Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The New Phoenix Program: MKULTRA-1960's, 1970's

MKULTRA-1960's, 1970's: Richard Helms was picked by CIA director John McCone to run the dirty tricks department after the Bay of Pigs. Helms became DCI in 1966, destroying the archive on MKULTRA
when he left in 1972. Helms was a product of eastern establishment, his grandfather was president of the Federal Reserve and had interviewed Hitler as a UP reporter. Helms, in the tradition of Gottlieb, was a Machiavellian character that used Paperclip scientists, and would stop at nothing to win. He advocated low intensity warfare transmitting strategic subliminal messages to the brains of enemy populations. He advocated the use of high frequencies to affect memory and the unconscious mind. In a 1964 memo to the Warren Commission he mentions "biological radio communication":"Cybernetics can be used in molding a child's characte, the inculcation of knowledge and techniques, the amassing of experience, the establishment of social behavior patterns...all functions which can be summarized as control of the growth process of the individual."

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