Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did JFK had to die because of UFO'S?

Was JFK killed because of the interest he took in alien life?
A secret memo of the CIA makes clear the slain president asked for
acces to UFO-documents.

In a letter, adressed to the head of the CIA, JFK asked 10 days
before his death, confidential documents about UFO's and existence of
extraterrestrial life. The memo is one of two letters to the CIA
in where Kennedy asks for clarification.

The interest of the president in UFOs and aliens, shortly before
his death, consistent with conspiracy theories about the murder.
Stories that Kennedy would be diverted from his fear that behind
the 'truth ' about the existence of aliens came to be attached
with the leaking of the secret letters.

These are the documents;
(For larger image, click on pic)

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