Monday, June 27, 2011

The New Phoenix Program; Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp: first use of EM weapons en masse..

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp: first use of EM weapons en masse...
Women Peace campers at Greenham Common, England, claimed that they were attacked by US electronic
weapons from within the US airbase there. Scientsts from Electronics Today measured some form of electromagnetic wave that was responsible for illnesses they suffered. A team of doctors from the Medical Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons compiled a report on the condition of the women affected. The women first noticed a patterm of illnesses emerging in 1984. Women at different points around the camp appeared to have experienced similar symptoms at the same time, even when they were not in contact with one another. Large numbers of women complained of sudden feelings of extreme tiredness shortly before major events, such as the departure of a cruise missile convoy. Readings taken with a wide range signal strength meter showed marked increases in the background signal level near one of the women's camps at a time when they claimed to be experiencing ill effects, including vertigo, retinal bleeding, burnt face (even at night), nausea, sleep disturbances, palpitations, loss of concentration, loss of memory, disorientation, severe headaches, temporary paralysis, faulty speech coördination, irritability and a sense of panic in non-panic situations, and in one case, a circulatory failure that requierd emergency treatment, Many of these symptoms have been associated in medical literature with exposure to microwaves and especially through low intensity or non-thermal exposures. The signal levels measured were well above normal background levels but still within official safety limits.
However, there is evidence from a number of sources that low levels of electromagnetic radiation can have harmfull effects especially where exposure takes place over a long period of time. These effects have been reviewed by Dr. Robert Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, and a specialist in EM effects. His report confirms that the symptoms mirror those he would expect to see had microwave weapons been deployed. British Defense officials have been denied that any form of electronic signal is being used against protesters.

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Nate said...

Thanks for explaining this...I wouldn't doubt it was done. You should listen to "Red Alert" by the band Rubella Ballet, not only is it an awesome beat, but it's all about this situation. That song isn't on youtube that I can find try Spotify though.