Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How did Alex Jones obtain video footage from inside a council for National Policy meeting?

The questions surrounding Alex Jones and his many connections to individuals who have been affiliated
with the secretive political organization the Council for National Policy continue to go unanswered.
Jones has historically and continues to have individuals who have been members of the Council
for National Policy as guests on his show. Although that in of itself isn't bad, it is the fact that for many
years he cecided to whitewash or dodge questions about the Council for National Polisy and has conducted
softball interviews with many current and former associates of the group. He also has given many of these people like Paul Craig Roberts, Stan Monteith, Michael Coffman, Larry Pratt, Phyllis Schlatfy
and other people linked with the group a great deal of credibility. Jones continues to whitewash the group's
importance within the globalist power structure even after Charlotte Iserbyt a former Assistant
Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan outed the group on his show as a globalist front group.

The council for National Policy meets in secret three times a year free from any mainstream press coverage.
Members of the group are major power players within the Republican party and include Christian Zionists,
politicians, religious figureheads and other people associated with the right wing faction of the U.S political
power structure. Bob Barr in his book The Meaning Of Is revealed that the plan to impeach Bill Clinton was formulated at a Council for National Policy meeting. There is little doubt that political agendas of some form are discussed and debated at their meetings. The fact that they are a 501c3 organization is actually a sick joke.


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