Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed?

AMERICA STOP THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE! Osama has been dead for several years now! Bush got credit for Saddam Hussein, Obama gets credit for Bin Laden.. Because that's how it works. Before the "september the 11th attacks" a journalist walked into Bin Laden's cave for an interview, and the US couldn't find him after the attacks?!(America started the manhunt on Bin Laden TWO MONTS(?!?!) AFTER the attacks!?) Not ignoring the fact that Bin Laden had diabetes, so needed insuline, which doesn't grow out of rocks..
Now the US-Propaganda machine is trying to tell me "they killed" Bin Laden, and because they could not burry him within 24 hours, they dumped him into the sea?? Yeah right.. Probably because they know (they meaning CIA, because it was them who "killed" him) it is nearly impossible finding the body on the ocean, and that a grave is easy accessible, to obtain the body and IDENTIFY the body..

Pics are VERY graphic! so they are a little lower..

Click on image for enlargment

update: SO the right pic is the official deathphoto (as far as i know, looking at the media) of Osama Bin Laden! CLEARLY PHOTOSHOP!! as you can see in the image presented here, the deathpic is a composit of these two pics!

                 FAKE                                                     REAL

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