Monday, March 14, 2011

Pole-shift march 15th

I truely think this entire pole-shift BS is just BS, people are really paranoid since the arrival of the internet.. Remember; EVERY generation believes they are the "armageddon-generation" and in the past there even had been a thriving business on it (buying of your sins, selling doomsday-robes etc). This poleshift thingy has been said to going to be caused by the "super-moon" which is occuring this same period in march, this super-moon happens very often, cause the moons orbit is elliptic (oval shaped) so it happened in the past, it happened in 2005, in 1993, 1974, it also happened in 1912, when the moon was even closer to earth than it is going to be this time, but guess what?! WE ARE STILL HERE!
Poleshifting happens throughout time, ever since the earth came into existance.
Don't be misled by disinfo people, cause potential disasters are like sex, it sells!

Here are some video's on the subject;

Alex Jones contradicts himself a little too;
(although i don't take him seriously anymore due to other "mistakes" he had made about info..)

In this video at app 1:35 he says he does NOT believe there is going to be a pole-shift, slightly in a diffrent context (talking about an astroid not a supermoon or solar-flares) maybe, but still he does not believe for a pole-shift to happen!
Because he also says; "We are gonna all be here, unless we die in car-wrecks today, or gonna be struck by lightning" from about 1:55 ;

This video is somewhat diffrent, here he does believe the pole-shift is going to happen, allthough he kinda says it like "if i'm not right, don't take me down for it", ofcourse he says it like that!! he does not want to lose his credibility (which he lost with me anyways);
from app 1:40

What i find kinda funny is that the cause of the march 15th pole-shift is not always the same, it's either solar-flares, a super-moon, an earthquake (tsunami) or an astroid, what the cause is is un-determined, that it is going to happen march 15th is determined.. weird!?

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Two faced agent.