Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Satanic Symbolism

Very blatant, the big fat satanic symbol, on the church-ALTAR, how do we know it is satanic?

Because Aleister Crowley told us so..

..And take a close look at the jewelry being worn by Bush insider Katherine Harris (pictured below). Here again is this Masonic/satanic symbolism (her pendant/necklace).

TV-evangelist Pat Robertson..
or is he..

This pose of his hand is called "the lion's paw",
this is masonic!

And again.. so the first was no coincidence..

So this is also no coincidence (horns of satan)

Christians ect cannot be freemasons, or so it has been said,
ofcourse this is BS, because secret societies most of the time
derrive from religion, a lot of religious people are masons, like
for instance Pat Robertson, Reverend Jesse Jackson and many others!
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Anonymous said...

Pat Robertson may not just be worshipping Satan... He may actually be satan! :)