Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The New Phoenix Program: Dr. José Delgado

Dr. José Delgado:
Delgado came to Yale University in 1950 and received CIA funds through the Office of Naval Intelligence.
He perfected the stimoceiver, and electronic brain implant used to transmit electrical impulses directly to the brain, one version of which uses a radio signal to remotely deliver electrical stimulation of the brain. Ine one experiment Delgado remotely stimulates the brain of a normal eleven year old boy who becomes confused about his sexual identity, and proceeds to tell Dr. Delgado he wants to marry him. In 1975 Delgado published "Two way communication with the brain" that explained his succes at linking the implants directly to computers with the "ability to perform simultaneous recording and stimulation of brain functions, thereby permitting the establishment of feedbacks and on-demand programs of excitation with the aid of the computer." This allowed "long-term EEG in unrestrained patients", "provide information directly to the brain, circumventing normal sensory-receptors", "Communication from the brain to the computer and back to the brain", "clinical applications to humans of on-demand programs of stimulation, triggered by predeterniuned electrical pattern".
By the 1980's Delgado emphasized changing brainwave patterns and psysiology through electromagnetic
broadcasting that could be utilized at up to three kilometers. In an interview he stated;"This new knowledge is so important that I think it should radically change the philosophy of our education system, which believes in the sanctity of individuals, thinking that an indvidual exists at birth. This is not true... and this science is going to prove the fallacy of democracy in the sense that we talk about the rights of the individual; this democratic belief is not true"."Looking into the future, it may be predicted that telerecording and teststimulation of the brain will be widely used".

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