Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Freemasonic Elements in the Murdercase of JFK

You cannot escape the freemasonic elements in the case of the murder on John F. Kennedy.

For instance, the person who shot one of the most famous films of all time; Abraham Zapruder (Zapruder-film) was a 32nd degree freemason, he also had ties with C.I.A.

The person where Dealey Plaza was named after; George Bannerman Dealey, a 33rd degree freemason.

The freemasonic obelisk (which has 13 segments btw) on Dealey Plaza;

Before JFK went to Dallas (Texas) he was in Fort Worth (Texas), and there he was at a lunch and at that lunch schoolchildren sang the song "the Eyes of Texas", which is a song written by a freemason and has all the freemasonic elements (read my post on "The Eyes of Texas").

Lyndon B. Johnson, JFK's successor, was a freemason.

Earl Warren (Warren-commission) was a past Grandmaster in freemasonry, Richard B. Russell (Warren-commission) was a freemason, Gerald Ford (Warren-sommission), later president, was a freemason.
Those are "known" freemasons..
Allen W. Dulles (Warren-commission) was former director of the C.I.A, and one of the masterminds of Project Paperclip, Dulles was angry at JFK for firing him and promising him to shatter the C.I.A into a thousand pieces, Dulles was also a freemason btw.
This is the make-up of the Warren Commission, APPOINTED BY LYNDON B. JOHNSON another freemason, people who had bitter feelings for JFK, HOW CAN THIS EVER BE FAIR?!

"Freemasons are always in high positions because they know how to keep things secret" this is what DeMolay-man Bill Cooper said (DeMolday is a masonic youth society), Bill Cooper also said William (Bill) Greer, the limo-driver of the presidential limousine, had fired the fatal headshot, he also said he had inside info (documents ect) obtained at his job saying this is the factual truth, when analyzing the zapruder film you can see what Cooper said to be a gun is actually the reflection of agent Roy Kellerman's hair, sorry Bill Cooper, just saw you credibillity go down the drain..

JFK wanted to "sack" 33rd degree freemason J. Edgar Hoover as the director of the F.B.I, when JFK was killed, his successor Lyndon B. Johnson (also freemason) granted fellow-mason J. Edgar Hoover director-ship of the F.B.I for life..

Dallas is located just south of the 33 degree of latitude. The 33rd degree is Freemasonry's highest rank.

Dealey Plaza is actually shaped as a pyramid, and JFk was shot at app. the "eye" of the pyramid;

Arlen Spector, the one that came up with "the magic bullet theory"(which is ofcourse nonsense) was also a 33rd degree freemason.

Kennedy's motorcade was rolling toward the "Triple Underpass" when he was slain by, according to some analysts, three gunmen. Three tramps were arrested right after the murder. Hiram Abiff, architect of Solomon's Temple and mythic progenitor of Freemasonry was murdered according to Masonic legend by three "unworthy craftsmen."

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Anonymous said...

Well, then, who, specifically, does the US law enforcement and legal system arrest and prosecute? Let's have some specific names and some statements of willingness to prosecute on the part of the Dallas County Prosecutor. Okay? Or, is HE a Freemason, too?

veritas aequitas said...

The prosecutor didn't allow Mark Lane to represent Lee Harvey Oswald so.. said...

I disagree,concerning the driver,because I had seen untampered film footage...An imobilizing dart,had been shot,from the umbrella (As Colonel Fletcher Prouty points out, & brought into the Senate investigation).The purpose of imobilizing JFK,was to insure a single kill shot,fired from the Driver's silent weapon (Electricly powered),,,This is an extremely important affidavit:

Here is the CIA's hand in Chappaquidic :

veritas aequitas said... You may, as i may disagree with you, and i have good reason.. Because i know who killed JFK.