Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rolling Stones Satanic Sumbliminal?

I am not a big Rock 'n Roll fan, so I haven't seen this previously.. But I find it a bit disturbing..

This is an aptly named album-cover of the 1973 Rolling Stones record "Goats Head Soup";

Is it a subliminal baphomet? Satan (Satan can transform into a goat)?

Leave thoughts as comments..

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Lone Puma said...

There may be another way to look at it, the devil's goose will indeed be cooked! But Veritas Aequitas means truth Equity. We're all aware that the devils time is short and he knows it too, which is why he's mad, mad, mad...meaning crazy! No one ought to fear him, as children of God, He's given us His authority and power to resist him and to keep him under our feet. Jesus defeated him 2000 years ago and he's still defeated; however, he also continues to deceive the lost and attempt to bring hardships to the righteous. Nevertheless, God will restore anything he takes or destroys...times ten! We really do live in exciting times, when you've made the Jesus the Lord of your life and are following Him, as this world with man is about to wrap up!
Kindest regards!