Saturday, September 3, 2011

Inlichtingendiensten Westen hielpen Kaddafi / Intelligene Agencies West Helped Ghadaffi

WASHINGTON - De verdreven Libische leider Muammar Kaddafi heeft nauw samengewerkt met de Amerikaanse inlichtingendienst CIA en de Britse dienst MI6. Dat meldden de kranten The Wall Street Journal, The Independent en The Times.

Onder de Amerikaanse president George W. Bush zouden zelfs terreurverdachten en andere personen naar het Noord-Afrikaanse land zijn gestuurd om te worden ondervraagd. Een van hen is Abdel Hakim Belhadj. Hij werd na aankomst in Libië ondervraagd en gemarteld. Belhadj voert momenteel de anti-Kaddafistrijders in de straten van Tripoli aan.

Uit de documenten blijkt ook dat de toenmalige Libische inlichtingenchef Moussa Koussa warme contacten onderhield met hooggeplaatste CIA-medewerkers. Een toespraak van Kaddafi over zijn wapenarsenaal lijkt te zijn geschreven door de CIA.

De samenwerking tussen de CIA en Kaddafi's bewind was zo goed dat de Amerikanen „een permanente aanwezigheid” in het Noord-Afrikaanse land hadden, zo blijkt uit een memorandum dat Stephen Kappes van de Amerikaanse inlichtingendienst aan Koussa stuurde. Kappes speelde een belangrijke rol in de onderhandelingen die ertoe leidden dat de Libische leider Muammar Kaddafi in 2003 besloot zijn nucleair programma op te geven.

De Britse inlichtingendiensten hielden Libië op de hoogte van de activiteiten van vluchtelingen in Groot-Brittannië. Zo liet de MI6 Libië in 2004 weten dat een Libische oppositieactivist was vrijgelaten uit een Britse gevangenis. Ook zouden de Britten telefoonnummers hebben willen traceren voor Libië.

De kranten baseren zich op geheime documenten, die onder meer zijn gevonden in een kantoor van Koussa. Hij vluchtte eind maart naar Groot-Brittannië en reisde daarna naar Qatar.

De documenten zijn ingezien en gekopieerd door onderzoekers van de mensenrechtenorganisatie Human Rights Watch (HRW). De medewerkers waren vrijdag in een gebouw van de Libische inlichtingendienst. HRW helpt de nieuwe regering van Libië met het veiligstellen van documenten van het regime van Kaddafi.

De regeringen in Washington en Londen hebben nog niet gereageerd op de berichten.



WASHINGTON - The ousted/banned Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has worked closely with the American CIA and British MI6 intelligence services. That is what the newspapers The Wall Street Journal, The Independent and The Times reported.

It is possible that under U.S. President George W. Bush terror suspects and other persons were sent to the North African country and were interrogated. One of them is Abdelhakim Belhadj. He was interrogated on arrival in Libya and tortured. Belhadj is currently an anti-Kaddafi warrior in the streets of Tripoli.

The documents also show that the former Libyan intelligence chief Moussa Koussa maintained warm relations with senior CIA officials. A speech of Gaddafi about his weapons-arsenal seems to have been written by the CIA.

The cooperation between the CIA and Gaddafi's regime was so good that the Americans were "permanently present" in the North African country had, according to a memorandum that Stephen Kappes of the U.S. intelligence sent to Koussa. Kappes played a major role in the negotiations that led to the abandonment of the nuclear program of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2003.

British intelligence informed Libya on the activities of refugees in Britain. So happened that MI6 let Libya know in 2004, that a Libyan opposition activist was released from a British prison. Also, the British sought to trace phone numbers for Libya.

The newspapers rely on classified documents,some of them were found in an office of Koussa. He fled to Britain in late March and then traveled to Qatar.

The documents have been accessed and copied by researchers at the Human Rights Watch (HRW). The staff were in a building of the Libyan intelligence service last Friday. HRW will help the new government of Libya to secure documents from the regime of Gaddafi.

The governments in Washington and London have not yet responded to the messages.

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E said...

Does it mean that Gaddafi was/is a pawn in the game?

Anonymous said...

@E I have to reply to you in anonymous because i cannot seem to reply with my account:

This is almost a copy of the story of Saddam Hussein.. And i think Gadaffi is going to end up like Hussein.. found in a ditch and than hanged because he is not needed anymore.. The U.S is slowly taking control of the entire Middle east, they did so with afghanistan (putting puppet Karzai in place) same goes for Iraq, same is going to be for Libya, not to forget Egypt, Israël.. The "Big Enemy" is Islam.. There is no reason to, Al-Qaida is fake, Usama Bin Laden wasn't behind 9/11 (he said so himself september 12th, PLUS he was never even wanted for 9/11), therefor it is odd that the US "chased" after all those countries because of their so-called affiliations with Al-Qaida since the group didn't exist in the first place.. Even newspapers back in 2001/2002 agreed upon the fact it wasn't real (in the UK and some US newspapers as well)

Coming down to this, EVERYBODY is pawn in a game, although most people don't realize it, i think Gadaffi does hence the things that are going on now.. Most of Libya's own people do NOT oppose Gadaffi, but the media plays it out as such.. This AGAIN, like many predecessors is a PROPAGANDA-WAR.

Do not forget, soon campaigning on the presidency will start, and that is what it is all about!

E said...

I thought so too, but was cautious for sometime about this one... I just now remember their deal with BP and Lockerbie 'bomber'. So, yeah reading that article makes all sense. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


You are mostly welcome..

Yeah that too, but there is another thing.. besides oil, and i blogged about it previously, is privatization of water.. Water is being privatized as we speak.. did you know that Libya has the SECOND biggest fresh water pocket in the entire world? We are talking HUGE pockets.. Also not forgetting to mention that NOT Nato, but the U.S started this whole Libya thing out in the first place, and as you might know the U.S IS or wants to be the forerunner in everything.. So also this new money-machine.. Under the tag Khadaffi and Documentary i recommend you "World Wide Water Conspiracy"