Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jay-Z Master-Puppet/Mason

Fun Fact; his first 'Blueprint' album came out on september 11th 2001
It has been said that these Blueprint albums all represent his masonic degrees..

Jay-Z in "Empire State of Mind" video with Alicia Keys,
showing them horns..

Pyramid over 1 eye, double symbolism..(top of pyramid)

The pyramid is also kinda like Jay's personal logo..
Has nothing to do with Roc-A-Wear, but it does when you look
at the prints on the t-shirts (of roc-a-wear)
This is to show where he belongs, WHAT ELSE?!

and again..

The influence Jay-Z has....
Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rihanna, all throwing the same symbol.

Left; Jay-z and his satan horns, right the person who he is impersonating
watch this video;

This printscreen, and the pic before this are from Jay-Z's
video "On to the Next One" which is full
of (masonic) symbolism (left Baphomet, right Skull and Bones)

On to the Next One video;

Some very good info;

Roc-a-Wear t-shirt, illuminati's "all seeing eye", pyramid symbol (hands), in the small round things around the pyramid symbol are; masonic handshake (second right) the rest isn't easy to see in this pic.. pyramid also seems to "illuminate"..
Putting the Pyramid Hand Symbol on this (and other) shirts in his clothingline SHOWS this is exactely what he means when he throws the sign..
(line on shirt 'Masters of the Craft' a masonic line)

"Do what thou wilt", one of the "commandments" of Aleister Crowley's
Occult book Thelema..
Jay why wear this shirt when your no satanist as you say?

Both Covers for the single "Free Mason" by Rick Ross & Jay-Z

I don't need to explain these covers are filled with symbolism right?
(masonic robes, masonic emblem, boaz & jachin, skulls etc)

Free Mason video;

The lyrics say about enough.. what i do want to explain is ; Rick Ross raps about Solomon's Seal..
This is the "jewish" star of David, this is not just any seal, Solomon actually used this seal to summon demons to build the 'Temple of Solomon' for him..

This same Jay-Z has been asked by Barack Obama to help him in the next elections..
Jay-z also announced in november 2010 he would like to be president in 8 years, hope he ain't serious!

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Anonymous said...

hi can you please put who is also masonic...
like from presidents to celebreties..
i want to know more...

veritas aequitas said...

@Anonymous said...

hi can you please put who is also masonic...
like from presidents to celebreties..
i want to know more...
December 22, 2011 4:08 AM
In the tags to the right are all sorts of articles, from celebs to important documents, there is also a freemason list, but for this time i will put up a link to it :)

Anonymous said...

This thing izzz feakkkiinnnnn scaryyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!