Monday, November 5, 2012

MKULTRA 1990’s

Janet Morris, Director of the US Global Strategies think tank visited Russia in 1991 to investigate acoustic psycho-correction technologies. Microwave signals send commands to the subconscious that are usually acted upon within one minute or less. The Russians demonstrated a working system that Morris (a non-lethal weapons expert) envisioned would be miniaturized into a hand held system. Morris began collaboration with General John Alexander at Los Alamos Labs. The chairman of the USGSC is Ray Cline, former deputy director of the CIA. After retiring from the Army in 1988, Alexander joined the Los Alamos National Laboratories and began working with Janet Morris, the Research Director of the U.S. Global Strategy Council (USGSC), chaired by Dr Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA. Throughout 1990 the USGSC lobbied the main national laboratories, major defense contractors and industries, retired senior military and intelligence officers. The result was the creation of a Non-lethality Policy Review Group, led by Major General Chris S. Adams, USAF (retd.) former Chief of Staff, Strategic Air Command. They already have the support of Senator Sam Nunn, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee. According to Janet Morris, the military attaché at the Russian Embassy has contacted USGSC about the possibility of converting military hardware to a non-lethal capability. In 1991 Janet Morris issued a number of papers giving more detailed information about USGSC's concept of non-lethal weapons. Shortly after, the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe, VA, published a detailed draft report on the subject titled "Operations Concept for Disabling Measures." The report included over twenty projects in which John Alexander is currently involved at the Los Alamos national Laboratories. In a memorandum dated April 10, 1991, titled "Do we need a Non-lethal Defense initiative?" Paul Wolfowitz, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, wrote to Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, "A U.S. lead in non-lethal technologies will increase our options and reinforce our position in the post-Cold War world. Our Research and Development efforts must be increased." (Armen Victorian) In 1962, James V. Bennet, director of the US Bureau of Prisons, encouraged psychiatrists and social scientists to use the ―tremendous opportunity‖ that 24,000 incarcerated and helpless prisoners offered for experimentation. ―We here in Washington are anxious to have you undertake some of these things...perhaps on your own-undertake a little experiment on what you can do with the Muslims, what you can do with sociopathic individuals.‖ (1990) The London Observer reported, ―An electronic torture chamber, using a white noise generator designed to pulse sound at 11 Hz-apparently ultimately capable of destroying the human body-has been installed by a British company, Electronic Intelligence, inside the headquarters of the Special Branch of Dubai. Called ―The House of Fun‖, the torture chamber also houses a strobe light set at 11Hz and synchronized with the white noise generator, the combined effect of which is to reduce anyone inside the cell to a ―screaming helpless suppliant within moments.‖ The equipment was referred to as ―Prisoner Disorientation Equipment.‖ (Kieth 199)

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