Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beyoncé and Illuminati Symbolism

Beyoncé @ Billboard Music Awards..

Beyoncé's Dollar-bill Pyramid

Beyoncé with Masonic checkered "wings" performance @  Billboard Music Awards

Beyoncé loving herself some '666'

´666´ sign over 1 eye, makeing a devlish all seeing eye..

Beyoncé @ Glastonbury 2011.. Another pyramid..
All seeing eye.

Beyoncé's Pyramidic all seeing eye..

And another Pyramid and all seeing eye..

Beyoncé dancing in front of a pyramid at the Billboard Music Awards

Beyoncé and her Baphomet (Satan) ring

Beyoncé and Solange doing a Illuminati Pyramid..

Video of Beyoncé performing @ Billboard Music Awards;

The wife of rapper Jay-Z performed in front of a tall screen with video projections of an Illuminati-style pyramid that switched back-and-forth from white to black, the colors of the dualistic motif of the Illuminati and Freemasons, the fraternal secret society that joined with the Bavarian Illuminati in the late 1700s. She also danced in front of a pyramid made from U.S. Dollar bills, which display the Freemasons’ 13-step uncapped pyramid and all-seeing Eye of Horus. Other checkerboard images were used in the projections, such as giant checkered wings, lions, elephants and a hypnotizing spiral reminiscent of MK Ultra brainwashing techniques. She was also duplicated into an army. Is she aiding the New World Order Illuminati by acting as a brainwashing agent? After the performance, Beyonce was awarded the first-ever Millennium Artist Award by her mother Tina Knowles and nephew..

Beyoncé's "Illuminating" pyramid..
Devil Horns..

Beyoncé & Baphomet.. Match made in ....?!

Beyoncé covers one eye with her  hand, making her 'other' eye, an all seeing eye..

Pyramid earring..

From musicvideo 'Videophone', all seeing eye..

Beyoncé and her 'Skull and Bones' t-shirt..

The Winged Serpent HALO. Satanic Masonic Logo Symbolism.

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