Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kennedy throat-wound

Oficially it has been stated that JFK was shot in the back, and that the bullet exited by his throat causing a massive gaping wound in the base of the neck, just above the adams-apple.
Doctors present in the emergency-room at Parkland Hospital have said that that gaping wound was caused by a tracheostomy to help the president breathing (when arrived at the hospital JFK still had a very weak pulse).
a  tracheostomy looks like this:

All the attending doctors have stated the President was shot from the front.
This clearly does not show due to the tracheostomy, the original bullet-hole was extended by some cuts to fit the tracheostomy.
But can it be proven that the president was shot from the front? Or was the evidence cleverly destroyed with the tracheostomy?
I think it can be proven..
Let's take a look..;

(WARNING; graphic images!)

This is the original autopsy photo.. in which the tracheostomy "hole" can be seen...
(for enlargment click on the pics)
On this pic, we can only see a neat hole, which seems to be cut.
But is there any supporting evidence of what the Parkland doctors claimed?

When examining this picture closer (and larger) there is evidence to be seen, it seems like a round shape, app. the size of what for instance dr. Charles Crenshaw said to have seen.

Let's blow it up;
(Again, for enlargment, click pic)

This is the round shape that is seen..

And this is a reconstruction of what the doctors have said to have seen;

Which supports my "reconstruction"..

Draw your own conclusions..

Leave thoughts as comments..

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