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TEN: RUSSIAN MIND CONTROL: Directed Energy Weapons

Controlled Offensive Behavior, USSR a 1972 Army study of Soviet experimentation that focused on the targeting of individuals, not groups. Soviet dissidents were the target of microwave anti-personnel weapons and mind altering techniques that sought, ―the total submission of one‘s will to some outside force.‖ The American effort at the time was just as exotic. Brain researcher Wilder Penfield demonstrated that electrical stimulation kicked up lost memories with perfect recall. Acoustical telemetry allowed American scientists to create scallops of infra-sound waves in the head, wiping clean all information stored by the brain cells. An EM arms race was in progress. EM mind control surfaced at the 1973 Russian Conference on Psychotronic Research. The agenda for the Prague meeting included the following five topics: Erasure of the subconscious mind, development of ESP, induction of paranormal effects in dreams, the mechanical equivalent of neuropsychic energy, and the Psi gene. The Soviets were known to have potent blinding lasers. They were also feared to have developed acoustic and radiowave weapons. The 1987 issue of Soviet Military Power, a cold war Pentagon publication, warned that the Soviets might be close to "a prototype short-range tactical RF [radio frequency] weapon." The Washington Post reported that year that the Soviets had used such weapons to kill goats at 1 kilometer's range. The Pentagon, it turns out, has been pursuing similar devices since the 1960s. (Douglas Pasternak) The Russian capability, demonstrated in a series of laboratory experiments dating back to the mid-1970s, could be used to suppress riots, control dissidents, demoralize or disable opposing forces and enhance the performance of friendly special operations teams. Pioneered by the government-funded Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy, acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions. Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouraging results after exposure of less than one minute. Moreover, decades of research and investment of untold millions of rubles in the process of psycho-correction has produced the ability to alter behavior on willing and unwilling subjects, the experts add. In an effort to restrict potential misuse of this capability, Russian senior research scientists, diplomats, military offices and officials of the Russian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Policy are beginning to provide limited demonstrations for their U.S. counterparts. Further evaluations of key technologies in the United States are being planned, as are discussions aimed at creating a framework for bringing the issue under bilateral or multilateral controls, U.S. and Russian sources said. An undated paper by the Psycho Center, a Moscow-based group affiliated with the Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy, acknowledges the potential danger of this capability. The Russian experts, including George Kotov, a former KGB general now serving in a senior government ministry post, present in their report a list of software and hardware associated with their psycho-correction program that could be procured for as little as $80,000. As far as it has become possible to probe and correct psychic contents of human beings despite their will and consciousness by instrumental means...results having been achieved can get out of [our] control and be used with inhuman purposes of manipulating psyche." The Russia authors note that, "World opinion is not ready for dealing appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct access to the human mind. Therefore, the Russian authors have proposed a bilateral Center for Psycho-technologies where U.S. and Russian ...could monitor and restrict the emerging capabilities. Dr. Igor Smirnov, a Russian expert on non-lethal weapons, was brought to the US for a series of meetings in Virginia in 1993. The meetings were attended by representatives of the CIA, DIA, FBI, and ARPA, civilians included representatives of the NIMH and GMC‘s Director of Biomedical Research. Smirnov and his non-lethal weapons technology was brought to Waco during the Branch Davidian Siege in 1993 in hopes of using them on David Koresh, but a software problem reportedly made this impossible, and Smirnov could not guarantee its safety. A firm called Psychotechnologies Corp., based in Richmond, Va., entered into an agreement with the Russians to share and develop this technology for American use. Dr. Smirnov died of a heart attack in 2005 and the patent is now held exclusively by Psychotechnologies Corp. Psi-Tech is controlled by Col. John B. Alexander, General Michael Aquino, and Lt. Col. Albert Stubbblebine. Woodpecker WWIV: Full scale electromagnetic warfare between the US and USSR began on July 4, 1976 when the Russians began broadcasting a broadband of short wave radio signal that could be heard all over the world. The signal is maintained at enormous expense and is made up of the most powerful radio transmitters in the world. The ―Russian Woodpecker‖ radio signal varies between 3.26 and 17.5 megahertz, shortly after it came on line complaints were heard, mostly centered in Oregon, headaches, anxiety, lack of body coordination, and other symptoms. Dr. Andrija Puharich has researched electromagnetics since the early 1950‘s with connections to the US intelligence community, and is admittedly one of the world authorities. According to Dr. Andrija Puharich, the Soviets caught US intelligence unaware with their 100megawatt transmissions of extremely low frequency waves (ELF). The ELF pulse covered the frequency range of the brain. I had a hypothesis that this was a new mind control weapon that could entrain a human being‘s EEG. I designed an experiment and conclusively proved that the Soviet transmission could entrain the human brain and thereby induce behavioral modification. They (CIA) proved a certain ELF frequency could cause cancer, I have repeated these experiments and found this to be true...a single ELF frequency (classified) can cause cancer. ―The US Air Force identified five different frequencies in this compound harmonic the Russians were sending through the earth and the atmosphere. The intention was to affect a change in consciousness in mankind. The ELF waves will penetrate anything and everything, the specially shielded Faraday cage, the ocean. Nothing stops or weakens these signals.‖ Puharich and Beck proved that a signal of 6 Hertz easily penetrated the copper walls of a Faraday cage, so could the rate the Russians used of 6.6 Hertz...this caused depression. ―7.83 hertz could make a person feel good, this was the Schumann Resonance, the earth‘s pulse rate‖. ―10.8 Hertz could cause riotous behavior.‖ ―Whole populations can be controlled by ELF waves. Intensive research on such behavior modification is now being conducted by the US govt. to find out just what such waves do to people.‖ ―This electromagnetic research is similar to the secret drug experiments conducted on the unsuspecting populace in the 1950‘s.‖ Puharich went over the heads of the disbelieving US military and hand delivered a secret report to President Carter, Trudeau of Canada, and other western dignitaries. The government moved quickly to shut him up, burning down his home and much of his research. While in hiding in Mexico he had managed to arrange a meeting and an agreement was reached. He has had no trouble with the CIA to date, save that his book on the subject of the ELF war has been blocked from publication, the public remains uninformed. On the subject of the ELF cancer-causing wave he says, ―These waves cannot be jammed. The lower frequency Hertz waves are as long as 300,000 miles. The government has built huge transmitters in South Africa, Australia and other places to beam ELF waves back to Russia. There is no shield that will stop these signals.‖ (Kieth 203) Although the US govt. did not officially acknowledge that the country was under electromagnetic assault from a foreign power, they apparently responded in kind, beyond what Puharich documented. Operation Pique involved firing electromagnetic signals off the ionosphere, to ricochet down on Eastern Europe, with a particular focus being Eastern European nuclear installations.

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