Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sirhan Sirhan not getting out of jail..

The man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy has been told that he will not be freed because he has failed to show enough remorse.
Parole board members said that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan failed to understand the severity of his crime forty years ago.
The 66-year-old Palestinian Christian from Jordan says he cannot remember shooting Kennedy or five other people in a crowded kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
At yesterday's hearing he expressed sorrow over the politician's death which happened moments after Kennedy claimed victory in the California presidential primary.
He told the panel of two parole board commissioners at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California: 'Every day of my life, I have great remorse and deep regret.'
However that was not enough for panel chairman Mike Prizmich and deputy commissioner Randy Kevorkian.

Funny 'cause he didn't do it in the first place! How can you show regret for something you didn't do..
BTW this is how "it's" done, writing articles like these, putting it as FACT when in fact it is disputeable, this is how people are put to "sleep", making the news real and undisputable with sentences like;
"The man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy...." while it should be;
"The man who allegedly assassinated Robert F. Kennedy..."

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W.J. said...

That's a good point. His lawyers claim he is innocent, because he was standing in front of RFK, but the shots that killed him came from behind.