Monday, November 5, 2012

TWELVE: Building the Perfect Beast: Strategic Defense Initiative:

The Star Wars program routinely falsified research data, "We would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in Congress if we did not perform it successfully, we put a beacon with a certain frequency on the target vehicle, on the interceptor we had a receiver. The hit looked beautiful so Congress did not ask questions." "The very idea of Star Wars, an umbrella that would shield America from Soviet nuclear warheads-was itself a massive deception. No knowledgeable scientist thought for a minute such a shield was feasible. Yet the Pentagon proceeded with this fraud and faked other tests in 1990 and 1991 after the Soviet threat had disappeared." Edward Teller was charged with falsifying test data on "Super Excalibur", a nuclear powered x-ray laser built by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, the project was canceled in 1992. (Constantine pg38) "All the talk about death rays and charged particle beams has been little more than an elaborate smokescreen designed to hide the fact that the US is developing a directed energy weapon that uses a high-power microwave pulse." (Brodeur) Livermore has been a central participant in SDI since 1982, when Teller, the labs founder suggested SDI to Reagan. The father of the H-bomb received 40,000 shares of a laser research company that later defrauded investors. Dr. Teller tried to sell Alaska on Project Plowshare, the use of six thermonuclear weapons to excavate a harbor at Cape Thompson, Alaska. In 1987 Teller returned to Alaska to propose the installation of a laser like weapon system on the North Slope of Alaska. The weapon system Teller was trying to sell was classified and not openly discussed, but the presentations indicated this "Star Wars" weapon was HAARP. In 1995 Congress killed funding for "Star Wars", but HAARP continues as the ultimate SDI radio frequency radiation weapon. The Reagan administration intensified the push into EM weapons development under project Sleeping Beauty. A scientist working for the Army's ballistic defense command complained to the House Government operations Committee that as much as half the entire SDI budget had disappeared into classified projects. When Ronald Reagan spoke to the UN about Star Wars he promised that the weapons system would be shared with all of humanity and that, "should we be invaded by aliens it would be used to defend the earth."

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