Friday, June 17, 2011

The New Phoenix Program; MKULTRA; Programmig Levels

Programming Levels:

Dr. Corydon Hammond spoke to fellow psychology professors at the Fourth Annual Eastern regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Ritual Abuse". Hammond says he interviewed other psychologists and psychiatrists who were encountering the same types of cases,"without leading or contaminating". Hammond states that as many as two-thirds of the ritual abuse cases had been subjected to a highly developed and uniform technology of mind control. Often these will be persons programmed by their parents who are involved in cultic practice such as Satanism, or in intelligence
agency programs
. Hammond believes there are several levels of programming that can be accessed by letters in the Greek alphabet.
The first level, ALPHA, is generalized mind control, base level programming characterized by augmented
memory and the plitting of the mind into left and right brain divisions.
BETA is apparently programming of sexuality and the destruction of moral inhibitions.
GAMMA is a level in providing mind control system protection involving deception and misdirection.
DELTA is the assassination programming level, and includes killers trained to preform ritual sacrifice.
THETA is termed the "psychic killer" level.
OMEGA is the level of programming dictating self-destruction, and is intended to cause the subject
to commit suicide when they are interrogated or begin therapy.
It is difficult to substantiate that a vast mind control underground exists, but the reports of people
who believe that theu have been victims of mind control coincide with Dr. Hammond's information.

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