Sunday, December 16, 2012

Banned by Youtube..

In the last 2 days i have uploaded 2 documentaries, the first one was 'Unlawful Killing', which is about the killing (murder) on Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed.. I understand why it was told that it was banned from tv, because nobody is supposed to see it!!! I was trying to show you, but unfortunately, if i want to keep my Youtube-channel i cannot show you. The second video was 'Food Matters', which is about the truth of vitamin usage and about food, GMO's etc, i recommend it to everyone! You can download it by torrent HERE Food Matters (2008). Unlawful killing however is very hard to find. I will try to upload it somewhere, but i cannot promise.. Watch this video to understand why certain stuff is BANNED from Youtube (JEWtube);

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