Saturday, January 22, 2011

The true meaning of 2012

Since a lot of people are kind of freaking out because 2012 is approaching, and we hear more and more things, and we can see a lot of things happening (mass deaths of birds, fish, plane-crashes which happens more and more etc) i decided to do a little investigation on this. I know everything started with the Mayan calendar, so i decided to look up into that story, here is what i came up with;

Mayan cycle 1; "'The creators' created earth and animals.

Cycle 2; 'The Creators' created man out of mud/clay, but man could not see nor talk. And soon rain washed him away."

NOTE; If i actually think about this cycle, something comes to mind and that is a creature that's called a 'Golem'. A Golem is a creature (kaballah) formed out of clay, it can not speak nor talk, it is (or was) used as a servant, but it is also referred to some kind of demon. If i think about the name Golem the creature Gollem of the Tolkien books Lord of the Rings also come to mind, this is also a faul creature, which cannot be trusted. Tolkienites say Gollem did not derrive from the Golem, but i'm not so sure, there are a lot of similairities.

a 'Golem'

Cycle 3; "'The creators' tried again, and made a man out of wood. This man could talk but had no soul, and was soon to forget it's creators. And wood catches fire."

Cycle 4; 'The Creators made man out of Amber.

Cycle 5; "So the 'creators' made another effort and made a man out of yellow and white corn (spanish; de maíz). These men were the mayans (humans), and as every cycle ends this one also ends, on december 21st 2012."

NOTE; The mayans are called mayans because the name derrived from the word (de) maíz, which is spanish for corn.

Is there something to worry about? In my opinion there is not, this is a cycle which ends, there is no inscription or mayan document which talks about december 21st as being apocalyptic, there is new evidence that at the very beginning of the mayan cycles a gletcher in Peru emerged, which ushered in a different climate. Mayans believed that new cycles started out with climate changes, this for them could have been "apocalyptic" since the world as they knew it did no longer exist, we nowadays have a different view on the world as they did at that time, so we explain the things we see in a way that we know, as did they, so we can give a different meaning to something as they would have done.. to make a long story short, a apocalypse for them could have been 100% different as to how we see an apocalypse.. Yes climate changes, it does all the time, it always have and always will, every generation thinks it is the generation of the end-times, there have been thriving businesses on it..

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