experiences of the "2,000 or so" known gang stalking with electronic harassment targets. The experimentees without exception report that once the harassment begins, in virtually all cases it continues for life. It continues in every city, state, and country the target moves to. It continues in prisons and hospitals, even when the target is dying of cancer. Many targets are young seniors, some in their 70s and 80s. Some have children and the children are often subjected to the same "testing" as their parent(s). Pets are not only tortured, but even killed, painfully and violently. The effects pattern: - All harassment consists of unique, carefully engineered-improvable events to produce psychological stress in the victim. There are no events which do not fit that apparent purpose. - In every series of stress event type, ONE introductory event of very high energy/effect is staged. The obvious purpose is to be certain the victim KNOWS this is external harassment, and not just "bad luck". From that time forward, the perpetrators appear to apply "Pavlov an training" so that they can get the victim to "jump" (or react in some way) to the same effect at a tiny fraction of the initial "introductory" event. - This type of harassment started during the Cold War, and shows every characteristic of military and intelligence psychological warfare operations. - This type of harassment points to CONTROL of the test subject. Endlessly repeated words generated inescapably within the skull are just one hypnosis-like experience. - The total number and type of crimes, which make up gang stalking and electronic harassment simply could not take place without cover being supplied by government. Bizarre court decisions in which the target is forced into involuntary mental health treatment and a criminal spouse (for example, a pedophile father discovered "doing" his own child) clearly show that gang stalking and electronic harassment are heavily protected by all levels of government and the medical establishment. Here is a list of most of the common effects. It is not exhaustive, but is intended to show the reader how the perpetrators' palette of stress effects is broken down. Indent levels are used to show categories and sub-categories: 1. Invasive At-a-Distance Body Effects (including mind) a. Sleep deprivation and fatigue i. Silent but instantaneous application of "electronic caffeine" signal, forces awake and keeps awake ii. Loud noise from neighbors, often SYNCHRONIZED to attempts to fall asleep iii.Precision-to-the-second "allowed sleep" and "forced awakening"; far too precise and repeated to be natural iv. Daytime "fatigue attacks", can force the victim to sleep and/or weaken the muscles to the point of collapse b. Audible Voice to Skull (V2S) i. Delivered remotely, at a distance ii. Made to appear as emanating from thin air iii.Voices or sound effects only the victim can hear c. Inaudible Voice to Skull (Silent Sound) i. Delivered at a distance by radio signal; manifested by sudden urges to do something/go somewhere you would not otherwise want to; silent (ultrasonic) hypnosis is possible ii. Programming hypnotic "triggers" - i.e. specific phrases or other cues which cause specific involuntary actions d. Violent muscle triggering (flailing of limbs) i. Leg or arm jerks to violently force awake and keep awake ii. Whole body jerks, as if body had been hit by large jolt of electricity iii.Violent shaking of body; seemingly as if on a vibrating surface but where surface is in reality not vibrating e. Precision manipulation of body parts (slow, specific purpose) i. Manipulation of hands, forced to synchronize with closed-eyes but FULLY AWAKE vision of previous day; very powerful and coercive, not a dream. ii. Slow bending almost 90 degrees BACKWARDS of one toe at a time or one finger at a time iii.Direct at-a-distance control of breathing and vocal cords; including involuntary speech iv. Spot blanking of memory, more than normal forgetfulness f. Reading said-silently-to-self thoughts i. Engineered skits where your thoughts are spoken to you by strangers on street or events requiring knowledge of what you were thinking ii. Real time reading subvocalized words, as while the victim reads a book, and BROADCASTING those words to nearby people who form an amazed audience around the victim g. Direct application of pain to body parts i. Hot-needles-deep-in-flesh sensation ii. Electric shocks (no wires whatsoever applied) iii.Powerful and unquenchable itching, often applied precisely when victim attempts to do something of a delicate or messy nature iv. "Artificial fever", sudden, no illness present v. Sudden racing heartbeat, relaxed situation h. Surveillance and tracking i. Rapping under your feet as you move about your apartment, on ceiling of apartment below ii. Thru wall radar used to monitor starting and stopping of your urination - water below turned on and off in sync with your urine stream 2. Invasive Physical Effects at a Distance, non-body a. Stoppage of power to appliances (temporary, breaker ON) b. Manipulation of appliance settings c. Temporary failures that "fix themselves" d. Flinging of objects, including non-metallic e. Precision manipulation of switches and controls f. Forced, obviously premature failure of appliance or parts 3. External Stress-Generating "Skits" a. Participation of strangers, neighbors, and in some cases close friends and family members in harassment i. Rudeness for no cause ii. Tradesmen always have "problems", block your car, etc. iii.Purchases delayed, spoiled, or lost at a high rate iv. Unusually loud music, noise, far beyond normal b. Break-ins/sabotage at home i. Shredding of clothing ii. Destruction of furniture iii.Petty theft iv. Engineered failures of utilities c. Sabotage at work i. Repetitive damage to furniture ii. Deletion/corruption of computer files iii.Planting viruses which could not have come from your computer usage pattern iv. Delivered goods delayed, spoiled, or lost at a high rate v. Spreading of rumors, sabotage to your working reputation vi. Direct sabotage and theft of completed work; tradesmen often involved and showing obvious pleasure (Eleanor White)

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