Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Dexter Illuminati Symbolism/Subliminals..

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Here you can see the all seeing eye on the wall encircled;

And here all seeing eyes (including the Wadjet = eye of Ancient Egyptian God Horus) in a tattoo-shop picturebook;

And here you can see the all seeing eye together with the pyramid, in the episode the tattoo-artists says "the eye, as in the back of the dollar"..;

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Anonymous said...

omg you are right. you must have extraordinary power to discover this. i am so afraid ... could you hold my hand going through life? I need you mentor.

veritas aequitas said...

@Anunymous No time for sarcasm

Anonymous said...

apart from the many symbols,I think the whole story is about Illuminati, expecially the "project mk ultra". The kid with a mental disorder is adopted by a policeman (the handler) to reconstruct his life, the well-known Delta.