Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The New Phoenix Program; MKULTRA Victim testimony

Ms. DeNicola: Good afternoon. I'm Christine DeNicola,
born Juky 1962, rendering me 32 years of age.

I was a subject in radiation as well as mind-control and drug
experiments performed by a man I knew as Dr. Green.

My parents were divorced around 1966, and Donald
Richard Ebner, my natural father, was involved with Dr. Green in
the experiments. I was a subject from 1966 to 1976. Dr. Green
performed radiation experiments on me in 1970, focusing on my
neck, throat and chest in 1972, focusing on my chest and my
uterus in 1975.

Each time I became dizzy, nauseous and threw up. All
these experiments were performed on me in conjunction with mind-
control techniques and drugs in Tuscon, Arizona.

Dr. Green was using me mostly as a mind-control subject
from 1966 to 1973. His objective was to gain control of my mind
and train me to be a spy assassin. The first significant memory
took place at Kansas City University in 1966. Don Ebner took me
there by plane when my mom was out of town. I was in what looked
like a laboratory, and there seemed to be other children. I was
strapped down, naked, spread-eagle on a table, on my back.

Dr. Green had electrodes on my body, including my head.
He used what looked like an overhead projector and repeatedly
said he was burning different images into my brain while a red
light flashed aimed at my forehead.

In between each sequence, he used electric shock on my
body and told me to go deeper and deeper, while repeating each
image would go deeper into my brain, and I would do whatever he
told me to do.

I felt drugged because he had given me a shot before he
started the procedure. When it was over, he gave me another
shot. The next thing I remember, I was with my grandparents
again in Tucson, Arizona. I was four years old.

You can see from this experiment that Dr. Green used
trauma, drugs, post-hypnotic suggestion and more trauma in an
effort to gain total control of my mind. He used me in radiation
experiments, both for the purpose of determining the effects of
radiation on various parts of my body and to terrorize me as an
additional trauma in the mind-control experiments.

The rest of the experiments took place in Tucson,
Arizona, out in the desert. I was taught how to pick locks, be
secretive, use my photographic memory, and a technique to
withhold information by repeating numbers to myself.

Dr. green moved on to wanting me to kill dolls that
looked like real children. I stabbed a doll with a spear once
after being severely traumatized, but the next time, I refused.
He used many pain-induction techniques, but as I got older, I
resisted more and more.

He often tied me down in a cage, which was near his
office. Between 1972 and 1976, he and his assistants were
sometimes careless and left the cage unlocked. Whenever
physically possible, I snuck into his office and found files with
reports and memos addressed to CIA and military personnel.

Included in these files were project, sub-project,
subject and experiment names with some code numbers for radiation
and mind-control experiments, which I have submitted in your
written documentation.

I was caught twice, and Dr. Green ruthlessly used
electric shock, drugs, spun me on a table, put shots in my
stomach and my back, dislocated my joints, and hypnotic
techniques to make me feel crazy and suicidal.

Because of my rebellion and growing lack of
coorporation, they gave up on me as a spy assassin. Consequently,
the last two years, 1974 to 1976, Dr. Green used various mind-
control techniques to reverse the spy assassin messages, to self-
destruct and death messages.

His purpose. He wanted me dead, and I have struggled
to stay alive all of my adult life, all of my adult life. I
believe it is by the grace of God that I am still alive.

These horrible experiments have profoundly affected my
life. I developed multiple personality disorder because Dr.
Green's goal was to split my mind into as many parts as possible
so he could control me totally. He failed. But I've had to
endure years of constant physical, mental and amotional pain even
to this day.

I've been in therapy consistently for 12 years, and it
wasn't until I found my current therapist two and a half years
ago, who had knowledge of the mind-control experiments, that I
finally have been able to make real progress and begin to heal.

In closing, I ask that you keep in mind that the
memories I have described are but a glimpse of the countless
others that took place over the 10 years between 1966 and 1976,
that they weren't just radiation but mind-control and drug
experiments as well.

I have included more detailed information of what I
remember in your written documentation. Please help us by
recommending an investigation and making the information
available so that therapists and other mental health
professionals can help more people like myself.

I know I can get better. I am getting better, and I
know others can, too, with the proper help. Please help us in an
effort to prevent these heinous acts from continuing in the
Thank you very much.

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Grace Rose said...

I have every reason to believe I was in Kansas City University, probably in the 50s, enduring some, if not all, of the same abuses Christine endured. I would very much like to know if there is any way I can find any proof of my presence there.