Saturday, January 8, 2011

Proof freemasons are devil-worshippers?

Recently i was making an video for my youtube channel = theNWOtruth and i came across an interesting picture..;

                                       Albert Pike 33rd degree freemason

I've always known he was a freemason, and i've also always heard he was affiliated with the Klu Klux Klan, however if this is true? I'm not positive as of yet (keep you posted)

What i found on this picture was at first the Maltese Cross

                                                               Close up;

                           But in this picture something else caught my eye..

At first my thoughts said it was the Kabbalah Tree, it kinda does resemble that tree, but not enough in my opinion, and something else came to my mind. A picture i had seen a long while ago..;


Written by Aleister Crowley himself (self proclaimed anti-christ)
                                                                         close up;

 He gives that sign the name : Baphomet, in other words the ANTICHRIST/satan

                                                               is this proof?

Notice how this 33rd degree Freemason wears the same symbol on his masonic cap..

Leave your thoughts as comments..

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Anonymous said...

I think that free masons, satanism, the future anti christ, the illuminati, and the new world order are all interweaved. What do you think? You seem to notice small detail and seem very researched. Please email me i would really love to learn and hear more.