Friday, February 11, 2011

Jesus Bar Abba

I've heard once that the decendents of biblical person Barabbas started the first secret societies, i don't know wether or not it is true, but i did some digging on Barabbas.

About 10 years ago i was on a journey, i wanted to find out what my faith was, i got really deep into about every religion, but especially judaism and christianity. I wanted to find out what was or was not true about the bible. I found a lot actually, that Joseph of Arimathea (a town called Arimathea does and did not exist, why else the word "of" in his name?) could have been in aramaic; "Joseph Ha Ra Ma Theo", Jospeh is a name and a title, Ha Ra Ma Theo kind of means "Heir to the throne of God", so maybe Jesus' brother?
But i was not going to write this 'article' about Joseph, i wanted to write about Barabbas.
In this same time i found out that Barabbas also means "Bar Abba", Son of the Father, i also found out that Barabbas' first name probably was Jesus, so litterally he was named; "Jesus Bar Abba" (Jesus Son of the Father).
The muslims believe that Jesus never died on the cross, they believe he "skipped" his punishment.
What if Jesus was actually Jesus Barabbas (Bar Abba) and the "other" Jesus some kind of impersonator?) Maybe that's the secret, if the decendents (than not of Barabbas but of Jesus Bar Abba, OOPS?) started the first secret societies, this could have been the 'secret' in secret societies.
This could mean that some kind of society like 'The Priory of Sion' can actually exist (although i don't believe the "saga of sion" personally)..

P.S The bible was written over 2000 yrs ago, meant for those people in those days, they understood the messages and the names used in the bible like "Barabbas/Bar Abba" "Arimathea/ Ha Ra Ma Theo", we don't anymore, we got a whole diffrent state of mind these days..!
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Anonymous said...

hmm all i can say, take Jesus in your life for personal savior and lord, THEN read the bible and the holy spirit can open it up for you... and if you want to fight against occultism and such praying is the best weapon (in the name of the Jesus christ which means praying with his authority)
AND for all those of you who still dont know Jesus personally or are denying him in someway i beg you PLEASE take him in your life you will get to heaven some day and he will change your life here on earth too ! im a living proof as a former drug addict and bisexual, but through the power of christ i have completely changed, btw Jesus is doing miracles these days too not just in the bible days so be open minded, He has given me the power to heal in his name and by that i mean He (Jesus) is healing through me. And he will use anyone with a open and loving heart :) u dont have to be perfect! im 20years old now and not nearly perfect in anyway :D! so its all GRACE ! Glory to Jesus ! He loves YOU too! =)<3 and i want you to be saved too! ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

Have you actually read the article?!