Monday, November 5, 2012

SEVENTEEN: End Game: The Plan

A new Phoenix program has melded the use of exotic technologies and turned them on enemies of the hard right, foreign and domestic. The maturation of silent kill and soft kill technologies has been mated to a Cointelpro style program being used against domestic dissidents. What began with Paperclip scientists and LSD has evolved over time, perfecting the art of sexual blackmail and targeting strategic targets within the government, military, industry and science, exactly as Estabrooks envisioned his infiltration program of a foreign power using hypnosis. Where once the laboratory was the venue of crime, now using non-lethal weapons, MKULTRA type experiments take place on US citizens within the community, in their own homes. Terminal experiments are now conducted using remote means with non-ionizing microwave weapons developed for the battlefield as anti-personnel weapons, used against potential threats with a mentality that views the loyal opposition as the enemy tantamount to a Communist insurgency that must be defeated using counterinsurgency warfare. US citizens that are subject to enrollment in this terminal experiment come from varied backgrounds, some have been targets of mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse since the age of three or earlier, while others enter the looking glass in middle age. The type of human experimental subject chosen resembles a melding of the criterion for MKULTRA in the lab, the Cointelpro program, and the Phoenix program. American society-the world is undergoing a counterinsurgency using weapons designed by DOD labs like Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos that were supposed to be turned against our implacable enemies. The world of compartmentalization and black budgets of unlimited funds has given birth to Dr. Delgado‘s vision of a world of individuals that can be influenced, even shaped without their knowledge. Just as Eschelon vacuumed up millions of communication signals of phones and faxes, now supercomputers and satellites sift through the spectrum (10-20 Hz) of 6.5 billion brain waves. The Malech patent device coupled with PROMIS AI software running on super computers allows the NSA to interpret and interact with the stream of consciousness of targeted individuals. Computing power is the only hurdle for these high tech satellites to clear that would allow them to interact with all sentient life forms simultaneously. PROMIS software and artificial intelligence coupled to non-lethal weapons technology have combined to influence the course of human events in unforeseeable ways. Once identified as hostile or a potential threat, these targets can be influenced passively without their knowledge. If a target becomes resistant to influence or is deemed suitable for overt targeting their entry into the MHS program (Monarch Hits the Streets) is begun as an overt assault. Most targeted individuals enter the program due to similar factors, family connections to SRA cults or the intelligence community, political activism, Americans who live in foreign countries and ―go native‖, whistleblowers within government and industry, prisoners, mental patients, orphans and scientists with important technology that can support or threaten the program. Some people are targeted out of convenience, since private armies need motivation and training, often people are chosen merely as target practice. MHS began its inception during the Reagan administration and has mushroomed into a ―game‖ involving literally millions of individuals who are told that the target is a bad element in society, the groups are told a lie that they will respond to most readily, for example...A church group may be told that the Target is a pedophile, an abortion doctor, a political radical, a terrorist and a national security threat, a racist. Whatever story motivates the network is the lie that is told. There is an element of eugenics, targeting those who are viewed as a drain on society, what the Nazis termed ―empty eaters‖. Many targets are the disabled who are unable to work. Another aspect of the program is Revenge Incorporated, angry ex-spouses or business partners may enroll someone they wish to have revenge over, for a price. In a twist of life imitating art, targets are often broadcast on closed circuit television, radio, or on the internet in personal situations in their homes, much like a TV reality show. The target is portrayed in the worst light possible to amuse the paying audience, personal conversations and habits as well as internal thoughts and imagery are spread among the groups who use this inside knowledge to harass the target in public and provoke shame, outbursts of anger and confrontation. Targets are prompted by the remote technology to speak on sensitive topics or in a manner that will offend and motivate these private groups to participate. Most people who are viewing the target are not quite sure what they are watching, while others are sadistic enough not to care. The person who is targeted may feel at times they are being played with, while other times to the victim it seems like the microwave assault is trying to kill them. Make no mistake the objective is to incarcerate the victim into a mental facility, penal institution, or to force a suicide. Occasionally a target is murdered, generally in kind of a sweepstakes like game that usually happens around a full moon. These networks operate everywhere in virtually every country, so any target that tries to flee will only find themselves targeted elsewhere. Anyone who attempts to help a target or reveal the hidden aspects of the program will themselves become a target. Perfecting the psychology of control is also an important goal of MHS. Psychologists, much like BISCUIT teams, are employed to tailor programs to the individual that will exploit their personal or ethnic weaknesses. Psychology classifies about 34 distinct personality types and learning how to control a certain type of individual can be applied to similar personality types or cultures in future operations. The ultimate goal is one of worldwide control along the lines of an Orwellian state where 1% of the population controls 15%, which in turn controls the remaining 84%. The paradigm of using groups that front for the intelligence services to squash internal dissent is foreign to most Americans but is in fact quite common. In Cuba a dissident writer may have a crowd assemble outside their home and chant slogans at them in an operation known as a Contra. Plainclothes police will typically emerge from the mob, drag them into the street and beat them and they might be officially arrested a few days later. HAARP may in fact allow this technique to be a thing of the past when ELF broadcast around 10 Hz interacts successfully with the 34 different personality types, backed up by sufficient computing power. A controlled world society will no longer need guns, tanks, or planes to fight wars, a one-world government run by the technological elite will shape the minds of the masses for a thousand years. Whether THE PLAN is a function of the CIA and military intelligence or if it is some type of Illuminati group is not terribly important, and without proof is a matter of conjecture. The Nazis came to power through an infiltration operation of the Weimer Republic, first militias were formed, then the members infiltrated the military, and finally the police forces. Once the police were compromised from within, German society had reached the point of no turning back on the road to self-annihilation and the destruction of Europe and 50 million people. America‘s turn has come to attempt a hostile takeover of the world, now the most technologically advanced society as was Germany, she is being used as a vehicle to enslave the free will of Mankind in a technological dictatorship of the mind. Once in place, it is doubtful that it will be dislodged or destroyed from within and there will be no state or group of states that are strong enough to overcome this new generation of speed of light weaponry that will be brought to bear. NSA satellites that represent the pinnacle of mind control technology have been placed in abnormally distant orbits, perhaps as far distant as the Lagrange Points, so far out of Earth orbit that they are for all practical purposes untouchable. Extreme magnetic disturbances may be capable of damaging or dislodging them but these events are uncommon. The average life span of a standard communications satellite is over 20 years. The Plan to take over the world using these exotic weapons has been progressing for several generations, and appears to have sprung from the ashes of defeated Nazi Germany at the end of WWII. It is my general impression that the Jesuits and Opus Dei are organizations with the intellectual capacity to formulate such a multigenerational plan, but this is only a theory and as such inconclusive. Mind control techniques were aggressively pursued in the concentration camps and perfected and brought to the US under MKULTRA. Paperclip scientists have been at the forefront of research into EM weapons and their application towards mind control. Americans who participated at this level are often members of closed systems such as the Masons, as well as conservative hard right ideologies, but not exclusively. The inclusion of intelligence services from most industrialized nations into participation in targeting people who flee to other countries reveals a network that is capable of exerting influence in nearly every society. The philosophy behind The Plan is Hegelian, that is people are viewed as inanimate objects of little inherent value other than what they can do to advance the aims of the state, and the strategy of gradualism, slowly turning up the heat on an unsuspecting world so that when people finally are aware of efforts to mold society it is too late to do anything about it. At a distance one is forced to simply refer to it as Fascist. The production of traumatized children on such a mass scale in just the US alone leads one to conclude that Dr. Estabrooks infiltration campaign using mind control to take over a hostile nation, is in fact being applied to the world as a whole. The methodology of how to impose an Orwellian world state using mind control is a point of conjecture. A careful examination of the CIA and military intelligence psychological warfare campaigns leads one to believe that it will take the form of a destabilization campaign, that is a series of events that are designed to instill panic in the general population and psychological trauma that lead to a psychological collapse or capitulation of the will to resist. Bernal Diaz wrote a compelling history of the conquest of Mexico when in 1523 some 400 heavily armed men with superior weapons technology fought, defeated, and enslaved a civilization of 20 million people. The keys to their victory lay in superior weapons and confusion over whether the mounted soldiers were in fact human, but they did not triumph completely until small pox decimated the Aztec ranks. Superior weapons, blurring the lines of reality as to who or what one is fighting, and biological warfare were the factors that are most striking. The development in secrecy of a new RMA (revolution in military affairs) has the ability to turn the world upside down by itself. Psychological warfare and destabilization campaigns are the forte of the CIA and military intelligence, blurring the lines of what is real and what is not, is their specialty. Finally, the emphasis of current programs on biological warfare that verges on an obsession is glaringly obvious. A quick examination of biological warfare in terms of the plague or the Black Death shows that any society that loses 50% or more of its population experiences a psychological collapse and a conversion to a new religion. In any mass plague event this chain of events is repeated, societies fall apart, flee, and throw down their old gods who did not protect them and take up new gods that offer psychological reinforcement and comfort. Taking these factors into account, as well as past behaviors by the minds behind The Plan, it is fairly easy to postulate a scenario that would work well. A series of catastrophic events, perhaps a nuclear event followed by a biological warfare attack that causes tremendous loss of life will prepare the minds of men by instilling trauma and thus vulnerability and suggestibility into every human heart. The attack of a superior armed force that may or may not be human, such is the power of their weaponry that nothing, not missiles, tanks, or anything known will stop them on the field of battle. This is exactly what the new revolution in military affairs (RMA) in speed of light weapons is, a force that will overcome all known battlefield technology. The psychological intimidation would be heightened if, like the Aztecs, the creatures you were fighting against might not be of this Earth. The alien abduction and alien invasion psychological warfare campaign is the longest ongoing such operation in history, beginning after WWII, and continuing to this day. The use of ELF (extremely low frequency) technology will give the final boost to capitulate, when those overmatched fighters still in the field hear the voice of the ―alien invaders‖ speaking directly into their minds, a message broadcast over the entire planet. Though this scenario may seem outlandish, it is no more so then the psyop campaigns that are ongoing today, or the stories spread by the CIA cutout ―religions‖ such as Scientology. All the tools for this operation are now in place or very nearly so, the RMA of speed of light weapons and ELF synthetic telepathy, the production of small pox and chimera viruses that human populations have no natural defense against, as well as the psychology of doubt surrounding the idea of hostile aliens who visit Earth. Popular culture is now swamped with books, television shows, and movies that reinforce and normalize the concept of hostile alien races with designs on the Earth. The only thing lacking is the sheer audacity and psychopathic mentality to put these events into action. A careful study of the personalities responsible for mind control crimes against humanity that populate the CIA and military intelligence communities will dispel any doubt that these people are perfectly capable of implementing such a PLAN.

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