Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Pro-Israël Propaganda Machine;

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It is not just the 'swastika-girl' i also found this;

A Palestinian wearing a STAR OF DAVID??? NO WAY!! this is MOSSAD pretending to be palestinians to justify their cause, just what the swastika-girl was doing..


Noor al Haqiqa said...

That tape, the last one, is right out of line and PURE ZIONIST HASBARA. Why on earth is it on this page with the other excellent videos?

Why on earth is it even POSTED?

It has been proven that that translation about wiping Israel off the map was NOT what was really said! Why continue the lie? Why the fearmongering and pro Israeli WW3 stance? It makes me wonder about the motivations of this blog I am exploring. It throws some of your other more accurate reporting under the mushroom of "sold out".

Anonymous said...

@Noor Al Haqiqa :

I have to respond this way, because i cannot seem to respond on my account..


no no no i am in NO WAY a zionist.. in fact you should watch a vid i made about it..

concerning the vid you mentioned;i posted it to show it.. this vid (you are referring to) is showing how 'it' works (propaganda), i should have put a note to it.. Ahmadinejad is the one who is trying to expose 9/11 (in public at for instance a NATO meeting) and i am aware of that.. the whole israël thing is a scam.. for instance research on "U.S.S Liberty incident" from 1967! or the zionist involvement in 9/11.

Pro israël WW3, well thats simple, most politicians are zionists, or zionist-jews. and not just politicians, but royalty also..

To tell ppl these kinds of things is telling two stories, how 'they' portray it to be, and how it really ís, which means that sometimes you need to post vids like that to show for what they really are, like for instance the "sawstika-girl video"..