Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forgotten Heroes; Roger D. Craig

First let me explain who Roger D. Craig was.. Roger was a Dallas Police Officer (ánd Dallas Police Officer of the Year 1960). Roger publicly said that he saw Lee Harvey Oswald get into a Rambler (hence Roger's "nickname" 'Rambler-man') and take off. Roger also said that it was NOT a Mannlicher Carcano that was found in the Texas School Book Depository, but a German Mauser. Roger eventually met his death (so called suicide which is very suspicious) due to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Here is an excerpt from Mcadams.edu which ofcourse implies that Roger D. Craig was telling lies, McAdams is a critic of every theory but his own, and ofcrouse wants to prove that people like Craig and every person who thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't do it are liars.. Excerpt;

"Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy Roger Craig had quite a lot of interesting stories to tell. And in good storyteller fashion, his stories got better over time.

Craig was one of the conspiracy witnesses that the Warren Commission called to testify. He was given featured treatment in early conspiracy works such as Mark Lane's Rush to Judgment. More recently, his testimony is treated as credible in most conspiracy books. You can see him in the video "Two Men in Dallas."

Oh wow, McAdams just started off great..
If you click you can read the "thing" yourself, what McAdams (ofcourse) forgot to mention is that there are PICTURES (hard to find, but they are there) that BACK UP the story of Roger D. Craig. I found some of these pictures, and presented them together with the context of the pictures into a video;

Judge yourself.. And leave your thoughts as comments..

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