Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update Bin Laden's "Death"; The Plot Thickens

The White House is still thinking on wether or not releasing the "death photos" of Osama Bin Laden.. This keeps on getting more ridiculous by the minute.
First media shows us a FAKE deathpic, which is obviously been altered with photoshop (and circulating the web since 2007 immediately after Bhutto said Bin Laden was killed in 2007), then they are telling us that they dumped Osama into the sea (to avoid identification by others than the CIA/US), and telling us that 'probably' no country would exept his remains for burial (i don't think so)..
Now they are trying to tell us that they doubt on wether or not to release official deathpics because they are "gross".. THEY TOOK THE PICS TO SHOW HE IS TRUELY DEAD IN THE FIRST PLACE! it's getting more rediculous and unbelievable by the minute!

ALSO; Obama said that Pakistan helped the US in this mission, by telling where Osama was etc.. Pakistan denies this by saying it was ALL America's doing!

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