Friday, May 6, 2011

The New Phoenix Program; Operation Mockingbird Part I

Operation Mockingbird:
The National Security Act of 1947 was written by Democratic insider Clark Clifford in an effort to contain
Communism and save Democracy. The 1947 NSA Act has in fact undermined the Republic to an extent
unimaginable. Part of this sabotage of Democraxy was the subversion of the free press by Operation Mockingbird. The CIA was charged with controlling the public debate and this controlling public opinion in the U.S. The CIA began a very expensive operation to buy up the corporate press and in effect, program public opinion. Early in 1955, 25 newspapers had consented to act as sources of right wing
. Men with reactionary views that agreed to front for the CIA propaganda mill included
William Paley (CBS), C.D Jackson (Fortune), Henry Luce (Time), A.H Sulzberger (N.Y Times). The congress of Cultural Freedom (CCF) was the CIA cut out that began operations in June 1950. Respected "liberal" journalist Tom Braden was the founder of CCF and later became a co-host of CNN's Crossfire opposite Ultracon Pat Buchanon. In Europe the CIA financed about 20 periodicals, driving many legitimate ones out of business. In 1967 the source of CCF funds (CIA) and it's influece over intellectual life was made public in Europe, exposing a literary bay of pigs. Melvin Lasky, a former Army captain and editor of The influential magazine named Encounter had, for the last 32 years, shaped the careers of many influential foreign policy experts and intelligence officers. In 1965 the CCF was renamed Forum World Features and purchased by another CIA cut out, the publisher of the International Herald Tribune. The CIA, in collaboration with USIA published over a thousand books of anti-Societ propaganda by 1967. Global propaganda cost the CIA one third of their covert operations budget. Disinformation cost taxpayers $265 million a year by 1978, a budget larger than the expenditures of Reuters, UPI, and AP, engaging 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees. Only the largest advertisers on television spend these vast sums of money, so the CIA may have only General Motors and a few others to compete with. In 1954 CapCities (ABC) was formed by investors with Mafia and CIA connections, whose chief council was William Casey, a former director of the CIA. In 1952, at MCA, Actors Guild president Ronald Reagan allowed the Mob controlled company a labor monopoly and in exchange Reagan was made part owner of MCA. In 1987 the N.Y Times reported that Reagan "fed the names of suspect people in his organization to the FBI secretly and regularly enough to be assigned "an informer's code number, "T-10."
His FBI file indicates intense collaboration with producers to "purge" the industry of subversives. Fox television has its roots in Metromedia CO., founded by German born John Kluge, and army intelligence officer in WWII. Kluge bought his first radio station in 1946 and went on to become one of the world's
richest men with a personal fortune of $5.6 billion. Franklin Murphy is the CEO of Times Mirror Square,
the parent company of the Los Angeles Times. He is also a member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Federal Commission on Government Security, National War College, and US Air Force Air University. His ties to the CIA and Pentagon are conflicts of interest. The editorial pages of the paper are planted with "scholars" from "think tanks" cranking out opinions to program public opinion for military industrial clients. The American Enterprise Institute draws heavily on "scholars" from the intelligence pool. The Asian studies director is James Lilly, a veteran of the NSC and director of operations at CIA with 27 years of experience. Former CIA William Colby of the Phoenix Program was "an old friend". The CIA's infiltration of the press by the late 1950's was such a succes that the executive branch established a propaganda machine of its own, Operation Candor, for creating a "national will" in support of military objectives. The Pike Hearings revealed the takeover of the American press by the CIA virtual government and was told by the CIA special council "Pike will pay for this, you wait and see. Any political ambitions that Senator Pike had in N.Y are through. We will destroy him for this." Pike and Church, who investigated the CIA, were both defeated in bids for re-election, due largely to adverse publicity from MOCKINGBIRD's Op-Ed branch.

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