Thursday, March 31, 2011

9/11 Evidence; Phonecalls

In this video you can hear the phonecall CeeCee Lyles made to her husband from "flight 93" on september the 11th 2001..
Flight 93 was the flight that allegedly chrashed in a field near trees in Shankesville.
In this call you can at first hear her "coolness", no engine-noise, no panicking passengers..
Saying stuff like "MY" children instead of 'our', the amount of hijackers she mentions isn't right (there were 4 hijackers)..
She called from a cellphone (which her husband declares in video below) which was nearly impossible in 2001.
Then her voice starts breaking up (maybe due to the pressure in which she had to make her statement)..
And around 0:37 into the video you will hear a whisper.. "You did great"..
If it was someone comforting her, why whisper?

CeeCee Lyles' husband;

He is saying she called several times, with her cellphone (it was her cellphone because he could see the number in his screen), in 2001, only 1 out of a 100 cellphones calls succeeded on airplanes! And you are going to tell me she called several times..?

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